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When does your Dr schedule induction?

Next Tuesday I have an appointment with my Dr. Hopefully I will go into labor before then, but if I don't she said she wouldn't schedule an induction yet. She would just schedule NST's for the week and then the following week we'd probably do an induction if nothing is going on(42 weeks). This makes me nervous! I'd at least like to have one scheduled before 42 weeks. What is your Drs protocol for induction?

Re: When does your Dr schedule induction?

  • Today at my 39w appointment my doc told me that she could go ahead and schedule the induction for my due date, or if I wanted we could wait a week after. But she would not let me wait it out after 41 weeks.
  • I know they will only let you go 10 days beyond your due date, but I'm not sure at what point they'll start discussing the actual scheduling of it.  I bet I find out at my next appointment! (I'll be 39w 2 d)
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  • I'm scheduled for one on Monday...my due date is Thursday (4 days after). Due to baby's size they are going to induce because they want to "avoid a c-section at all costs".
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  • Mine will 10 days past my due date.
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  • In my situation having very mild pre-e, my induction is automatically scheduled for 37 weeks (3 weeks from yesterday).  In normal situations, she induces at week 40 if no progress. 


  • I've already scheduled mine at 39wks3days.
  • The Drs at my practice have told me they won't let me go more than a week overdue.

    Soon to celebrate the day we met, even if the day before marks when we said goodbye.
  • With dd we scheduled it for 41w3d - starting with cervadil that night and doing pitocin the next morning if needed. She would have been okay letting me go longer but my blood pressure was starting to go up.
  • Assuming no complications, my OB will let you go to 42 weeks.  I have a complication, so I'll be induced at 40w4d if I dont' have this baby before then.
  • If everything looks good, they won't even talk induction at the practice I go to until 41 weeks, and then it is scheduled for 42 weeks (give or take)  With DS I went in for my 41 week appt and got sent to the hospital due to lack of movement, low fluid and large measurement. 
  • 42 weeks if there are no complications ... going in twice weekly beginning at 40 weeks to do fluid level checks and NSTs.
  • image Chudson:
    Today at my 39w appointment my doc told me that she could go ahead and schedule the induction for my due date, or if I wanted we could wait a week after. But she would not let me wait it out after 41 weeks.

    Same here and my dr really doesn't like you to go past 40w 3 days unless you are hard core against it.

  • My doctor told me I could choose any date between my due date (1/14) and 1/28, so exactly two weeks late.  He prefers to not go much past a week overdue, so we scheduled it for 1/23 when I'll be nine days overdue.  Hopefully I won't need to be induced!  I'm only one day late and going crazy already!
  • No problems the whole pregnancy.

    36 weeks-1 cm, 30% effaced38 weeks-2-3 cm, 50% effaced39 weeks-2-3cm, 75% effaced40 weeks-2-3 cm, 75% effaced41 weeks-induction scheduled for Monday morning?

    My DS is apparently big as well. ?At my doc's office, they normally don't let you go over 42 weeks. ?However, the estimate has him right under 10 lbs. next week (41 weeks), and I was concerned about it...and I've made SOME progress on my own...so she went ahead and scheduled for 41 weeks.?

  • I fished for this information today even though I still have time.

    I basically got that my OB is on the conservative side and that he's of the school that thinks not much good can come to a baby who stays in utero past 40 weeks (in his words).  But, his office does very early u/s dating to confirm LMP dates and all that. If that matters.

    So basically I was told we'd "discuss" at 40 weeks, but I pretty much got the impression that if I haven't delivered on my own by my due date, he'll want to induce right after.

  • My midwife does not do inductions, to the best of my knowledge, unless mother or baby are not doing well.

    I would never choose a practitioner who scheduled an induction without an urgent medical need.  Inductions are more painful for the mother, and can lead to accidental premature birth for the baby.  Ultrasound weight estimates are notoriously unreliable, and just a few weeks makes a big difference to baby.  

  • I do not want to be induced, but my OB' s would like to schedule an inducement at 41 weeks.  I think if I don't have any complications I may wait til I'm 42 weeks.  Don't get me wrong I want him OUT NOW!  LOL.

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