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I can't stop! Any substitutes??

I have been obsessed with fudgy brownies recently. DH and I bought a bakery pack of 6 at the store the other day, because I figured that would keep me happy and satisfy the craving and I wouldn't need more chocolate after that.

But I cannot stop craving brownies. Honestly, I thought it was the tall glass of icy skim milk that I wanted. I tried to drink some by itself, because I figured if it's really the milk that I want, the brownie craving would go away with a tall glass of milk.

Nope. Still want brownies. DH is on his way to the store to get brownie mix. I figure that since I didn't feel like going to the gym today, I might as well mix the brownies by hand and show some restraint while they bake.

Has anyone found ANYTHING other than junk food that will satisfy these junk food cravings? I'm going to be 200 lbs by the time this baby is born if I don't stop (it's really just been in the last week or so- before that all I wanted was bananas and milk and honey nut cheerios).

Re: I can't stop! Any substitutes??

  • So weird-I have a sweets aversion but was craving brownies tonight and am baking a pan as we speak.  Anyways....you might be craving the chocolate, so try chocolate milk?  Fruit is supposed to curb sugar cravings.
  • honestly, i think it all depends on what you like... but there is a lower cal fat free brownie mix on the market.  it is called "no pudge" and i believe they have a few different flavors.  all you need is the box of mix and some vanilla or plain yogurt.  they're pretty delicious!
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  • We have some "Pudge" brownie mix or something like that at our store. I made athem a few times. They are very good.

    A tried and true WW trick..... You can make a chocolate cake with a can of diet coke (you could use regular if you don't want the sweetener) and egg whites. It is really good. I make them into cupcakes and "frost" them with cool whip. I freeze any leftovers (not that would be any now that I am PG) and we just pull them out and thaw in microwave for a few seconds and slop on a tablespoon or so of coolwhip. My teen boys love them - even after I told them that they were "diet" food.

    I used selter water one time for vanilla because I didn't want the sweetner, the sugar or the other flavors.

  • One fail-proof way I have to stave off cravings is to imagine trying to deliver an 11-pound baby vaginally. ?It makes carrots and apples look pretty appealing.
  • You can find recipes for low fat or low sugar brownies online, or one quick way is to replace the eggs with applesauce.
  • I say indulge. ?Baby wants brownies, give baby brownies. ?I don't know if you can crave calories but that's what I sometimes feel like I'm craving.?

    I find that if I keep my belly full with frequent small meals and snacks then I get fewer cravings and when I get them they quickly pass. ?I go through tons of edamame, yogurt, and cheese. ?Although I have had a half dozen Jeno's pizzas in the last week. ?They can't offer much for nutrition but man I love the combo of chewy cheese and crunchy crust.

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  • If it's a chocolate craving maybe you could try deep dark chocolate with very little sugar and milk in it.

    Very rich chocolate and skim milk helped me with my chocolate cravings while losing weight.

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  • Chocolate milk and grapes have been my go to treats when I can't get enough sweets. It really works great and I don't feel bad about having them.
  • Also i just found this out but you take a cake mix and mix it with ONLY a 15 oz pumpkin pie filling. then bake it like cupcakes.  It is from Weight Watchers I guess but i brought them to work and EVERYONE thought they were wonderful. Not brownies but close... hope it helps
  • Wow!! Tons of suggestions! Thank you all so much!! I have noticed that my body seems to be happy with the right number of calories- I had a brownie for breakfast yesterday with a glass of milk (I know, I know) and wasn't even the tiniest bit hungry until after lunch time.

    Ugh. I did so well with the first trimester. Carrots, bananas, apples, grape tomatoes, grapes, and icy water were all on my "I want" list. Fortunately icy water is still on the list.. but that's about it!
  • I'm sorry, and I know this isn't helping, but mine are in the oven right now. =)
  • image Jennywren82:
    I'm sorry, and I know this isn't helping, but mine are in the oven right now. =)

    Haha- don't worry! I've given up for tonight- I'm going to make the brownies but with a promise to myself that I double up on the fruits and veggies tomorrow. Good food only tomorrow!

  • I figure it's ok, too, because for some reason the baby doesn't want me to like my favorite: Mexican food (at least from my former favorite restaurant). We've been there 3 times since BFP and I haven't enjoyed one meal there. I'm a little bitter about that..?
  • I always make my brownies with banana instead of egg, and applesauce instead of oil. Much much healthier, and other than a very slight banana taste (which is fine with chocolate!) they're exactly the same, only less greasy.?

    Honestly, unless you're eating multiple brownies every day, I'd just go with it, since it'll probably go away on it's own soon. Maybe cut them smaller when you make them so you can have more of them without feeling terrible about it. ?

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  • If you want some veggies with your brownies, you should try "Deceptively Delicious." It has a brownie recipe with pureed carrots and spinach in it. I haven't tried them, but my neighbor did and said they were excellent. I'm in the same boat as you are, though. Sweets are the only thing that sounds good. Sweets and jalapeno potato chips. GL!
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