1st Trimester

Morning 1st Tri! How is everyone this morning? Any newbies?

It's C-O-L-D here in Northern MI. DS and I are snuggled into the couch with Charlie (our GSP).

Glad to NOT being working tonight too!

Any new BFP's today? If so, introduce yourself and welcome!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Re: Morning 1st Tri! How is everyone this morning? Any newbies?

  • Good morning.  Sleep  I am just tired.  I changed my schedule so that I take my showers at night now which allows me to sleep more in the mornings but I'm still ready to go back to bed, lol.
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  • Tired and nauseous.... my only bright light is the 9 - 15 inches of snow coming tomorrow which will surely cause a snow day!


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  • I'm doing pretty good, although it's like -29 here so it's really COLD *L*
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  • Hi! It's a good morning so far- I haven't puked. Hopefully, it will stay that way. It is super cold here so I must go start my car!



  • Sick Sick Sick. I did make a post just a few seconds ago about SCH. I was diagnosed with this over the weekend in the ER. I have been so sick worse than what a pregnant women goes through in their first trimester. I am two months and basically found out that I could miscarry. This would be our second child and I am very healthy person and in my 20's so I was not expecting this at all. They did an internal ultrasound and found that my placenta and uterus are tearing and there is a blood clot. ?I really don't know anything about this, but I do see my OB this morning. Thank goodness and I will post back what she has told me. I have read up on it a bit, but there are so many different statements on this. It is really called SCH which means Sub Chronic Hemerage. So think of baby. ?
  • Today I'm great. I'm happy that we had a good midwife appt. yesterday and heard the heartbeat! We finally started telling more family and friends and everybody is just so thrilled!  I'm also well-rested--went to bed at 8:30 last night!

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  • Ugh, exausted.  I've only told a few people at work that I'm pregnant, so everyone else looks at me wondering why I'm so tired!  Plus I'm not getting sick yet, but just the thought of some foods makes me want to hurl.  The only thing I've been able to eat without it bothering me is multigrain cheerios, milk, and wheat pasta with zesty italian dressing LOL

    I need to eat some meat but nothing sounds good.  This is miserable, but it will be worth it!




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  • Glad to hear everyone is up and moving =D

    samsb2be - I hope everything works out for you and that you feel better!!!! Keep us posted!! I'm going to read your other post now...

  • Just a little queasy.  Not too bad.

    samsb2be, good luck.  I will be thinking of you and your baby today.

  • Good morning ladies. It's snowing here in Arlington, VA and I am hoping they close the building tomorrow. I feel good but really tired.


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  • Mornin' lady! I'm doing WONDERFUL, I'm off work due to snow & ice! :) I'm snuggled up in my warm robe and pups watching tv. Doesn't get much better than this!
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  • Well it's another warm day here in central Florida!  One day it's cold, the next day it's warm.  Ahhh.

    samsb2be - I'll be thinking about you and hoping everything is OK.  I need to go check out your post.


  • GL samsb2be

    i am actually starting to feel back to my old self--- just feel ridiculously uncomfortable moving around (like out of shape or something)

    but last night i was fully awake and got to watch all my Monday night programing for the first time in 2 months!  i had to force myself to go to bed and then i only woke up 2x to pee! it was wonderful haha- when i woke up, i was ready to get up so that was an additional plus!  and to see snow this morning was awesome!  i just hate that i am at work and wishing i was able to lay on my couch and sip hot tea with my robe!

    haha enjoy your day off from work Adriamichelle83!  (soo jealous right now lol).

  • I feel good this morning after I ate my McDonalds biscuit. Was feeling like pure crap before that though.
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  • Hi I'm new to this!  Just found out I am prego on Friday and sort of freakin out in a good way.  Nervous that I dont see my Doc until feb 27th but if that is how they do things I will go with the flow Stick out tongue  I will be looking for lots of good advice I am sure!!!!  Have a great day and good luck everyone!!
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  • Good morning ladies,

     I'm a newbie, but I have been kind of lurking on here for a while.  I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve.  My husband and I are so excited, since we had been trying for almost two years.  First cycle of Clomid did the trick.  Hoping my baby sticks.

     Good luck to all you ladies.

  • Good morning! Newbie here.

    I found out I was pregnant New Years Day. :) Way to start the New Year off huh? First pregnancy, super excited. Just got married in September of last year. My husband and I have been together for over 7 years.

    Glad to be a part of the 1st tri boards! Wishing well to all, and happy and healthy pregnancies to everyone!

  • Good morning. It's snowing in Maryland and I hope my university cancels classes and work so I can go home early.

    Yesterday, I was on the phone with the mid-wife to schedule my 1st post preg appointment and I told her I was feeling GREAT! Way to jinx myself because I have been nauseous off and on and headchy since then.

    I was so tired this morning, that I couldn't bear to work out.

    There's always tomorrow :)


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  • New here, and just have been lurking, but we just found out we were pregnant on friday and are really excited!

  • I just got my BFP!!!!! ?Hubby and I have been trying for 3 months, and whala- today was the day! ?I took two tests, two different kinds, just to be sure. ?I had this wonderful plan of how I would tell him when I found out, but I threw that right out the window when I had both tests in my hand and couldn't contain myself. ?I just opened the bathroom door and gave him a funny look I guess. ?He says "you okay?", and I just dropped the two tests in his hand! ?We both cried a little (happy tears) and I'm still shaking even as I write this!!!!?


    Now, the tough part- waiting 2 months to tell anyone!!!!?

  • I am doing pretty good today. I wish I didn't have to go to work, because the weather outside is awful. Snowy and -9 degrees. I am so ready for summer.

    I sure am feeling a whole lot better and other than the stretching and pulling that I am feeling in the belly at night everything else is great.

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  • Hi!  I'm a newbie!  Just got my BFP on Friday and had my beta done yesterday!!  Everything looks great so far!
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