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Drop ins users, nipple question

At what age did you move up to medium flow nipples? DS will be four months next week, and is still using slow flow. We have tried a few times to move to the medium but they are still too fast for him, but he takes forever to eat with the slow flow ones because he's eating 8 oz. I thought by 3 months he'd be on the mediums!

Did your DC transition easily to mediums or did it take some getting used to? I don't know if I should back off and leave it be or try to get him used to the faster flow?


Re: Drop ins users, nipple question

  • We went to the fast flow immediately, so I am no help, but if you use the silicone ones they have a medium flow now. You might be able to find it on
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  • Okay, I am an idiot not reading posts well today. Sorry. I would stick with it. He will get used to it. Rock him a little as he is drinking and see if that calms him.
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  • We moved to medium flow at 3 months.
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  • image Cytina:
    We moved to medium flow at 3 months.

    Ok and did he struggle with it at first or was it easy for him as soon as you made the switch?

  • we changed to the medium at 3 months.  no problems with the transition.  i think its b/c sometimes i BF and have a fast let down.  she has a really hard suck, and she was taking too long with the slow flow.
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  • My DS was in the NICU as a preemie (32 weeker) and the physical therapist started him on medium flow.  She said the slow flow would be too much work for him.  Based on my experience, I'm guessing you can switch now but he may need to learn to adjust his sucking to a faster flow.
  • I could have written this post a couple of months ago :)   I tried a couple of times to use mediums, and they were just too fast, but the slow ones take forever! Anyways, in the last week, I've been giving him his last bottle of the night with a medium nipple (because he tends to fall asleep on that bottle and I need him to finish it) and he's doing MUCH better with the nipple. Still dribbles out a little, but he's not coughing or choking or anything. Sounds like you should just wait a bit and try again.
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  • We moved to a Variable nipple a few months ago (she was 6 months?). So far so good. The only thing is, she will not drink straight breastmilk or formula with the variable nipple unless there is rice cereal in it. If we don't have rice cereal in it, then we need to use the slower nipple which I believe is Natural Action? This is with Playtex drop-ins
  • We used slow flow until around 3 months.  We then changed to variable flow which apparently adjusts depending on how hard DC is sucking.  It took a few feedings to get him used to it. 
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