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S/O Names...any family names you are def NOT using??

A post on another thread made me think of this. Any names in your family that you are def not going to use?

My two grandmother's names are Doris and Delores. Any family name from my side that is decent has been used a million times.

So, that is why our little girl is having a name we like, Isabella, and the family name Ann for a middle name after DH's grandmother.

Re: S/O Names...any family names you are def NOT using??

  • My mommom is Ruthann Mershawn... yeah no thanks.
  • We're not passing down any part of either of our father's names Joseph, Richard, Phillip, or Wayne.  My dad was already a Jr, and his dad passed down Phillip to my DH (who goes by his middle name, Ryan, b/c neither of us like Phillip).

    If it is a boy, we found a neutral name we both liked and will give the boy my maiden name as his middle name (I have no siblings and my dad passed away years ago) to pass that down.  If we have a 2nd boy, the  middle name is after my uncle, who was my dad's closet brother.

    If it is a girl, the first girl name we like is just one we like the names and meanings.  If we ever had a 2nd girl, the name is after my maternal grandmother -- she is Lou Emma, and we like "Emma Rose."

  • Oh yes, there are plenty of names in our family that we wouldn't use :)

    At the risk of not offending anyone (and because I'm trying to be a bit more anonymous on here these days) I won't post any of them...they aren't horrible names, just not good for first or middle names in our opinion. 


  • My dad's name is Alfred....didn't quite make the cut :)

    My favorite grandfathers name is Arthur...another no.

     My grandmother's name is Edith..another no.


    I wish I could have used Rose after my grandmother...that is the only one I would consider and really like.


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  • All of them! Our dad's are Michael and Patrick, over used in the family. Grandparents are Frank, David, Cliff, and Benito, not going to work with our last name. And our greatgranparents are just tooo old fashioned.... I love the name Anthony, which is a family name, but my sister would call him Ant?!?! Not going there!
  • Yeah, there are so many name from my DH's side that mother in law wants us to use. Two of the big ones if we have a boy or George and Aaron.

    DH and I vetoed George right away (great great grandpa, great grandpa and grandpa have all been George) However, we are not naming our child after one of my Ex-Boyfriends.

    Aaron DH just hates!

  • guy, stefan, marjorie, laureen, patricia, lyn, ... I also come from a huge family and don't like to duplicate names... so with all the first, middle, and third names, plus all the first, second and third cousins (that I'm actually close to), plus DH's family, our options are quite limited. I'm a huge fan of biblical names, and a lot of the common, cute names have already been claimed.

    We are partial to Samuel, James, Chad, Juliana, Sophiana, and FIL is pretty set on Charlotte.


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  • lol!




    Mike (only because there are several Mike's in our families already)



    Setha (this is my great grandmother's sister's name, I just threw it in for effect ;)  )

  • That is why we're not using any family names for our son. Any of the good ones have been used too many times - that's especially true with my side of the family.

    As for specific names, we decided against the IL's recommendation of Dwight. Made us gag, lol.

  • Mildred, Peggy, Edwin, Mervin are all no-way-in-hell names for us.  They were great grandparents, not so great names.
  • There is an odd tradition in my DH's family to give all boys the middle name Richard.  I don't even know if there was every anyone in the family named Richard... but DH and his two brothers all have the MN Richard, as does his dad, who actually goes by Rick.  I believe his male cousins on that side have it too.

    So, we may or may not do this.

    For a first name, I want to name him after my dad if he is born on my dad's birthday - I'm due 6/11 and Dad's b-day is 6/12.  I'm hoping to use my dad's name (Kenneth) at least as a MN.  It depends on the Richard thing, I guess.

    We are not considering any other names in the family.  Our grandpas have weird names, such as Ambrose...

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  • My husband's name is the same as his father and grandfather - will definitely not be using that one.

  • Michael.  My Dad's MN is Michael, but it's been the name he's gone by for his while life.  My Brother's MN is Michael after my dad, and his son's first name is Michael.  Coincidentally, DH's MN is Michael after his GF that he never met.  Yeah, too many Michaels!  Good thing we're having a girl :)
  • I named DS after his bio father.  However, Edward Ivan sounded too much like a "please beat me up on the playground" name.  So I just went with Edward as the silent first name and picked a middle name to call him by.  My family has a few name standards we try to apply by like putting in double L's or using "ey". Kimberley, Shelley, Kelley, Cantrell, Breydon, Allen... you get the idea.  The one name i will NOT be considering for my baby girl is my GGma's name- Artie King Mason.  Talk about old.  Also, my Gma's names are Sheila and Shirley. Also old. I'm not into juniors and carrying on names and such.
  • we've had enough Esperanzas in the family, i think. beautiful name, but so many with it as a first name or tacked on as a second name. all named after the original Esperanza, my great-grandmother, a wonderful lady - but oh, i think we need a new name to pass on for sure!?

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  • Mostly it's our father's middle names that have been passed on.

    Otis and Levonne.

    Yeah- we decided to kill that tradition. Oops!

    My grandmother's name is Edith Sue and I LOVE it. If we were having a girl, we were going either with Edie or Sue as the middle name.

  • Glenice (great g-ma's first name) - too old-fashioned for our tastes.

    Gay (g-ma's middle name, quite seriously) - NFT.

    Marie (FI's stepmother's middle name). We actually really wanted to use this for a middle name, but my dislike for FI's stepmother is greater than my like for the name, and I know she would always think that our kid was named after her (even if we told her otherwise, she's just that stupid), so there's no way I'm using it.

  • We really wanted to use a family name from DH's side. But Bob, Don, Doug, ugh. SO we used Wesley from MY side. My side is WAY cooler. hehe.
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  • If we have a girl, my DH wanted her to have the middle name after his great grandmother...Ethel.

    Umm..that's gonna be a negative.

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  • Umm... yeah.

    Heywood, Zimry, Dudley and Boppy.

    No joke.

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  • my mom's name is Luda..love her to death but  yeah i will pass


    but we did find well make a name we like it is liliandra we blended my grandma's name (lillie who died dec. 20 08) with Dh's mamaw's name(sandra she died march 3 08) so it has a lot of meaning behind it.

  • My husband wants to name our baby after his father--I so don't want to, but I think I'm going to give in because of how much it means to him.   But, I'm just like, what-due to the lack of names in the world, you wanna name the baby after your father??? Weirdo, right?
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