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Where was your shower?

Asking for a friend. She is in the Rochester/troy area but is willing to go anywhere within reason. Royal Oak, Warren etc. Thanks for the help.

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Re: Where was your shower?

  • Both my wedding shower and baby shower were at Barrister Gardens, because they were cheap and the hall wasnt bad and when you expect 200-300 women, you look for CHEAP!!

     Also, there is a new Cranks that opened up out by where I live in Macomb that looks pretty nice.

     There is also the Mirage where I had my reception...Good Luck!!

  • DeCarlo's in Warren.  We've had multiple event there, always happy :-)

  • My wedding shower was at The Master's restaurant in Warren, and my baby shower is going to be at Cherry Creek -- around Romeo.  I was happy with the Master's, and my mom just went to 2 at Cherry Creek and thought it was great.  We also looked at Fern Hill and Gazebo, which always tend to be nice.

  • My wedding and baby shower were both at the Royalty House in Warren.  They did a fabulous job on both!! I highly recommend them.  They're located on old 13 mile road  off of Van ***, kitty corner from Buddy's Pizza.  Phone 586-264-8400
  • Depending on the size of your crowd, one of my bridal showers was held at "Our House" a place on Van *** and 26 or 27 mile.  It was an intimate location, they had food catered in.  The setting was just lovely!  I think they held 50 or 60 people, but don't quote me. 
  • my shower was at Vintage House in Fraser. they did a great job and it was very reasonably priced. i picked them cuz they're the only place that offers a 'cold lunch' menu option, and at the time i didn't want a formal meal, just chicken salad/pasta/fruit, etc. the food was excellent though and the staff was very nice.
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