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*~*September Sweet Peas check-in*~*

Hey Ladies, sunshinegirl74, asked for some help with the September mamas, so I volunteered to help!  So if you would forward any PMs to me for a while that would be great!  We are not positive on our schedule of posting this yet, but for right now if you would just send any ?/comments/concerns/corrections to me I promise to try and get them updated ASAP!  Because of my work schedule the daily question may or may not be first thing in the morning, but I will try my hardest to get it up! If not it will be up around 1pm CST.


Welcome to the September Sweet Peas daily check-in!  This is a group for women who are due in September 2009.  To be added to the list, please reply to this post with your nameage, and EDD.  You may also let me know if your age or EDD has changed! I will update the list at least 3 times a week.  Please be patient and your name will be added.


As you find out what the sex of your baby is, please let me know (by posting it in your reply to this check-in or PMing me) so we can keep track of the number of boysgirls, and surprises! Please let us know if you are having multiples. We will keep track of that as well.  


Are you new and feeling a little lost?  --I can't make clickable links because of FireFox, so just let me know in a message and I'll get the link for you!


We will have a Question Of The Day (QOTD) each day. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the question of the day. Please PM them to me. I am running out of ideas, so I would love your suggestions!  Also, feel  free to have conversations outside of the question of the day! This is what we are here for J and Em


Housekeeping Notes:

*When requesting a change to your name, age, or EDD please reference your original EDD. It is much easier to find you and make the change

* Please post any requests for additions or deletions to your listed information in the daily check in or in a PM. I can not search all posts for these requests. If it isn?t in the main post or in a PM, it will not be seen!


*The list will only be updated on 3 times a week. Please do not send me nasty messages if you have not been added. I am trying my very best to keep up with this! Just send me a friendly PM and I will get you on!


Please PM with question of the day suggestions! I need ideas J and Em


Please let us know how things are going. Any appointments soon?
Daily QOTD 1/20/09:  Name ideas so far? Will the baby be named after someone?

Unknown EDD

MeanKitty0828(Wendy, 24)

MBZ(Mary, 36)




September  1

AlenaS(Alena, 25)

ashy22lou(Ashley, 25)

Sunshinegirl75 (Jen, 33)

Tanya8(Tanya, 29)

jjwheat1007 (Janessa, 23)

I*heart*Gio (Esther, 31)


Foxy Jones (Leslie, 27)

Happiest Newlyweds (Andrea, 24)


caetd (Christy, 25) Surprise!!!


Mrs*Lauren*and*Justin (Lauren, 25)


September  2

Bellabella483(Claire, 25)

Myantonia (Sarah, 27)

Caroinaem (Emily, 25)

aRBe (Rachel, 27)

esposa38 (33)

LoraLoo (Laura, 23)

Aprilandmatt (April, 27)

calliem0213 (Callie, 20)

Angelcake (Angela, 28)

Cwuredhot (Kristen, 27)

Kalig02 (Kallie, 24)

micki_36 (Michellene, 23)

KatieRedDMD (Katie, 28)

MrsV092207 (Kristy, 25)

Obrien22 (Susie, 32) *surprise*

rnjalbert (Rikki, 28)

September  3

Egsquared(Erica, 32)

LorettaMG(Loretta, 28)

cubs_baby(Amy, 25)


At1stSight (Amy, 24)



September  4

CanadianBio(Danielle, 33)

septmommy2be(Carmel, 29)

kbk84(Kayla, 24)

tntotx(Elizabeth, 29)

SEMtoSEK (Suzanne)

JMCNEEL (Jen, 28)

brooklynbaby09 (Krissy, 31)

Mrs.RMama (Jacki, 27)

DebbieH3 (Debbie, 30)

Daniella4 (Danielle, 23)

HazelLOVE (Christina, 24)

jesspacatc (Jess, 26)

soontobemrslee (Robin, 32)

hisprincess06 (Heather, 29)

September  5

MegBriRox(Megan, 23)

christin3580 (Christin, 28)

mrspink77 (Maureen, 27)

