2nd Trimester

How bad is it to hate someone for no reason?

Like to begin the evil thought process when I see this person pull up?

Actually it's two people, but same difference...

I just don't like these two subs.


Re: How bad is it to hate someone for no reason?

  • Not bad....somewhere deep there is a very good reason!  There always is!


  • I hate a ton of people for no reason.

    I like being that way.  It gives me character.

  • It's not bad when you're pregnant.

  • I have the same issue. It's not like my coworker is bad, rude, just odd and new-agey and annoying. I even helped interview and recommended her to fill the spot but now I just can't stand sharing the space we are in. She sends the "daily quibbles" which are some kind of inspirational bs and I just delete it. My "try to be nice" is gone and its not her fault. Poor old lady...
  • I'm sure if you think really hard there are reasons. I've never actually hated anyone, but this new coirker I have is walking the line.
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  • It's not too bad. I find that I get annoyed VERY easily by people I barely even know. Like If someone on the subway is next to me chewing or popping gum very loudly, I want to strangle them, but find that it's just easier to turn my i-pod volume up for a while.  Good luck!
  • I have to agree, these days is pretty darn easy!!  I have always been a friendly person - but there are people I can not stand right now and there's no hiding it.

     My mother told me she was the same way while pregnant - it's hard but normal.

  • That has only happened to me once and it was STRONG! I was new to a company and knew nothing about anyone..as soon as this guy walked into the room I immediately kind of hated him. It was alarming and against who I thought I was. It turned out my first reaction to him was not off at all : he was the GM but had just gotten out of jail for beating up his girlfriend, had a serious coke addiction, and had no respect of personal boundaries (I ended up having to file a formal sexual harassment grievance towards him). I now believe that one should go with her gut and don't beat herself up over it. Be respectful but not too cordial is my suggestion.
  • There's always a reason. They might be stupid and superficial reasons, but they are there. And I don't think there's anything wrong with disliking someone for less-than-stellar reasons, as long as you're not horrible to them without provocation.?
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  • I hate a lot of people, some for no reason but mostly because I am a ***.
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