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We are officially moving to Wisconsin so DH can go to school there... To Milwaukee (ick) most likely maybe Madison IF he gets into that program as well... The baby board is quiet there & I don't like the cold... this is going to be rough...


  • Oh man. I'm sorry! Just stay on this board. We won't kick you off! :)~
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    Oh man. I'm sorry! Just stay on this board. We won't kick you off! :)~

    Agreed!  And don't change your little thing under your name that says Seattle.  You are one of us.

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  • You are doing the reverse move that I did 6 years ago.  Well, I moved here from Chicago, but Milwaukee is only 90 mins away.  At least you have amazing frozen custard and a fun restaurant/defunct spy safehouse to entertain you (Want the scoop? Let me know).  But, yeah, it's cold in the winters.  They do know how to take care of the streets in WI, so that's good.

    Are the housing costs lower there, at least?  I would think so, but I don't know.

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  • I've been in Eugene, Oregon since August and I hang out here still. :-) The Oregon board isn't really used much and it's a little piece of home for me to stay on this board, so you should just stay here and hang out with us!
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  • My bf lives in Madison and loves it!  She is just a little bit of a drive to Chicago for occasional shopping trips!  I've heard people are super nice there but YES you should definately stay on this board too!
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