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kzeksbg: Bride2bMO First of all, your DS is SO CUTE! What Beautiful Eyes!! My DD has been in Pampers for almost 11 months and (knock on wood) has never had diaper rash, blow out, leak, or any of the annoyances people seem to talk about with sposies. But, you are probably the first person to make me THINK about trying CDs. I think it was the lazy comment. How has washing been? What type do you use?

Thank you! Big Smile Sorry, I got busy earlier.

So, washing has been going well. I'm still working on building my full stash because I was easing into it, and I figured I'd fill in with disposables until I was certain.

But I liked it so much from the first day that I was doing laundry almost daily to keep up while I wait for more diapers in the mail. I'm now good for about 2.5 days, but I'm expecting more in the mail so it will be even easier.

DS is at the very grossest poop stage (in between breastfed poop and solid poop), so this is the worst it will ever be. I shake off what I can and just throw the diaper into the pail (with a washable liner that gets washed with the diapers). And everything really does come clean. I do a cold wash with detergent, and a hot wash with detergent and an extra rinse (which is an automatic setting, so I don't have to do anything extra for it).

I do have a couple of very faint stains. I just need to lay them in the sun sometime, which removes the stains easily, from what I'm told. And there are flushable liners, which would protect them and make it less icky.

But I'm really squeamish and it honestly hasn't been bad. And his little butt looks so cute with a little fluff, I'm always patting his bottom now. And it's perfect timing since he's on the verge of walking and falling down on his butt a lot. He's got some cushion now!

Anyway, I'm not too experienced yet, but I'm really loving it so far! For the long-term sposie users like ourselves, something like bumGenius is nice. I'm waiting on a brand called "sposoeasy" that I have very high hopes for, too. It's an all-in-one that is supposed to be very easy to clean and use.

Re: *kzeksbg*

  • Excellent info :) And I agree sunning works WONDERS for stains! I just wish we had a little more of it around here this time of year.
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  • Thank you so much for the info! I really can't believe that I am actually seriously contemplating this. I guess I figured that I might one day.
    Ok, I am sold. I think I will start out with using them at home and then see if I move up to traveling with them.

    Thank you to both of you!!
    Bride2bMO, keep me posted as you get more experienced!

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