MrandMrsAndrews (Andrea, 24)

MrsMSG (Monica, 28)

Alicemay (Alice, 25)

061706bride (Marishah, 28)

Gumiberg (Bree, 27) *Twins*

Mrs. Frost *8/1/08* (Magan, 20)

Arhemann (Amber, 27)

andie312000 (Andrea, 25)

September  6

MrsBeckO(Becky, 24)

Bennettwed (Angie, 26)

fyrepixie15 (Kelly, 39)

HoffmannBaby (Jackie)


NicC ( Nicole, 29)

Navydoc (Olga, 34)

Taelir (Darah, 27)

Septsoulmates (Maurine, 29) *surprise*

September  7

YellowBride(Ali, 31)

2006Bride*( Amy, 27)

Conway714 (Megan, 25)

Shar77 (Sharon, 31)

Jeffrae (Rae, 31)

Link41208 (Lindsay, 28)

Lux_Diva (34)

DanielsWife (Morgan, 26)

Lilsunbeam32 (Lauren)

venuswmu (Joanne, 28) *SUrprise*

Helms (Abby, 24)

SRodi811 (Stephanie, 25)

September  8

Annabelle81(Stephanie, 28)

Nessa1014 (Vanessa, 24)

 MrsBatty  (Lyndsay)

jackie&jim (Jackie, 29)

Lisslynn (Melissa, 240

Jeffie (Lisa, 29)

Albrat1 (Amy, 24)

susieqz57 (Susie, 29)

CAM2007 (Colleen, 28)


September  9


Goose51504(Erica, 30)

Chemtchr(Emily, 28)

SharonWantsABaby (Sharon, 26)

Efortune (Emily, 22)


 n8andk8 (Katie, 27)

pinkbride2008 (Rachel, 24)

fall_bride_2004 (Megan, 27)

wwsurf81 (Erica, 27)

sandollar (Elizabeth, 31)

Meliette (Melissa, 24)

sweetie_roo (Christine 25)

September  10

Sare_bear(Sarah, 25)

OutLawless(Lyndsay, 29)

Jklatka(Jennifer, 28)


MrsBLT (Becky, 26)

golfbride11 (Colleen, 38)

DCHappy2B (Meg, 31)

MrsMcKenna10607 (Crystal, 27)

jrickard7 (Jenny, 28)


September  11

Julieuz (Suzi, 25)

JK08(Katie, 31)

Markeysgirl(Tracy, 25)

SoonToBloom (Stephanie, 33)

Mrseggs (Jen, 29)

k&mcol06 (Mary, 34)

A.C.Soup!! (25)

L2theC42 (Leslie, 36)

murmist01 (Jenn, 36)

febgirl (Julie, 31) *Surprise*

knaza12 *surprise*

fenway07 (Jill, 30)

irys09 (Becky, 28)

September  12

Tara&Ryan (Tara, 27)

05/06(Karla, 27)

Tiger-lily1 (Kelly, 26)

TheNewMrsCfont (Laura, 25)

sauma790 (Sarah, 26)

~Jennifer~ (Jennifer, 28)

Chief_Carters_Lady (Megan, 26)


EJDIII (Erin, 31)

Krickatron (Kristin, 23)

purpletulip (Tamara, 26)


September 13

Smae3282 (Stephanie, 26)

MrsHell06 (Betsy, 25)

LoMichelle (Lauren, 23)

Hopeful1! (Veronica, 31)

waitingforbaby#1 (Tanya, 28)

Meegs10.13.06 (26)

Bleigh (Brittany, 26)

Bpgswife (Kelly, 34)

Mlewis2319 (Michele, 25)

K-I-S-S-I-N-G (Courtney, 28)

yellowledbetter (Becky, 25)

September  14

Sunandsand(Ashley, 23)

Rssnlvr  (Kelly, 29)

prneyes3 (Jen, 31)

peacarat (Leslie, 29)

mrs_mcQ6404 (Renee, 30)

SweetMelissa1205 (Melissa, 31)

j_hope (Jessica, 30)

silvasita (Esther, 30)


