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911 and EMT visit ?

Does anybody know if you are billed for a 911 call and EMT visit?  I know you are billed for ambulance transport, but if parents are just overly cautious and there is no transport are you also billed?


The back story to my question is that we called 911 on Saturday and had a visit from our local fire dept.  DD woke from a nap and started hyper-ventilating and could not catch her breath.  Luckily, by the time they arrived she was breathing normally and seemed to be thrilled to have so many guests at our house.  She was getting over a bad cold and fever and they suspect that maybe she choked on some phglem.

Re: 911 and EMT visit ?

  • you'd think that since I used to be an EMT I'd know the answer to this but sadly I cant remember!! I do, however remember that a nifty little flight in the helicopter (aka Airlift Northwest) will cost you a nice sum of at least 10,000!!

    ...I regress
    Im not sure if there is any difference from a private ambulance company or a city medic/emt...did you get t chance to look at the ambulance? Did it say "AMR" "Rural Metro" "Trimed" or did it say "City of _______" Im gonna say that if it said "City of _____" you're covered. Im still 99% sure that with a private ambulance, you will be billed. I say that becuase often times we'd have patients get a lot of treatment from us but in the end, would refuse to be transported. Even though they never went anywhere, we were still required to fill out a bunch of paperwork, Im not sure if that was just for records, or for billing.....
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  • I believe it is dependent on where you live. I call 911 once (2004) because Logan got his leg wedged in his crib and was not charged. We lived in Seattle and it was the city EMS. Things could have changed. I know up here in Edmonds they are talking about charging for 911 calls because they don't have the $$ in the budget for sad.?

    Logan was probably a little under 1 when it happened and boy there was like a storm of EMTs in my house. Very exciting for a 1 y/o. I felt like a dumbarse.?

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  • You do not get billed for a 911 call, you already pay for it through your taxes. Billing people would actually scare people from using the public service. I'm a former 911 dispatcher. 

    EMT service? I have no idea, you could just call down to your local fire department and ask.

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  • I have had to call and have them come out for a similar reason several years ago.  I lived in Maple Valley at the time and was not charged.
  • From what I've heard if you request for "Medic 1" when you call 911 it should be a free service.  This is what nursing homes use when their patients need to go to the hospital  and I believe it's typically the ones from the firehouse.  If you don't specifically request for Medic One you will most likely get a private ambulance and it will cost a pretty penny. 
  • Brett likes to hold his breath and pass out when he is crying in hysterics... when he comes back to consciousness he will twitch (it was super scary the first few times) the first time I called 911, they came, they poked at him and left... no bill... (one of the fireman knew what it was so we were instructed to DRIVE him to Childrens afterward)
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