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POLL: What were your cravings while pg?

I made brownies last night and almost finished the pan (after I set aside what I needed for other people). For some reason I had to eat the brownies with something sour, so I went for pickle juice on brownies. Gross. Didn't do the trick. I then saw some beef bullion and started eating the powder, not much but for some reason it was soothing my craving for something salty (totally gross I know, DH was like WTF are you eating). Then after that I wanted something I made a PB and J which I have really been living off of the past days. Weird, I know. But everything else has made me feel nauseous. I never had weird cravings like this, or weird taste in foods with DD or DS. So this is very new to me. This was more of a confession than anything.....buhh

And this seems early to have "cravings" eh ohhh well....

Re: POLL: What were your cravings while pg?

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