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*~*September Sweet Peas Tuesday Check in*~*

Welcome to the September Sweet Peas daily check-in!  This is a group for women who are due in September 2009.  To be added to the list, please reply to this post with your nameage, and EDD.  You may also let me know if your age or EDD has changed! I will update the list at least 3 times a week.  Please be patient and your name will be added.


As you find out what the sex of your baby is, please let me know (by posting it in your reply to this check-in or PMing me) so we can keep track of the number of boysgirls, and surprises! Please let us know if you are having multiples. We will keep track of that as well.  


Are you new and feeling a little lost?  --I can't make clickable links because of FireFox, so just let me know in a message and I'll get the link for you!


We will have a Question Of The Day (QOTD) each day. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the question of the day. Please PM them to me. I am running out of ideas, so I would love your suggestions!  Also, feel  free to have conversations outside of the question of the day! This is what we are here for J and Em


Housekeeping Notes:

*When requesting a change to your name, age, or EDD please reference your original EDD. It is much easier to find you and make the change

* Please post any requests for additions or deletions to your listed information in the daily check in or in a PM. I can not search all posts for these requests. If it isn?t in the main post or in a PM, it will not be seen!


*The list will only be updated on 3 times a week. Please do not send me nasty messages if you have not been added. I am trying my very best to keep up with this! Just send me a friendly PM and I will get you on!

I'm updating tomorrow..was too sick yesterday and too busy today!

Please PM with question of the day suggestions! I need ideas J and Em

Please let us know how things are going. Any appointments soon?
Daily QOTD 2/3/09: -What are you most looking forward to in this pregnancy?

Re: *~*September Sweet Peas Tuesday Check in*~*

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