Beaming_Bride (Ali, 26)


September 15

Allen4life (Shakia, 24)

6-21-08Bride (Kathy, 30)

vml14 (Vicki, 31)

erin_jenelle (Erin, 28)

alibabbbs (Alison, 32)

mldjgd (Melissa, 29)

bpgswife (Kelly, 34)

mrstyson03 (Lynn, 29)

t.bird (Trina, 24)

Amamommy (Amanda)

September 16

K_leigh_D (Kristen, 33)

KacieLeigh (Kacie, 23)

Suzy12345 (Suzy, 32)

Hsm (Heather, 28)

mish56 (Adrina, 27) *Twins*

mislogis (Melissa)

kiki4 (Kristi, 38)

ooKATEoo (Kate, 27)

amh51207 (Abby, 24)

Smandrea (Andrea, 21)

Mvanderc (Shel, 25)

Cgirl11 (Colleen, 29)

Heme (Samantha, 31)



September 17

MelissaMc22 (Melissa, 27)

Meggarrity29 (Meghan, 26)

Kristri07 (Kristina, 26)

sam19 (Sarah, 27)

alicatnj (Alison, 33)

LoMonkey (Lauren, 22)

ivs112 (Ingrid, 30)

DMBMamma (Jenn, 26)


September 18

Carmie714 (Carmie, 27)

Lizard2022 (28)


trish_edmon (Trish, 27)

mags2144 (Meghan, 28)

h.s.sweethearts (Bernisha, 25)

DebbieJS77 (Debbie, 32)



September 19

Jackieobride (Jackie)

MrsW.10.15.05 (Anna, 35)

jms08 (Jackie, 20)

live*laugh*love (Johnna,24)

kay81 (Jennifer, 27)

September 20

cala09 (Suzie, 33)

LoveTravel  (Nathalie, 24)

Merjmm (Mary, 26)

4everDsgirl (Andrea)

Pkb (Tricia, 30)

jlj6978 (Jen, 23)

brittney7777 (Brittney, 21)

fauxbunny (FB, 26)

Nicky08 (Nicole, 25)

September 21


cheeriohairston (Carmen, 18)

Kristinmo (Kristin, 25)

nataliegrace06 (Natalie, 21)

lilone_06 *surprise*


September 22

RSV2007 (Sadie, 23)

Mrs. Mowrer (Amy, 26)

Jennandjt (Jenna, 38)

bean4me (Emily, 29)

TashaLee (Natasha, 30)

tomandcourt (Courtney, 29)

daisyduck0427(Jennifer, 32)

BionicBride (Jaime, 31)
kerriHSVAL33 (Kerri, 31)

September 23



Twirlerbride (Tracy, 26)

LeelaH (LeeAnn,  33)

sweetp3 (Melissa, 28)

2goodtobtrue (Tiffany, 24)

nurseBrooke (Brooke, 27)

September 24

lap131 (Lisa, 33)

MrsOrtega (Nicolette, 27)

KimmmR (Kim, 30)

Thaira (Tara, 25)

MnM1103 (Monica, 24)

Tigger200 (Diane 30)

kellyapcampbell (Kelly, 31)

mhbuttahs (30)

September 25

Ksomma (Kyle, 27)

ws_beth (Beth, 26)

kandmrod (Kacie, 24)

Pennylane824 (Joanna, 26)

AttaKat (Kat)

mandalicious (Mandy, 25)

EmuJane (Emma, 28)
*~Mrs.Donahoe~* (Mrs. D, 24)

Michelle&Mark (Michelle, 24)

September 26
I LUBBINS YOU! (Amanda, 28)

Tantek (Tantek, 30)

September 27

ChrisNBobby (Christine, 26)

ash_and_mark (Ashley, 24)

inluv4life  (Rachel, 31)

sarahjason01 (Sarah, 25)

TefLepOM (31)

jenna0627 (25)
baby_mama88 (Angela, 20)

September 28th

dakota01 (Erin, 29)

mrsstocking (Emily, 23) *surprise*

k.lockwood (Kristin, 31)

