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Playtex Ventair vs. Avent vs. Soothie

My SIL is preggers and doesn't know what type of bottle to get.  I used the Dr. Brown's and hated them.  Which type would you recommend of the 3 choices - Playtex Ventair, Avent or Soothie?  Why?

Re: Playtex Ventair vs. Avent vs. Soothie

  • We have not tried the Avent.  We hated the Soothie.  It was very hard to keep milk in the nipple and not much like the breast shape.  Playtex Ventair has been perfect so far.
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  • We tried the Playtex Airvents and dd liked them BUT the seals at the bottom wears out very quickly and the bottle leaks.. not to mention if you are making the bottles ahead and need to warm them the hot water gets stuck in the rim and can burn DC. We just recently started with the Soothies and we love them!!!!!!!!! The only word of caution is look at the number on the nipple if you are buying a pack of them (they come in a "1" and "2" the 2 is their med flow). DD gets a better seal with these and doesnt wear 1/2 her bottle.



  • I really like Avent.  I've tried all 3 of the bottles you've mentioned and the Avent works best for DD.  She's less gassy and tends to not end up with formula all over her face like she did with the others.
  • We use the ventair along with born free.  The valves in the ventair do wear out, but they sell replacements.  I like them and they are the best nipples for DD.

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  • we had really good luck with avent. we have a couple ventair but he doesn't like those as much as tends to "play" around with the nipple more.  i'm not sure if its due to the vent or not. 
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