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Throwing up blood?

My 4 day old daughter was throwing up blood today and they told me it was because my milk just came in and my breasts are irritated so she got blood along with milk from the inside of my breast. I had never heard of that or read about it in any the million of books I read while pregnant....

Re: Throwing up blood?

  • Express some milk and see if it has blood in it.  If not call your pedi back ASAP.  I'd be suspicious too.
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  • Was it blood? Or blood-tinged milk?
  • I was in a bad car wreck at 39 weeks so when it came time to breast feed on my right boob (where the seatbelt was) it was one giant rock hard bruise and when I would express it only blood would come out. Just keep pumping to get all the blood out...then your milk should be fine. Mine was as soon as my bruised booby healed.
  • The LC in the class I took said this could happen.  As Chalm asked, is it blood tinged or blood?  Blood tinged can be normal.  It also can be caused by wearing underwire bras b/c they can clog your milk ducts.  I would call pedi asap if it's blood.
  • It's common if your nipples are bleeding.  I had the same issue when I first started bfing.  She spit up and it was tinged with blood.  I figured it was because of my nipples and the pediatrician confirmed it.  It can also appear in their poop. 

    If your blood has a lot of iron in it, it will upset their tummies, hence the spitting up.   Check with your pediatrician just to make sure, but really there is nothing you can do about it until your nipples heal. 

  • Ditto to Chalm's question. 

    If it's blood, trust your instincts, and think about getting your LO seen versus just calling the pedi and asking over the phone. My most horrible case as a DCS case manager dealt with parents who called the pedi on call multiple times one night over this and was told it was normal. Their LO passed away the next day. Not to scare you, and not be an alarmist, but I cannot get that little girl out of my mind to this day. Her case has made me very paranoid about that sort of situation. She had contracted some sort of infection.

  • I took her to the ER and brought in the burp cloth she threw up on and they tested it and said it was blood, but it wasn't just blood tinged when she threw it up. To me it looked like she threw up a couple blood clots with more blood mixed in with milk. 

    My pedi is out of town and the ER doc ended up calling a different pediatrician to get her consult and she's the one who said it was from my breast.

  • DS did this, in the middle of the mall when he was about 2 weeks old and I was shaking as I called our ped., thinking we were on the way to the ER.  I was told the same thing--that it is actually common and it is from mom's milk.  It only happened once and he was totally fine. Like you, I have never, ever heard of that happening.  Hope that is all it is for you and DD!
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