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going to be a sahm next week!!

I've just finished my phd, and we're moving next week....and I will be a sahm for the first time since my maternity leave with dd! I'm both excited and scared.... excited for the time with dd.. but nervous about how I'll handle it alone at home with TWO girls in april. I'm looking for ideas about how to get out of the house (cheaply) and have some adult conversations once in awhile? we'll be in boston... so there should be some stuff around, but im not even sure where to begin looking...

Re: going to be a sahm next week!!

  • if you are in downtown boston I would say get a year memebership for the science center They always have cool stuff to do there. Also in boston they have lots of parks. If you are outside of boston then they is still plenty to do. I am sure there are good networks. Ofcourse go to the libraries for story time. I used to live in Boston and 30 miles away from Boston and I loved it growing up as a child. I was in Boston for college so that was a different kind of fun.
  • Check out or to see about local moms groups in your area. Our moms groups in FL have things going on all the time (parks, playdates in people's homes, trips to museums, etc). Sometimes they also have moms night out. It would be a great way for you to meet moms in your area and give your children a chance to socialize with other kids :) Good luck with the move and CONGRATS on becoming a SAHM!
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  • I am in Boston, as well!  A membership at the Children's Museum is worth its weight in gold (especially in winter). There is a fabulous play space (that includes a "crawlers only" area for the little ones). We go at least once a week.  If you belong to the library you can also get discounted passes to the Aquarium, etc. The MFA is free on Wednesdays (I think that is the day)

    I would also look into the moms club ( - I am on the board of the Brookline Moms Club. Membership is only $30 a year and there are activities almost every day, playgroups, MOMS night out, etc.

    If you go to you can sign up for a free weekly emailed newsletters of all the family friendly events happening in the area.

     In the summer there is PLENTY to do - so many playgrounds, the frog pond at the common, etc etc. Winter is a lot tougher - I am ready for Spring!


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  • Hi, welcome to this board and congrats on all the new excitement in your life!!!

    I've never been to Boston but I bet they have a lot of great opportunities for families: maybe local libraries for Story Times, Children's Museums, Gymboree Class, Music Together Class, pottery painting places!?!?!?

    Definitely Google mom's groups!

    Good luck!

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  • Congratulations!! Like the other posters said, I would find a local moms group to join. They will have tons of activites to participate in with your kids and you will get to meet some moms and have some adult conversations as well! You will also get good tips on what to see and do from them.

    We vacationed in Boston last year and loved it! Lots of parks and wonderful museums, I'm jealous! :)

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