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Who decides when you get a U/S

Hey ladies..

I just had my first doc appointment last friday. My doctor did a pee test to give me the same news I already knew..lol..and then I gave blood. He then told me I wouldn't get my first u/s till 20 weeks...which seems far away...

 I am guessing i should get an OB instead of using him - as he is only my family doctor.?? What do you ladies think?

Re: Who decides when you get a U/S

  • My OB/GYN will not do an u/s until around 16 wks.

    If you are unhappy with your care so far though, then you should switch.

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  • Every practice is different. I had one at 6w. Having another one at 8w. And then I'll probably have the NT scan at 12w.
  • I think more often than not, the insurance companies tell the drs when a u/s will be covered.  I'm not high risk so they prob won't give me one for a while.  A friend had one @ 4wks because she was high risk, therefore insurance would cover it.  It all depends!
  • You don't necessarily have to switch to an OB...does your family practice dr do pregnancy and deliveries?

    I live in a smaller town so when I went in when I was pg with DD I had to get a family practice dr.  Before she was born they hired two OBs but I didn't switch.  I am going to stay with my family practice dr for this pg too.  I am comfortable with her and she did a great job last time. 

  • Every ob/gyn seems to be different.  I will get 2 ultrasounds because I'm over 35 by Dr said and my first will be at 12 weeks.

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  • Well...usually insurance will only cover one (at 20 weeks or so) but if doctors find it medically necessary to do one earlier, than they code the u/s as such so that the patient is not charged.  I had one at my first appointment, because I had myself at a week farther along than my doc, and so she wanted to do an u/s to date the pregnancy.  In that case...totally covered.  And if your insurance covers an NT scan, that is usually done around 12-13 weeks I believe. 
  • image pinkbride2008:

     I am guessing i should get an OB instead of using him - as he is only my family doctor.?? What do you ladies think?

     Wait... he's your GP? I've never heard of a family doctor acting as a OB but maybe I'm wrong. I would get an OB. That way you have a Dr. that's geared for you and baby. Just keep in mind that all offices are different. My OB does a dating u/s at your first appointment and then an optional NT scan at 12 weeks and the "big" u/s around 18-22 weeks. Call around and ask about office policies if it makes you feel better. GL

  • i will only ?have one at 20 weeks also. I will have the nt scan at 12 weeks though. I was told they can only order an ultrasound if medically necessary. The reason that many other people have so many ultrasounds is because the doctors actually have a machine in their office rather than sending for one in a radiology lab.
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  • I had my first at 5 weeks, then 6w2d and will have another at 8w2d.  I asked for them and my ob had no problem with my concerns or wishes.

    I would not go to a GP for pregnancy.

  • I had my first at 5 weeks, then two more at 6 weeks and another at 8 weeks. I'll have the NT scan next week. My dr. wanted to be sure there were no issues (I am 37 and this is my first).
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  • I dont get mine till 20 weeks either..kind bummed me out, but it will be here soon!
  • I am high-risk and had 3 u/s's within the first 12 weeks.

    I will be getting lots more.   at 20 weeks, I start going for monitoring every 2 weeks.

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  • With my last pregnancy, we chose not to have any routine ultrasounds, only ultrasounds that were medically necessary.  We ended up having only one, at 36 weeks, to confirm position.

    I would stay with your family doctor.  He knows you and your health, and honestly, pregnancy is NOT an illness that requires specialists prodding and poking you.  It's a life process that does best when monitored in a hands off, but attentive, way.  I think you have a bettter chance of avoiding unneeded interventions if you stay with your family doctor... plus then your baby can probably go to the same doctor after birth. :-)

  • I'm high risk because of my previous m/c. I had one today (8wks). I will probably have another one in 2 months. With DD, I had 5. Each doctor had a machine in the office.
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  • Standard procedure for my OB's office is the NT Scan (for everyone, not just over 35s like me) at 12 weeks and the "big" ultrasound at 20 weeks.

    My insurance covers 3 ultrasounds without pre-authorization.


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  • My insurance doesn't have a limit on the amount of u/s I can get. My dr also has 2 u/s machines in her office (plus however many the other 2 drs in the practice have), so I get an u/s at every visit until the "big" u/s at 20 weeks. I had a prior miscarriage, but I believe this is standard procedure with her as other friends with no prior issues get the same. I am very glad to have found a dr who does so many, it really puts my mind at ease. I am also considered a normal pregnancy now, not high risk.
  • That seems pretty far away. My doctor did the 1st u/s at 8 weeks. I think the standard is between 8-12 weeks. I'm surprised they want you to come in that late. Maybe your particular insurance doesn't cover many ultrasounds? You should look into that. GL!
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  • I had a few already because they were afraid I might have an ectopic pregnancy, but I don't know what the standard is. Of course, all I have to do is ask for one if I feel I need to.
  • I am high risk, so I had one at 7 weeks, will have one at 11 weeks, then one every other week from 14 to 24.  My doctor has it in her office, and she does them herself (though there is a tech there).  It all depends on if you have any risks/history/insurance.
  • The ways the American and Canadian systems deals with pregnancy is different. You are a Canadian and majority of the users on this site are Americans so you can't really ask them for opinions.

    I am a Canadian, and I just had an ultrasound yesterday due to a previous miscarriage. You can't go directly to an OB without a referall frrom your family doctor so you can't just go find an OB. I dont know why your doctor won't give you an ultrasound until 20 weeks. What you can do is ask for a 'dating scan' that is what i went in for yesterday because i am not a 28 day cycle girl and I dont know when I ovaluated and most doctors usually give you a dating scan around 8-10 weeks. If you don't like your family doctor then you gotta find another one, but you cannot just go directly to an OB.


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