Irishgirl08 (Brittnye, 24)

mrslaidlaw (Mollie, 25)

maschmidt16 (Mary, 35)


September 29

LAlliiee (Lindsay, 29)

Mrs. Alli Brittain (Alli, 22)

epopp85 (Emily, 23)

mari_gold (Sara, 27)

mags2041 (Mags, 29)

laurabeth33 (Laura, 28)


September 30th

Brandoonie (Brandi, 29)

ZacksBride (Erin, 29)

LSYoung28 (Lisa, 26)

Re: *~*September Sweet Peas check-in*~*

  • We already have a boy and girl name picked out.  Mark Philip (after both of our dads) and Grace Marie (Marie is my middle name).  I can't wait to find out who's in there!
  • Thank you for doing all of this work. It is great to be able to check in and see what all the September mamas are up to.

     Can you please add me to the list. My name is Sam and I am due Sept. 1st.

     Thank you!!!

  • Hi Stocking!! 

    We have names picked out tentatively.

    Lillian Rose for a girl: My grandmas name is Rose

    Eli Joseph for a boy:  My FILs name is Joe

  • Sare_bear! I think we are going to use the same girl name! crazy! it's my great grandmothers name!  And Gage Harrison for a boy (Harrison was my maiden name and DH's grandfathers middle name)
  • can i be removed....

    I had a miscarriage this week. 

  • We already have a girl name picked out but NO idea for our boy name. We might used my g-pa's name as a middle name but we aren't sure yet.
  • We haven't even started talking about names yet.  My husband is still nervous because he thinks it's too early to talk about those things.  I think he will feel better once we make it to the 2nd trimester. 
  • hey stocking =) ?I am on the list for EDD September 8th ? ?It needs to be added that I am 27. ?thanks =)
  • My first appt will be Feb 13.  That's right Friday the 13th, which is ok, because that was always my grandfather's lucky day.

     Boy's name - Jacob Henry (Henry was my grandfather's name)

    Girl's name - not as permanent, Mikayla Jane (Jane was my husband's grandmother's name)

    2nd Boy's name - Evan Michael or Evan Scott

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  • Hi!  Please add me to the list.  My name is Becky, I'm 28, and I am having my 2nd, due Sept. 28th.  That's by online calculations though, and last time that didn't match up with what the doc told me.  So, that could change.  We're not going to find out ahead of time boy or girl. 

    We had to choose names the first time, so DH and I are used to going through the name battle!  We don't have many names that we agree on.  So far this time, we like Emerson for a girl (Emmy / Em when she's little), mn Lynn (my mn), and we cannot agree on anything for a boy.  Some of the names that we're both ok with but not in love with are Seth, Max, and Grant.  Middle name will be Phillip - family name.

  • We have a boy and a girl's name... Julia Marie or Alexander Joseph.  Marie is my middle name.  Alexander is DH's Mother's maiden name and Joseph was my grandfather's name (he was like a Dad to me so no matter what we pick as a first boy's name that will be the middle). 
  • mcflybc

    age 28

    September 25th



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  • We have yet to agree on names because DH is stubborn! Wink But we just had our first appt yesterday and everything went great!!! We got an ultrasound and saw a heartbeat!! It was very fast and she said it looked strong. We are so stinkin' excited!!!
  • NJBride4-8-05

    Courtney, 30

    Due September 18th


    To answer your question. ?Our Daughter is named to honor ?Our Grandmothers. ?You can use the letters in her first and middle name (Cathryn Elizabeth) and spell out Our Grandmothers names except for 3 letters, M,O,V. ?Hazel, Mary, Caroline, and Evelyn. ?

    For our second child, we have kind of picked out a boys name. ?His middle name would be Jeffrey after my Husband (tradition on both sides). ?No girls name picked out yet. ?But we have time!?

  • We are thinking of naming our baby Violet Lynn if we have a girl.  My grandma's name was Violet.  Its also a bit of a joke...my name is Amanda Lynn  (Mandolin) and the baby would be (Violin)....lol!

