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Door prize games...

Anyone have suggestions for a game that's for a door prize?  We don't really want to do the whole look under your plate thing or anything like that, we'd like to find something a little different.  Thanks.

Re: Door prize games...

  • At my shower there was a big plastic baby bottle filled with peanut m&m's and people had to write down their name and guess of how many were in the bottle. Later one of the hosts read out the names and guesses and the one who was close without going over won the prize.
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  • At my DD's shower they had a game called "Pass the Bloomers".  There was a box wrapped in layers and layers of tissue paper (each layer a different color used over and over about 15 times).  There was music and they passed the wrapped box.  When it stopped the person holding it took off one layer.  Then the music started again (sort of like hot potato).  They were told BEFORE the game started that whoever took off the last piece of tissue had to wear the pair of bloomers for the rest of the shower.  Well when the last layer was taken off the guest opened the box and there was a corsage made of two flowers (bloomers).  She got to wear the corsage the rest of the time.  That was the door prize.

    The guests had so much fun with it.  The corsage was wrapped carefully so it wouldn't get ruined because we knew they'd be throwing it around since no one wanted to end up with it.

  • ~The timer game: Set a timer between 7-10 minutes while the gifts are being opened. When the timer goes off, who ever gave the gift that is being unwrapped by the guest of honor wins.

    ~Best wrapped gift

    ~I think the scale game is hilarious. You bust out a regular bathroom scale and have all the ladies weigh their purses. Who ever has the heaviest purse wins.

    ~This also helps the mom-to-be by pre-addressing the envelopes...
    Have all the guest fill out their addresses on the thank you card envelopes for the guest of honor. At the end of the party draw one of the envelopes out of a bowl and they win a prize.

  • An easy way to give a door prize is the first person who RSVP to the shower gets one.
  • image rcp126:
    An easy way to give a door prize is the first person who RSVP to the shower gets one.

    Ohhh...good one!

  • You do famous kids. Like who are connor and isabelle's parents. Make it multiple choice. Who is Rumor's parents.. Its fun..
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