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*~*August Beach Babies Monday check-in*~*

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Hello Ladies! This is a check-in for Nesties with a due date in the month of August. If you would like to be added, please post your name and EDD. Also, if you want anything changed, please post your EDD along with your new info so it's easier to find your name on the list. Check-ins will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 7am. Give us a general update on your progress and anything else you want to add!! We will have a question of the day as well. 
Please tell me if you are NOT planning on finding out the sex/gender so I can go ahead and get "surprise" beside your name!!! Thanks :) 
2nd Tri switch: I will keep posting the check-in on 1st tri until half the members are in the 2nd tri then I will post on that board. I will include a link on 2nd tri for the first group that moves over and later on, a link on 1st tri for the last half who are left. 
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Monday QOTD: Are you or anyone you know going to the big party in DC tmw? Overall thoughts on it all??
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-Any other news or progress?
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Jacob Alexander 7/23/09
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Re: *~*August Beach Babies Monday check-in*~*

  • i am extremely late for work this morning. i have been crapping my brains out for 3 days and i feel like death...im afraid im going to get dehydrated...its too cold outside and i dont wanna go to work...wahhh..lol.

    Jacob Alexander 7/23/09
    Allergic to Dairy, Eggs and Peanuts Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
    Jameson Adam 6/1/11
    Allergic to Peas...so far Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • QOTD: No, I live north of the border.  Not as big a deal for me, and the thought of being surrounded by so many people doesn't appeal.  It would be very exciting and inspiring, though.  I'll just have to settle for TV.

    Going to the doc's today for physical/labs, fingers crossed we can hear the heartbeat! 

  • Monday QOTD: Are you or anyone you know going to the big party in DC tmw? Overall thoughts on it all??

    I am from the DC Metro area so I have a lot of friends/family attending various events tomorrow and this week. My MIL also flew up from Atlanta and is attending two balls. She is so excited! It's a really exciting time.

  • Oh God what a horrible weelend it was sickness wise. I just felt like crap 24x7 Sad. This morning was worst so far. I couldn't even get DS#2 up to feed him, DH had to do it, and I love breakfast time with the kids. Especially Eimhin because we can snuggle while he's taking his bottle. I just couldn't face it.


    Monday QOTD: Are you or anyone you know going to the big party in DC tmw? Overall thoughts on it all?? I'm Irish so I'm not bothered.  I hope you all have fun though! Wink

    image image

    L-R: Liam (7), Eimhin (6) and Fionn (4)!  (Irish names)
    Too busy to update the pics for now ... :)

  • I'll watch on tv and work will have a tv on all day in the office. ?I'm excited to live through this amazing day - I'm really proud of the US.
  • Today is my "big" appt. I've had a confirmation ultrasound 2 weeks ago, but it was just that.  I'm a little nervous, I don't know why.

    We are keeping the sex of the baby a suprise.




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  • Good morning girls!

    No, I won't be attending the inauguration or even watching it on TV.  While it is a monumental day, I did not vote for Obama (gasp!) and generally don't support his policy ideas.


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  • No, not attending, but will be watching - I'm a teacher, so I get that added benefit!  I don't remember other inaugurations, so I'm sure this is a big deal!

     (PS - I don't know if you are aware, but the August ticker made by Asherwest is not working, we see http coding.)

    (PPS - my dute was changed during my last ultrasound - please add me to the Aug. 12 list and remove me from Aug. 6!)

  • I live in DC, so every time I step foot out of my apartment, I feel the excitement! its wonderful! Now if this darn nausea would just go away!
  • I briefly considered going but then I remembered how much I hate crowds!  I'll settle for watching on TV.  This is the first inauguration that I have ever paid attention to...this particular election just got me interested and involved in politics and I am excited to watch the first 4 years begin.
  • NT scan today.  So nervous/excited! 

    As far as tomorrow, I'm a teacher so it's a no go as far as going to the actual festivities.  However, my school is planning lots of events.

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  • Hi Ladies!!!!

    Not much new with me. Last few days at home before a business trip and I discovered that none of my pants fit me, except for 2 that I bought recently in the next size up. I'm not ready for maternity but I need to get something else that's "professional". Guess I'm going shopping during lunch.

    As for the inaguration... I know of one person who has a ticket and another who is just going to DC to "be there." I may listen/watch on the internet tomorrow from work, but I really don't care if I miss it.


    Bronx Zoo: Summer 2013


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  • Please add me to the August list.  My EDD is Aug 30 and it's going to be a surprise.
  • As of now, we're not finding out the sex ahead of time. I had my first appt last week, and even though I didn't get an ultrasound and it was too early to hear a heartbeat, I have such a greater peace of mind that everything is going as it should. 

    QOTD -- I live a few miles from DC, and I am totally avoiding all the inaugaration madness.  It's going to be cold, crowded, and chaotic, and I'd rather watch from home than fight with millions of people who are probably taller than me to see a teeny-tiny figure hundreds of yards away.


