1st Trimester

Lower back ache..

can someone please make it stop! Cant imagine how bad It will be the further along I get.. What can I do for relief?? Ugh...

Re: Lower back ache..

  • Unfortunately, I can say from experience that a lot of women don't get relief.  It's been getting worse and worse for me.  I have been getting in the shower and letting the hot water just hammer that part of my back for a good 10 minutes sometimes.  It does seem to help.  I've also found that sitting half reclined in a recliner provides enough pressure on that part of my back to help.

    I hope it gets better for you!

  • Omg! My back has been killing me for two days straight! To the point that it takes me forever to get up and down like i'm already about to pop! The doc told me its because of my growing uterus pressing up against my lower spine and tail bone. Sometimes the constant pressure causes the tissue around it to become inflamed.

     I used a herbal heating pad and it game me some relief. Also sleeping with a pillow between my legs helped some. Try to stay stretched as well. Though my back ist still bothering me, doing those things have given me some relief. Hope you feel better : -).

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