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So I took Yaz for 6 months and took my last pill January 3rd. ?I had a a tiny bit of bleeding for a few days the following week that seemed like a period, but since I didn't have a period the entire time I was on Yaz, I really couldn't tell for sure. ?DH and I weren't planning on trying until March, but as it turns out, the mood hit last night and I'm pretty sure I was ovulating! ?How do I tell since I'm not even sure when my last period was? ?Ideas anyone?

Re: Confusion!!!

  • You may want to look into charting your waking temperatures and other fertility signs. ?It won't tell you when you're about to ovulate, but it will confirm ovulation after the fact. ?Basically, you set your alarm for an early time that you are most likely to have gotten three hours of uninterrupted sleep. ?You move as little as possible, reach for your thermometer, and take the temp. ?You also chart things like what type of cervical mucus you have that day. ?If you are interested, is the place to go. ?Sign up and take the tutorials. ?If you need an invite to join, PM me your email address.

    The thing is that, since you are recently off of birth control, it might take your body a while to remember how to cycle. ?Your cycles may be whacky for several months, and you might not even ovulate at all in that time.

    The book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" is also helpful and available at most bookstores. ?(Amazon link in my sig.)

    Good luck!?

  • Thank you so much for all the helpful information! :-)
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