    Go Steelers!!!

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  • I'm a Canada girl, so I don't know anyone's who's going. I am looking forward to hearing his speech though, I love a good public speaker! And the poem, I'm curious to hear that!
  • No one I know is going, although I think it would be cool to see, minus the millions of people! I get a little nervous with that many people LOL.


    Well, we have officially decided we won't be finding out the sex, so....please put a big SURPRISE next to my name! Thanks!

  • Hi everyone... hope lots of are enjoying a nice long weekend...  

    Monday QOTD: Are you or anyone you know going to the big party in DC tmw? Overall thoughts on it all??

    I live near DC, but still haven't made up my mind about going downtown tomorrow. It's certainly been really exciting all weekend, but the crowds tomorrow are going to be just insane - it makes me kind of nervous. I don't know if I need to be on my feet all day in sub-freezing temperatures, and yet part of me does feel like I should try to experience it, since I'm so close. We'll see.

  • Hey Ladies,

    I am very excited about the events. I was not able to go but my BFF is there with her family, and one of my moms friends went out to be apart. Its a great day in history, and such a very exciting time. I am very proud of the strides this country is making.

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  • Happy Monday everyone!  One of the joys of working for the schools....I have today off!  I know I am going to savor these days once next school year hits and we will be able to stay home with our little one instead of using baby sitters! 

    Anyway, no, we won't be going to DC for everything.  DH and I both have to work, and I don't know if we would go anyway.  I hate big crowds and I wouldn't enjoy being down there for something like that I don't think.  However, our school is showing the inauguration in the auditorium for any teachers who want to bring their students down to watch.  So I am sure DH will stop in to see; he loves all that political stuff. 

  • First ultrasound is Wednesday!  My nausea seems to have gone away ::crosses fingers:: but I've been fighting the worst cold ever the last few days.  Dr. said all I can take is sudafed or childrens dimetapp.  I haven't taken anything yet and feel like I've been run over by a truck.

    Monday QOTD:  I don't know anyone going to the innauguration.  I have family members who work in DC and don't know how they'll get to work due to road closures and people.  I'll enjoy watching it on tv in my warm living room.


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  • checking in! today is our first ultrasound followed by our first appointment with the midwife!!! I'm excited and SCARED even though everything seems ok, I just want them to find the heartbeat and assure me the baby is okay.

    QOTD: watching from tv... my cousin is supposed to be in one of the highschool bands playing in the parade. Going to try and spot her if I can. :)


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  • Hi Girls! I am no longer due in August :(  I got moved back a week so my new due date is Sept 4th.
  • Yesterday I was in a very good friend's wedding.  It was a great weekend full of festivities and good food but now I'm so exhausted! 

    I am soo excited about tomorrow. I don't know anyone who is going but I'll be watching on tv!   Well, I'll be dvr-ing anyway!

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  • Monday QOTD: Are you or anyone you know going to the big party in DC tmw? Overall thoughts on it all?? ?I have a few good friends who worked on the campaign and are going to the inauguration as well as some of the many celebratory balls going on this week! ?My work will have it on the big screen in both our conference rooms all day, which is pretty cool, so I'll definitely be watching. ?I'm very excited and hopeful!

    We were supposed to have an appointment today, we were going to try to hear the heartbeat, but I just got a phonecall from the doctor's office and she has to reschedule because her daughter is home sick today. ?I can't be mad at her for staying home with her sick kid, but I am really disappointed! ?I've been rescheduled for Wednesday in the middle of the day, totally inconvenient for both me and DH. ?I don't want to wait two more days! ?I was so excited when I woke up this morning! ?Wah!!

  • Morning!!

    Monday QOTD: Are you or anyone you know going to the big party in DC tmw? Overall thoughts on it all??

    Umm, no. I honestly could care less...

  • No, I will not be going or watching. I will support him because he is our president but I do not agree with his ideas or policies.
  • Good morning ladies!!!! Congrats to all! The only update I have is that my first U/S is 2/3 at 11 weeks! Wish me luck!!!!!! I'm so anxious to see our little blessing. Have a blessed Monday : -)
  • Please add me to the August list. My EDD is Aug. 20th. Thanks.
  • We heard our baby's heartbeat today on the doppler (10w6d).  It was between 160-170 beats per minute.  Our midwife said her theory is that babies who are easy to find, like ours was, are girls.  We shall see in another 7 weeks! 

    Monday QOTD: Are you or anyone you know going to the big party in DC tmw? Overall thoughts on it all??

    I think a girl I work with is in DC for the inauguration.  I look forward to the promise of change, though I don't have any false hopes.  I'm not very into politics, so I really don't think about it that much.

    Mungee and Me
    How is it that my BABY is going to be 3?

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