    Thinking of Gerrit or Leo if a boy.


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  • Hello!  So excited to be expecting our 2nd.

    Due: 9/26/09

    Sarah, 33

    Not sure on names yet.  We want to wait until after the Dr. appt before we get too excited. 

  • I have my first US appointment next Friday Feb. 7th, so DH and I are excited for that! I'll also officially find out how far along I am (my period has been wacky).


    Names..  We have boy names but are still picking out girl names.  Boys: Jacob Myles (Myles is DH's name) or Hunter James. 

    For girls, I like the name Avery Elizabeth (Elizabeth is a family name) or Gwendolyn Michele (Michele is my mom's name).  I also like Emily Michele... 

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  • For a girl we like Abigail and Alexis with the middle name Anne after my mother and myself. For a boy we like Carter, Lucas, Eli, and Aiden. Boys middle name either Joseph after my father or Richard after my DH's father.

    BFP #1 12/18/08 DD born 8/28/09 BFP#2 Due 7/17/12 MC 11/15/11 at 5 weeks..We have an Angel looking over us. BFP#3 2/27/12 EDD 11/4/12 Beta #1 @ 12dpo 51.2 Beta #2 @ 14dpo 150.4 1st US with HR of 144. Lilypie Third Birthday tickers BabyFruit Ticker
  • I ended up having my first appointment last Thursday b/c of being so sick, but my first official appointment when DH will be with me is on Monday.

    We've had a girls name picked out for probably a year now, both first and middle name are family names. 

    Still narrowing down boys names. 

    I don't think we're going to tell anyone the name until they're born :-)

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  • Hello Please add me to the list. My name is Melissa, I'm 32 and EDD 9-14. My fist appointment isn't until the 4th of Feb. so the date could change. We are going to wait to discuss names until we find out the sex. I love Chase, Ty, Jax, Jett for a boy-DH hates all of them. I love Maci, Kensie, Laci, for a girl. But i have to do more searching before we make the final .....thanks for working on the Sept posts for us. It will be nice to be part of a "group" on here.
  • I want to just thank Emily from the bottom of my heart for stepping up to the plate to help me with this.?

    We so don't agree on names at all. I like Carter and Landon for a boy. My FI likes Liam. I am not opposed to it, I just love Carter. For a girl, we both like Claire right now. ?

  • I am thinking that we are very tentatively picking names. ..for a girl Stella Anne (Stella is a great Aunt) and Jacob Daniel (both middle names are our middle names)
    baby pregnancy
  • I'm new.  My EDD is Sept 28 and I'm 30. 

     Thanks for the add.




  • Hi! My name is Olivia, I'm 28 yrs. old and my EDD is September 18, 2009. I'm also new to this whole thing, so I may need help staying connected. Throw as many messages/reminders my way as you need to...I'm suffering from a bad case of "pregnancy brain" these days. haha


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  • Hi, I'm poofy32 (Alice) 32 years old and my EDD is 9/4/09.
  • The names we have picked out so far are....

    For a boy:

    William Abel (William is DH's grandfather's name and Abel is DH's adoptive family last name)

    For a girl:

    Evelyn Park (Park is my mom's maiden name, which I think is a good way to pay respects to my korean heritage)

  • Hi please add me to the September Sweet Peas.

    Korena 31 due sep 23.



  • For a girl we've picked out Paige Linda (after MIL), Brynn Catherine or Peyton Catherine.

    For a boy we've picked out Derek Thomas (after my dad), Cael Thomas or Bowen Simon.

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  • Forgive me if this posts twice. I replied once already, but it didn't seem to take. I'm Andrea and I'm 28, pregnant with our first and we are soooo excited!! I'm due Sept. 20. I had my first appt with my midwife but it was just a glorified pap....first big appt Feb. 11. (fingers crossed)

    We've had a boy name picked out for years (my hubby's middle name and my mom's maiden), but a girl name seems tougher - can't agree.

    Thank you so much for doing this! Good luck to all my fellow September ladies. It'll be so fun to chat with people due at the same time of the year.

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