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Baby Shower Favors (DIY)

Does anyone have good ideas for DIY baby shower favors?  The one I'm aware of is having some candy wrapped up with a ribbon.  Anything you've seen or heard of and thought, "wow, that's a great idea"?

Re: Baby Shower Favors (DIY)

  • you can make little cinnamon buns and put them in little favor boxes with a label that says something about "bun in the oven?" I'm all for any favor that is edible , personally a hate having a collection of little "stuff" that I can't use but can't bear to throw away. HTH


  • This is hard to explain, but I found small wrought iron picture/memo holder that held a small bud vase too. I did fresh cut flowers for each bud vase and in the picture holder, I made place cards. Using pretty fonts and colors, I printed the names of each person along with the meaning of their name on the place card. I then stamped them with baby footprints and laminated them. They were a hit.


  • You can make this favor DIY --- or not--- you can make homemade soaps (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and craft store has the stuff) --- wrap them in "pretty" plastic wrap with ribbon, put a tag on the ribbon that says, " From our Shower to Yours!  Thank you for Coming!"  or something along those lines.  My mom did this for my shower, but instead of making bath soap, she went to Bath and Body Works and bought mini shower gel and lotions. 




  • Hi there!                                                                                              My cousin threw a baby shower for our other cousin and made the cutest and most unique favors I have ever seen! She bought enough Gerber baby food, emptied the contents (she fed them to her son :) ) replaced the food with similar colored m&m's (ie orange for carrots, green for peas). She then managed to get baby pictures of the mom to be, made small copies of the mom to be's face and glued them over the baby that's on the Gerber baby food. She also glued some cute pastel colored lace around the edges of the lids on the jars. This baby shower was 7 years ago and people STILL talk about how cute they were. Good luck!


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