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NBR: Why did I marry DH???????

Anyone ever ask themselves why did I marry my DH?  Lately I have been asking myself this question , I don't know why?   DH is a great father to our son and he is good to me, we rarely argue , and when we do , we do not yell at each other , we end up sitting down and discussing the issue and how we feel , he doesn't complain , and he watches the baby if I decide to go out with the girls for the night.    Only thing that is not great is he is so anti family events  and anti religion, he considers my mom and Dad and sister and brother his family , but he will not consider my extended family.  He respects the fact that i want to raise the baby catholic , but doesn't want anything to do with it.     I knew this when I married him and made peace with it , but now that we have a baby , it's getting harder to accept this part of him.  I'm afraid that i will let this all get the best of me and ruin my marriage.   I love DH and I don't want to lose him , but at the moment it feels as though i have to choose one over the other .  ugh . Sad

Re: NBR: Why did I marry DH???????

  • I understand where you are coming from.. same kind of relationship with my dh but he's still so anti family gatherings and anti religious as well... sometimes it just gets to me too... :)
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  • Oh Mary, I could have written this post.... I have no advice other that offering you <hugs>.

    Could you still be recovering from delivering and hence a little hormonal? Maybe it will sort itself out?


  • I'm so sorry you're in such a tough situation. Have you tried talking to him about this since your DS was born? Maybe he'll become more open to these things now that a child is involved. I don't really have any advice, but I wish you luck with this.
  • I know I'm still knocked up and therefore dont belong on this board BUT I couldnt help but read your post. If you're able to put hormones aside for a moment ((which I'm sure is hard to do after all)). I have this really cool bible study that I did early last year before DH and I got married. It was for women who were married or wanted to be married and if religion is important to you ((like it is us)) than it may help a lil. It helped me a lot when we first moved in together and I may do it again now that we're married so I can get refreshed. It helped put things in perspective and made life easier to deal with.

    Let me know if you want a copy of it and I can email it to you. GL

  • I don't know what your DH believes, but these are my views. ?DH is on the same page as me and believes the same thing, but SOME of my family (basically just my sister) judges me and views me as "anit-religion." ?Which is not the case. ?Just remember to have an open mind because obviously your DH does, he is letting you raise your child as a Catholic. ?That is huge.

    This is part of an e-mail I sent my sister after she said I view her as a stupid because she goes to church. ?Which I have NO IDEA where she got this crap b/c I don't judge anyone for their beliefs. ?My sister likes to make things up.?

    "When it all boils down... a lot of religions (no not all.) do have the same purpose, to love one another and to realize there is more to this world.? That there is a purpose for your life and things that happen around you.

    I believe organized religion is for some people, I'm just not one of them.? I don't believe everything is black and white and I cannot change my thought process even if I tried, and I know God knows that.? And he knows that some people... religion is their answer and that's the way their mind works.? I don't think you're wrong being a Christain, I think you were always suppose to be one... it was in your life plan.? It wasn't in the cards for me."
  • I totally understand , where you are coming from , and this has helped me to understand my situation a little bit better .   Thanks for sharing . 
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