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*~*August Beach Babies Friday check-in*~*

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Hello Ladies! This is a check-in for Nesties with a due date in the month of August. If you would like to be added, please post your name and EDD. Also, if you want anything changed, please post your EDD along with your new info so it's easier to find your name on the list. Check-ins will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 7am. Give us a general update on your progress and anything else you want to add!! We will have a question of the day as well. 
Please tell me if you are NOT planning on finding out the sex/gender so I can go ahead and get "surprise" beside your name!!! Thanks :) 
2nd Tri switch: I will keep posting the check-in on 1st tri until half the members are in the 2nd tri then I will post on that board. I will include a link on 2nd tri for the first group that moves over and later on, a link on 1st tri for the last half who are left. FWIW, I consider 2nd tri as 13w3d and 3rd tri as 27w.
Total Members: 366
Surprises: 40
Sets of Twins: 4!!!
Most Popular EDD: August 8th with 19 members!!!
2nd: August 4th and 18th with 17 members!!!
3rd: August 1st, 5th, 9th and 12th with 16 members!!!
Monday QOTD: What CD is in your car right now?? 
Wednesday QOTD: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 
Friday QOTD: Please describe the color and style of your senior prom dress.
-Any other news or progress?
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Jacob Alexander 7/23/09
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Jameson Adam 6/1/11
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Re: *~*August Beach Babies Friday check-in*~*

  • It was black, satin, long, with a mandarin collar, and a black pattern throughout the material. 
  • my senior prom dress was amazing. It was black and white and poofy..lol. Regular spaghetti straps, then a poofy bottom. Black flowers along the top and faded into the bottom. I had 4inch black heels..seriously. I think I may have had black gloves and a little black purse also...cant remember. I do remember that my bf at the time had to help me take my hair down afterwards b/c it had so much gunk and hairspary in it...lol. This was spring of 2000.

    Jacob Alexander 7/23/09
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    Jameson Adam 6/1/11
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  • I loved mine - it was strapless, fitted to the waist with a full (but not poofy) skirt - in an ivory brocade-type pattern. Almost wedding-dress like, now that I think about it... and four years later I married my prom date Smile

    Happy Friday to everyone!

  • My Aunt made mine. It was black satin, full lenght with purple netting underneath. I wore my black Doc Boots with it. It was way cool and rock chick!
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    Too busy to update the pics for now ... :)

  • Mine was a pale blue, long and satin. It was kind of plain in the front but from what I remember I think it did something funky in the back.?
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  • Mine was navy blue, and was a halter top dress with a fitted bodice and the skirt poofed out (just a little though!)  That prom night a bunch of my friends and I got a hotel room and were planning on partying, except the security guards busted us and took all our beer away...good memories. :)


  • Friday QOTD: Please describe the color and style of your senior prom dress.

    Haha, looking back, it's not something I would wear again.  It was a coral, organza two-piece.  The skirt was a solid A-line.  Top was boatneck with a corset-style closure; embroidered with sequins.


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  • My senior prom dress was deep purple satin, with spaghetti straps.  It was a beautiful A-line dress.  The best part was the tulle underneath was magenta!  That was a riot!  I went with my high school boyfriend and all of our friends - we stayed up all night going to eachother's homes and playing games, etc... good, clean fun. 

     NT scan... REALLY early this morning... wish me luck!

  • Good morning 1st & 2nd Tri!  Hope you all are doing well. I'm feeling good, woke up STARVING and just finished a granola bar.

    Since I totally forgot to check in on Wednesday...

    Wednesday QOTD: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?  I'd be Periwinkle Blue?I always say that!

    Friday QOTD: Please describe the color and style of your senior prom dress.  Please keep in mind that I'm old  Wink and it was the late 1980s... It was peach and frilly, sort of like a Southern Belle from the 1850s without the hoop skirt. But for the time, it worked.


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  • Happy FRIDAY! :D Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    My prom dress was a bright pink. It was floor length, strapless, a-line, princess-like dress.

