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so this is what it use to be like...

Tonight was my first night out with out DS or DH in almost a year. That is hard to believe seeing DS is only 4 months as of the 30th. I didn't think it would ever happen. DH doesn't understand because he goes out at least one night a week.  DH and I are both home right now and getting away was needed because He is on my last nerve. DS is sleeping and and unwind and relax this seem so strange!!!

Re: so this is what it use to be like...

  • Good for you for getting out.  It is very important to get away every once in a while.  If your husband is allowed to go out then you deserve the same.  It is very healthy to step away from our sahm lives.  It refreshes our minds and souls.
  • I went out last weekend for the first time for a girl's night in 19 months... just being with people other than my H and kids (I feel a bit guilty saying this) was a HUGE weight off my shoulders for once. Being a SAHM I didn't think I would need time away, but I find I need it more yet I have been less willing to take it for some reason. I came home the next day and told my H that I am going to make a point now even just once a month to get out with just my friends.
  • my husband came home when i was watching the baby story and he realized that it is important for the mom to get out as well. He made it apoint to make sure I at least got out of the house to go to the gym. (that was on the baby story) I am only 14 weeks along so we will see what happens when the baby comes.

  • I think as moms its sometimes hard to make and take time for yourself. There always seems to be something else that you could be doing but you need to make yourself a priority. I am totally guilty of not doing that!

    Last night though I decided to leave DH home with the kids to do dinner and bathtime and I went to Barnes and Noble....for 4 hours! I loved it! I got a smoothie and sat and read uninteruped. When I came home, I told DH that I needed to do that more often!

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