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would anyone like 2 babies with the runs?  :)

Seriously... I called the Dr and they said offer pedialyte (they are drinking little formula right now...  refusing, which is UNHEARD of for these 2 -- they only drank 2-3 oz each bottle today and usually it is 6oz)  they are both filling their pants with foul poop and its about every hour and a half or so...

Any words of wisdom?  They are on solids ... Could I (would you?) offer rice cereal and banana or apples?  I know when I have had the upsets, its been a BRAT diet.... 

give me strength...  2 sickies...  and I doubt tony will be home before 7 or 7:30 (the usual)

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Re: diarrhea....

  • Pedialite is great but DS always got worse runs with it. I WOULD offer some rice cereal as that will help to "stop" them up and the pedialite will keep them hydrated. (or try pear juice (50/50) mix with water) DS LOVES THIS MIX when he's feeling bad and it was what my doctor recommended when I started going OCD on the organic no process thing when he was born... & yes we still use Ped. Lite when we need too... Hey how old are your kids? If they are old enough for the BRAT diet, I would say do it, as long as they are drinking fluids WITH the diet.
  • Thanks!  We havent given juice yet...and hadnt planned on it... (I was a juice kid and a fat kid because of it!)   and I tasted the pedialyte HOLY COW thats SWEET... (do you add water???)  I will have Tony pick up pear juice (I think I heard white grape too...  is that true?)

     Babies will be 6mo next week (oh my gosh!) and do solids daily... they moved through pretty quickly, and the pedi gave the go ahead...  so since they eat bananas and rice creal and applesauce I will offer that as well.  Gabe was thrilled to have rice cereal with 1/3 a banana mashed in (usually rice is NOT preferred)


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  • If it were me and they do solids, I'd be pushing the bananas and rice...

  • Yeah I'm with Jill bananas and rice.  Also salty crackers help them be thirsty and drink more water.  Most kids HATE pedialyte so gatorade is a good solution.  As long as you get wet diapers every 8 hours your still in good shape.

    I might stay away from pears... my pedi had me give Cruz pear juice when he was constipated!

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  • Crackers and lots of applesauce worked for me.  yes, bananas too.  Ugh - that was our house about 2 months ago.  We even had to drag them out of bed after going down (for the night) to change the diarrhea diapers.  I feel for you - it sucks. 

    Rice cereal was not too popular at our house but if they take it, great.  For some reason my guys drank more fluid is I offered different vessels.  We used a straw and a small cup to get more fluid in.  I can't remember if Gabe and Audrey can do those things yet.

    We did TONS of ointment on their bums to try to keep the acidity away from their poor skin down there.  Also we tended to do 2 baths a day to make them feel better and give their skin a vacation.  I had 3 or 4 days when I avoided my costco diaper wipes due to the painful reaction.  I would have paper towels (pre-torn, in a pile) ready for diaper changes.  When I knew I was going to do changes, especially the one right after they go down for the night, I would run the tap until it got warm and then fill a small bowl with the warm water so I could dip the paper towels in for cleaning.

    Oh, gosh, when this is over, you will be so thankful!  And they'll eat like crazy so be ready.  I couldn't believe it.


  • Thanks all!!  we have been poop free fro about 3 hours now... and I just went in and did a stinky bum check before I go to bed... all clear for now!

    At 6mo we arent doing crackers yet (though gabey did grab my waffle out of my hand this morning and tried to eat it... I let him!  leggo my eggo kidlet!)  but they would take rice cereal with 1/3- 1/2 a banana mashed in and warmed up... though Audrey looked at me like ... what the hell is THIS... and gave me the "princess pissy pants" face... priceless...  they are taking pedialyte (1/2 flavored 1/2 plain) just fine...   and I will try a little formula in the morning (they get rice cereal in it anyway for reflux)

     thanks all... and hey Liz... lets reconnect next week... i am still trying to follow up on your email from turkey day if you'd like!



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  • I had 11 days of Diarrhea with ONE baby very recently, so my heart goes out to you! I second the using tons of Desitin. Everyone warned me about this, and he didn't get a rash, thank God!

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