Trying to Get Pregnant


I can't stop Googling!! ?I have a a feeling that we conceived on 1/18. ?I believe I ovulated on 1/19 but because I am fresh off the pill as of 1/3 I'm not 100% sure about this cycle. ?I charted and could feel that I was ovulating. ?Then I felt little twinges/pulling on 1/24 that I was hoping might be implantation cramping. ?I'm nauseous, my boobs are sensitive, my sense of smell is CRAZY sensitive, and now 1/26 I'm having more of a dull ache cramp. ?I have a history of ovarian cysts, so now I'm worried that I might not be waiting for a BFP but brewing another cyst :( ?I'm not supposed to start til 2/2 so I can't test yet. ?I can't stop searching the net trying to figure out what's going on!!! ?Any ideas?? ?Or possibly any 12 step programs to get me off the net!!!!?

Re: must..stop..GOOGLING!!

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