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Anyone nauseous but not throwing up?

I?m nauseous all through the day, but I?m not throwing up. Whenever I?ve been sick with a stomach virus or whatever, I feel awfully nauseous and want to throw up to feel better, but it takes me so long to.  

So I don?t know if I just haven?t hit the worst of the m/s, or if it?s my body doing it?s whole ?I?m not going to throw up, you?re just going to be hella nauseous? thing.

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Re: Anyone nauseous but not throwing up?

  • I am in the same boat.  Oh and I am gagging a lot. FUN!
  • me too, but along with it I've had diahrea, sorry if that's gross. I dont know if its a touch of the flu, or m/s or what?!
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    I am in the same boat.  Oh and I am gagging a lot. FUN!


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  • I'm definitely in that boat. I really shouldn't complain, I know other people have it a lot worse, but it has been a huge drag. I pretty much have to eat constantly to keep the nausea away, and I've gained a good five pounds that way (well, that and not exercising because I'm exhausted).

    Eating does definitely help me, I'm not sure if you can snack on small things during the day but that could help.

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  • That's exactly how I was!  It's awful. 
  • Ditto. And I never threw up last time either, just felt nauseous for 5 weeks - UGH!
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  • Yep, I've been this way since week 5, I've only thrown-up once ut everyday I am nauseaus...I'm hoping it will end in the next few weeks.
  • YES and it sucks!! If I didn't hate throwing up so much, I think I would try to make myself to see if it would make me feel better. I was so sick last night I had a hard time falling asleep. YUCK!
  • I have been like that, on and off, for the last month.  I have been so nauseous, it feels like I'm rocking on a boat.  I have been dry heaving, but not throwing up.  I feel the same way too where I think that if I just threw up, I would feel much better.  Today is the first day (:running to knock on anything wood!) that I haven't felt nauseous.  Hopefully I'm getting over the morning sickness!!!
  • This that you are talking about is my last two days. UUHHHGGG.....

    Though i'm not too sure yet, if i'm getting m/s or if its just a little flu bug of some sort, i'm sure it could be ms.  My little girl had loose stools all day the other day, and then that next day is when i was feeling really icky, and the day after too, which was yesterday.  Today I feel a little better, but maybe its just going to come and go.  I'm reallly hoping it was just a little flu, i was never sick or nauseous with my preg. with my daughter, so it would be nice not to have that again!!!  Though, I know there is that chance, so (fingers crossed)

  • that's how i felt- the nausea has finally subsided but i would get terribly nauseous in the afternoons on my car ride home from work- so i just brought snacks to work with me and that helped a lot- i also got the diarreha instead (guess just how my body handles sickness)-- i only gained 1 lb so far so i think that's pretty good for eating all the darn time without exercising!
  • Ok, so it sounds like it might just be this way for awhile. It sucks, but at least we don't have to worry so much about carrying bags around with us to throw up in.

    Two more notes:

    I've had a bit of diarrhea as well :-(

    I don't think throwing up in this case actually makes you feel better. When I first started taking bcp I got m/s - I'd wake up every am and run to the bathroom to throw up and it didn't actually stop the nausea.

    Most women don't have m/s during the 2nd trimester, right???



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  • I was totally there, but it is finally gone now that I am further along.  I have to say that even though it sucked at least I knew that I was still pregnant.
  • I totally feel you! Nausious all day with no throwing up. I was the same with my last pregnancy. I did vomit a few times but felt like I was on the verge 24/7. My advice...try not to. For me once I did vomit....I couldn't stop. It's not like a drunken nausia when you feel like all you need to do is vomit to feel better. It's makes it worse., Try to hold it in. I have had a heck of a time any time I brush my teeth, cough or sneeze I gag to the point where I think I am going to lose it. I try to control it because once I lose it, it's all over! Good luck!
  • This has been me all week...and now DH is home with a stomach bug, so I'll be staying as far away from him as possible for the next day or two...
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  • I had this with DH, waiting to see what is in store for me this time, I found nibbling really helped, my secret weapon was almonds (the natural ones), I always had a can of them sitting at my desk for those moments that I need instant relief.  I have a can ready and waiting this time.
  • I am just about constantly nauseous, but I have yet to actually throw up. ?It's really pleasant.
  • I leave the house later than usual because I can't function for the first few hours of the day. My DH brought home some B6 which my Dr. recommended. It has been helping. That and eating baked potatoes from Wendy's. I don't know why.
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  • image purpletulip:

    Most women don't have m/s during the 2nd trimester, right???

    i believe it subsides for most women toward the end of their 1st tri but some can still continue to get it during their 2nd tri or even all the way through their pregnancy.... i have read on here that some women even get it for the first time later in pregnancy (like 2nd tri)---buuuut the majority would probably be done by the end of 1st tri!  and that's my story and i'm sticking to it! (to make me feel better hahaIndifferent )

    btw:  i have also known ppl to have only nausea through their 1st trimester but did end up throwing up at least once---- so it really varies from person to person!  GL to you and hope that you don't have to throw up!  as much as the nausea sucks, i am happy that i haven't thrown up yet!

  • I am extremely nauseous and not throwing up. I am the worst at night time though when I lay down - I am actually getting the spins - like when I used to go out drinking all night! It's horrible! The only thing that I have found is to not let myself get too hungry - and not eat too big of meals. Smaller and more frequent.

     Hope it passes soon for you and you start to feel better! There is nothing worse than feeling like this.

  • From weeks 6-11, I was nauseous and gagging all of the time. ?I haven't thrown up at all, but sometimes I thought that it would be make me feel better if I could.
  • I've had that feeling 24/7 since week 6.  The only break I got was on Christmas day.  This week I'm finally getting about 2 hours per day where I don't feel that bad.  I've only thrown up once, but I used to hug the toilet a few times a day praying to just throw up already.
  • I have be sick and it feels like I cant function..only eating helps...I am still trying to explain that to my DH.


    My doctor gave me Diclection ~ which is help - but takes 4 hours to come into effect on an epty stomach..And of course mine is never empty!!  lol...

  • yup! I am in the same boat... Lots of nausea- but no puke- which I think the puke would make me feel better. I also am gagging a lot more than I used to.

    Although it may be TMI- I was eating yesterday and randomly had to go throw up- it came so fast and it was completely unexpected- thank goodness I was at home... Just random though...
  • Me too... nauseus in the morning, but nothing happens... I'm having more ibs problems than vomiting... sorry, TMI... :)
  • I've been this way for both pregnancy's, VERY smell sensative etc.I have thrown up 4 times but I'm under stress, my first pregnancy I only ever thrtew up once when my dog burped in my face lol. This time i think the stress has made it worse.
  • I felt that way a few times a week from weeks 7-11 (roughly). In that time I only threw up twice, and both times were brushing my teeth. Today was the first time that it went from nausea to vomiting with no specific cause. I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend.
  • I've just had 13 weeks and two days of it. Welcome to Morning Sickness the greatest oxymoron of them all.
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