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Homemade Baby Food

Who is planning to/already does make their own baby food?  Why did you choose to do this...nutrition/money?  Where do you get the recipes?  I am looking into buying the Beaba Babycook. 


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Re: Homemade Baby Food

  • I am planning on making my baby food. Not for the cost of money becuase organic veggies can get pricey too but for the nutrition end of it. is a great source. I really dont think with this site you need a book
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  • save money and to know what is going into my son's body. I got the book Top 100 baby purees - it is so simple. The one thing that made me do it was hearing that baby food from the store is good for 2 years. What do they do to it to make it good for 2 years? I was shocked by that - and like I said, it is cheaper.

  • I'm doing it for economic reasons, and because I'd rather DD have fresh foods.

    I thought about getting the babycook, but they only eat pureed food for like 6 months...I didn't think it was worth the money. It did look like it made making baby food easy though. Here's what I got:

     I'm doing it for nutrition and the money. I mean, who eats most of their food from a jar? We don't, so I don't want K to...though I will have some handy just in case. Plus, it's much cheaper to make it yourself.

  • To save money, know what is going into his meals (no preservatives), fresh fruits and veggies, the fact that it's quite easy, and that I want to feed Sam as much organic as I can. 

     I also use the website.  Very informational.


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  • Nutrition and money both. It's generally cheaper and I know what's in ds' food. Here's a great website:

    There are recipes, but to start you're just doing single-ingredient purees so it's really just cook, puree, strain if it's something with a shell like peas. 

    Here's a couple more good links if you're thinking about organic- I do some organic and some not, organic on high-to -medium pesticide load foods and non-organic on low pesticide load foods. This evens out the cost a bit because I can buy $3.50/lb organic peaches and then a $0.89 bag of frozen peas or squash.

  • I plan to. Because of the nutrition and the money. I can mix homemade with breast milk. I found recipes at
  • That was my initial can a jar of baby food still be good when it was made before we TTC?!  That didn't seem right to me.

    Bed Bath & Beyond has the Babycook for $140 and with the 20% coupon, it comes out to only $112.

    Thanks everyone!!!

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  • I'm doing it so I know what really goes inside his body.  I know that commercial baby food is safe but it has a lot of fillers.  I also do it so I can broaden his taste buds,  if that makes sense.  We are pretty cosmopolitan in what we eat since we come from such different cultures and have been deeply immersed in others.  I want our child to like American food as well as Cuban, British, Indian, Italian, etc.  Does that make sense?

    I also do it for the's SO much cheaper!

  • I already made a whole boatload of food for DD, and I couldn't believe how cheap and easy it really was! You don't need a book as long as you know how to cook veggies (how long to steam them for, etc...) Sadly I don't eat a lot of veggies, so I definitely had to look that stuff up, but you could also just rent a book from the library and copy down the info! :) (Super Baby Foods is the one I used...)

    I only did 5 veggies so far (sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli, acorn squash and butternut squash) and I had all of them cooking simultaneiously in different burners, in the oven, etc, so it didn't take much time at all! Then you just scoop them out, puree them, and freeze it! Easy! And you'd be amazed just how much food can come from just ONE butternut squash! :)

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