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Baby Cost each month

Anyone else amazed at how much you spend on dc each month?  Between diapers, formula, wipes, & now baby food I think we spend $150 a month, and that is not including the clothes.  DS is growing so fast I have to keep buying clothes, I have given up on footy pj's and and now just buying pants so we can use them more than a month or two.  Don't get me wrong, dc is worth EVERY Penny, but it is still shocking.

Re: Baby Cost each month

  • we budget for $500 a month and this is the first month i haven't gone over. no daycare for us either... i have no idea where it all goes.
  • We have been super lucky.

    We always bought generic formula ($19.34 a can and that lasted us about 2-2 1/2 weeks), we cloth diaper, use cloth wipes, and I only spent $40 on baby food from 4 months until now. We are just using up our last few jars.

    So, I really only spend money on clothes. Smile

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  • I bf & use cloth diapers, so other than the initial cloth diaper investment and buying maybe 30 jars of baby food (I make that too!) our expenses don't seem that different. 

    I do buy her clothes- but I don't really have too- we got and still get so many gifts and hand-me-downs- I had to buy a few bigger sleepers and I have bought some stuff I can't resist, but I haven't needed to buy much. 


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  • So far we've been very lucky.  I bf and use cloth diapers, and make my own baby food, and buy most clothing at the local consignment store so the monthly costs aren't noticeable- maybe $25 a month.  I also am a sahm, so no daycare costs.  But adding all these potential costs together was what made us realize we wouldn't be any better off if I went back to work.
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  • Well, we BF and use cloth diapers and cloth wipes. We don't do any babyfood. Ethan just eats what we eat.

    We do have daycare. That is probably the only expense other than clothes, but I really  haven't bought any of those in ages because we got a HUGE amount of hand-me-downs from my nephew who is 2.

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  • we bf and cd too, and i make all her babyfood. seriously, i need to figure out what i'm spending on. i guess it's toys and clothes?
  • I buy a lot online and also go thru Ebates and get a check each quarter back. But yes, it's amazing how much money it actually is for the fact that this quarter I will be getting a 108.00 check back from them!
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