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I am in a fairly new relationship with a man who has a 2 year old son. We spend a lot of time together, I love to cook and don't know what in the world to make for his son. He just doesn't like to eat, he is healthy according to the doctor. What are moms feeding their children at this age? We live a very healthy lifestyle and don't want to feed him junk. Help!!!

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  • Two is a tough age.  They are really picky.  Today it could be nothing Green tomorrow only Green.


    My son likes Pasta with RED sauce or RED pizza.  He like White Dip dip (yogurt or sour cream).  So just try things dont get offended if he does not eat it.  Just make sure two of the three meals are things he likes...  Like Grilled cheese or Cream Cheese and Jelly... 

  • ask dad what he feeds him.  I feed my kids whatever we're having.... haven't altered our meals much except make things that don't take a lot of active time at the stove as I cannot stand at the stove for 30-60m straight. I've turned to slow cookers and casseroles a lot. ; )    I do make sure there's one item that I know they will eat on their plates. for dd, that's salad or fruit. for ds that's pretty much any meat and fruit.

    many two y/os prefer plainer foods.  but it depends on the child b/c my dd loves mexican, greek and indian foods.  ?  

  • Offer whatever you guys are eating. If  he turns it down have some go to food on hand. My DD's favorite are: grilled cheese, turkey kelbasa(weird huh?), pasta w/marinara sauce, eggs with cheese, toast with cream cheese, you see a cheese trend here? She is in love with pretty much anything with cheese!
  • I got lucky!  My DD eats EVERYTHING, from green beans to doritoes.  She loves veggies and salad as well as the typical junk food of course.
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