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Thumb sucking until raw?

DS is almost 6 months old.  He is a thumb sucking enthusiast, and only enjoys sucking his right thumb.  I noticed today that the skin on his right thumb is chapped and raw from all of the sucking.  It must be painful, but he is still sucking away!  He doesn't really care for pacifiers or his left thumb. 

 Any suggestions?  I read online that I can put lanisoh (spelling?) on it (I have some pure lanisoh nipple cream...).   Anyone else's DC do this?


Re: Thumb sucking until raw?

  • My DD's only form of soothing is sucking her left thumb and only her left thumb. She has the same chapping going on and has for some time.  Some days it seems worse, and some days not.  I usually just slather on her Aveeno Baby lotion frequently, but I have also tried the Lansinoh.  Keeping a protective layer on has helped it not get too bad.
  • Aquaphor really helps. ?I try to put it on when she is busy with a toy (and is not as likely to suck), so it has time to soak in.?

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