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Stroller recommendations?

I'm trying to find a good stroller to register for and looking for a little advice.  We don't really want a travel system but something more like a jogger stroller (however, not technically to be used for much jogging -- maybe a lot of walking though).  A lot of friends have recommended the BOB but it's a little pricey.  Has anyone used or have any comments about the Contours Options 3 Wheeler Stroller by Kolcraft or Energi Full Size Stroller - Rosso by Mia Moda?  Any advice is welcome -- thanks!

Re: Stroller recommendations?

  • It's not a jogging stroller or anything fancy - but I really like our stroller:

  • Bob, Baby Jogger, Valco, Bumbleride, and Moutain Buggy are just a few of some of the great all-terrain strollers in the market. If you're adding a stroller to your registry and you're worried about the price...don't be. A lot of times people will go in and buy a gift together that they might not otherwise be able to afford themselves. I feel it would be safe to add a $300 - $450 single stroller to your registry. Also you usually get a lot of gifts at baby showers that weren't even on your registry that you can return/exchange for something you really want (nice stroller).

    Here's a link to my stroller buying tips, at the bottom of the blog you can find a list of the brands of strollers that I would recommend to one of my clients.

     Oh My, So Many Strollers

    HTH :)

    Heather, 9 Months To Planet

  • We have the maxi cosi foray stroller from BRU and love it.  It's so easy to push, and turns on a dime.  It comes apart in two so its easier to life into my suv.  It also lets you have the baby facing you or you can reverse it when they get older and face out.  Only downfall it doesn't come with a snack tray.
  • Figure you won't get away with one stroller if you want something like a jogging stroller.  Lugging something that size in & out of your trunk can be difficult with a baby in your arms.  I'd recommend a jogging stroller and a light weight umbrella stroller like a Maclaren that is durable & will last for a long time.  Stay away from Kolkraft, Graco & Evenflo.  You're getting the cheap quality that you're paying for.  Yes Bob is a more expensive stroller but you will get the quality and the warranty with it.  With strollers you really do get what you pay for!  Peg Perego is another fantastic brand but I don't know if they make a 3 wheeler.

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