  • Mine was light green, spaghetti straps, floor length, satin...I loved it! I also have my NT scan today.
  • Mine was red, spaghetti straps, long A line and satin.   I knew I wanted red, and it was in the last possible store we went to.  I lived in a small town, and we had to drive 3 hours to go to a decent city with shops, so my mom said, it's either here, or you have to resort to second choice.  We walked in and immediately saw it.  I loved all my prom dresses, but the red one was my favorite.  And my senior prom was by far the best.
  • Good morning ladies! I had my first ultrasound on tuesday and I heard our baby's heart beat! They told us the babies heartbeat was nice and strong and the babies growth is right on target with our due date. I cried for like a minute and then started laughing at how busy the baby is so early! Being that this is our first child I didn't know what to expect. We find out the sex of the baby March 20th!!! We can not wait. The family is taking a pole on rather its a boy or girl....we'll see who wins!!!  Have a blessed day ladies!
  • My senior prom dress was a burgundy wine color with hand-sewn beading all over.  It was a total princess dress and I loved it, full skirt and everything!!!
  • Morning ladies!

    I can do better then describe, I've actually got a picture at work (long story, don't ask). The dress is more green then it looks in the pic. That's DH too, almost 9 years ago, lol! I can't even remember him being that skinny!


  • I'm so excited, I was actually able to cook food for DH last night.  I roasted a chicken, and although I didn't want to eat it once it was done, it's the first time I've cooked anything more than mac & cheese since week 5.  Maybe it will seem better tonight when I'm not stuck in the smells all night. 

    I didn't go to prom, so no dress.

  • Can I get added to the list?

    Aug 17 is EDD. We will be finding out the sex. :)

    My senior prom dress (1998)

    Long, pastel purple. Pastels were big that year.At our school atleast!!! Halter neck with some beading! It was my favorite dress for dances!!

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  • my dress was white. it looked like a princess gown. it was strapless & fitted to the waste and a full bottom. it had gorgeouse ivory beads/designs throughout. i swore that i would eventually wear it as my wedding dress... i loved it that much!
  • Good Morning Everyone! I'm so excited about next week. I have a dr's appt. on Tuesday, and hopefully we'll get our first ultrasound. This is my first appt. since my very first appt. back in December, so I'm way excited to find out how things are going, especially since those pregnancy syptoms have long since left several weeks ago. Hoping everything is OK.

    Friday QOTD: Please describe the color and style of your senior prom dress.  Did not go to prom, so no dress. Had a horrible year that year. :(

  • Friday QOTD: Please describe the color and style of your senior prom dress.

    Black and floor length. Very basic. 

  • Please describe the color and style of your senior prom dress.

    i saw my dress the minute we drove into the parking lot of the dress shop, it was in the window.  it was red, and had sequins all over the chest area, then it tied in a bunch of different spots in the back and the sides were cut out of the dress.  then it was straight down to the floor. 

    i never thought i'd buy a red prom dress but i absolutely loved it, of course now looking back the cut out sides and bare open back was a bit much.  lol. 

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  • My prom dress was red satin, strapless, fitted on top with an a-line skirt.
  • Friday QOTD: Please describe the color and style of your senior prom dress.

    It was ice blue with tank straps, a fitted bodice, and a full skirt. ?It was shiny. ?I remember it was $120 or something, which was the most I had ever paid for an article of clothing, and then when I got to my prom there were two other girls there wearing the exact same one. ?And one of them was a junior girl who was only there as someone's date! ?I was pissed. ?Ah, memories!?

  • QOTD: periwinkle sundress that I went braless under... *smirk*

    I'm mostly over all my infections now but I've started coughing up blood. We're going to the dr tomorrow (its the first available time to see her.)

    Starting a babysitting job today. Hope it goes well. Have a great day fellow bumpies!


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  • My prom dress is really hard to explain but I will give it a shot and I am sure not do it justice.  The top was a corset that was white with tiny pastel colored bows, the bottom was very poofy with layers of sheer netting fabric in yellow, blue, green, purple, and pink pastels.  It was very pretty!

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  • My prom dress was a floor length, BCBG red halter gown. I loved it.
  • My prom dress was pale blue satin, A-line, and hand made by my mom.  Looking back, not my favorite thing ever.  I did marry my prom date 5 years later, though. Smile
  • It was a sleeveless, long black dress with a shimmery green overlay.
  • Please add "Frwndoh" to the list: EDD Aug 24th.

    Mine was a magenta knee-length number w/ straps that laced on the back. Homemade by my mom who was sewing me into it as my date waited downstairs!

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  • My dress was a strapless pale yellow floor length dress.  It was simple, yet elegant.  I remember I had a white feather fan that I carried along with me the whole night.  After prom we all went and stayed at my sisters house and had an awesome after prom party.  Oh memories!

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