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Just got my arm twisted...

...into listing my pregnancy in the department newsletter.

The office manager cornered me and asked if she could announce it. I said "no" multiple times, but she wouldn't let up until I ceded. My pregnancy isn't a secret at work, but I don't want it listed in the newsletter. The newsletter is mainly workplace news, although there is a small section for personal news (basically marriages and births). It just seems too AW-ish to me. I'm embarrassed, but I'm also a little annoyed that she kept pushing when I obviously didn't want to do it. Clearly I need to get a spine.

...grrr... now there's going to be even more people asking me "How are you feeling?" and commenting on whether my bump is more/less noticeable than yesterday or too big/small for how far along I am. And they're all going to think that I ASKED for the announcement.

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Re: Just got my arm twisted...

  • A lady that I work with did that to me when I got married...not only did it go out to my office, but the whole of the country!!!  Our sales office works with other offices around the country and I was the first (ever) personal piece of news!!!
  • Haha! Yep, my wedding was the first personal news piece too! Since I changed my name, I thought it was legitimate but still awkward.

    Your story makes me feel better though. The dept newsletter is sent to many people outside the dept - but at least not all over the country!

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  • Wow, you poor thing!  I have a lady at my part time job who told me that I should send an email announcing my pregnancy!  I find that kind of odd and self-centered.
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