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Moms of belly sleepers ??

What does your LO sleep in? Currently Jocelyn sleeps in a long-sleeved onesie (with foldover mittens) and a sleep n' play.Then I cover her lower half with a small, light-weight fleece blanket.

I have a sleep-sack, but when I tried it on her a week or so ago it was way too big and bulky around her shoulders and neck. It would have been less safe than the blanket. Plus, I'm not sure if a sleep sack is a good idea for belly sleepers.

Just wondering what you all use.... TIA!

Re: Moms of belly sleepers ??

  • I just put her in jammies and cover her with blankets. I "swaddle" just her body. I only wrap a receivng blanket around her body and dont tuck in the arms or tuck up the legs. and throw a blanket over her. We keep the house at around 75 degrees so thats all she needs to stay warm. Plus I live in CA and freezing to us in 50 degrees. ha!
  • A sleeper and blanket from her set. if it's really cold i put a onesie an socks too.?
  • Sleep and play and sleep sack. 


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  • Sophia started tummy sleeping at 3 weeks.   That was during the summer, so it was warm. We would wear onesies on her then and just cover her up from the waist down.

    Now, she's 6 months and we wear sleepers on her.  Sometimes she wears a sleep sack.

  • What brand of wearable blanket did you try - some are just one size fits most and crummy design! we love the one made by Halo - The Halo one is not big and bulky comes in sizes for every baby. A sleepsack is SOOOO much safer than a loose blanket! We have a really small baby and the Halo sleepsacks fit her perfectly!
  • I use a sleep sack for my belly sleeper and she loves it. I was told the best sleep sacks are made from premium knitted fabric not woven fabric so won't bunch up when they twist and turn. My daughter sleeps in a knitted merino kids sleep sack (from and the fabric 'moves with her' when she rolls about. The bodice fits snugly around her chest and neckline and never rides up.

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