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Welcome to the July Sparklers? daily check-in!  This is a group for women who are due in July 2009.  To be added to the list, please reply to this post with your name, age, and EDD.  You may also let me know if your age or EDD has changed!


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July 1 (15)

allicia82 (Allicia, 26)

AZ2MN4LOVE (Briana)

Brittanie_1987 (Brittanie, 21)

CAParisi (30)

Chrysallys (Jennifer, 36)

debisheldon (Debi, 30) ? TWINS!

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msummer615 (Michelle, 28)

PnJ Mooney (Jacqueline, 25)


skorpia1074 (Lina)

skylooo (Katie, 26)

Zeener (Azine, 28)

July 2 (15)

3PupsAndABaby (Kimmie, 25)

Aimee&Bill (Aimee, 32)


emilyatpsu (Emily, 26)

HisLovf (Jen, 26)

jrodda (28)

kkmack (Kristen, 25)

NewBride0423 (Tish, 33)

patrickandkim (Kim, 25)

Pugs05 (Jen, 28)

Shoop-na-doopa (Trish, 31)

Slamamama (23)

Soon2BMrsN (26)

s.s.girl (24) ? TWINS!

tml0701 (Toni, 31)

July 3 (18)

bridetobe05 (Amy, 30)

Bririna (31)

fawnanddoe (Jessica, 25)

hickler7 (Jennifer, 30)

hparrott (Heather, 22)

jods8 (Jody)

kaightea (Katie, 26)

lennonlover (Angie, 26)


Luvpiggies (Erin, 27)

mnimee (Marissa, 30)

mrs.serrato85 (23)

mrstrn (Becca, 30)

Mrs.Underwood (Meagan, 25)

MrsZ71407 (26)

rebus82 (Randi, 26)

seth&linds (Lindsay, 26)

stlJanaJo (Jana)

July 4 (25)

alison1020 (Alison, 29)

AZ*Grl (Janie, 25)

babyjoy09 (Brenda, 23)


coffeekitten (Rachel Marie, 26)

daveNmissy (Melissa, 27) ? TWINS!

erino&chrish (Erin, 29)

esmoore (Elizabeth, 23)

khagan9368 (32)

korndog99 (Kory, 27)

LianeL (Lori, 37)

Manalyzer (24)

matt&steph (Stephanie, 27)

meyemn28 (Marissa, 24)

momtobetimes3 (29)

mrsbrustobe (Abby, 35)

MuesFamily (Christina, 26)

mvesneske (26)

Nelliep32507 (Janell, 30)

nicole.romiglio (Nicole, 24)


pghwedding10/08 (Caitlin, 28)

robbie3982 (Robin, 25)

sarahryandrewlo (Sarah, 28)

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adams179 (Emily, 21)

elvis_cbw (Vicki, 26)

empressjenn (Jenn, 31)

hairstylist720 (Jana, 25)

kmv6107 (Kate, 31)

kristinka7 (Kristina, 23)

Mrs.Greenie (Christy, 26)

sarah.townsend (Sarah, 23)

susangilchrist (Susan, 27)

TRACI15 (Traci, 20)

whitem22 (Michelle, 27)

July 6 (14)

ahernandez (Amanda, 25)

amandasue (Amanda, 29)

beeker1 (Loumeli, 31)

gummybearsong (Callie, 28)

Iblamethebeer (Darcy, 27)

JenB225 (Jenni, 26)

jenn_a_bee (Jenn, 25)

MattysGirl81 (Holly, 27)

Mickeychew (Michelle, 26)

Mrs.Bazin (Danielle, 23)

Mrs. Nerychel (28)

shellbomb (Michelle, 30)

SummerAshley (Summer, 24)

TessaTru (Laurel, 26)

July 7 (7)

ashloree (Ashley, 24)

HDxNxJ (Heather, 26)

jeccap (Jessica, 27)

Mrs_mam (Alison, 29)

nichle (Nicole, 30)

seabass22 (Jessica, 32)

skats2000 (Samantha, 26)

July 8 (22)

78kiki (Kay, 30)

amycoffey (Amy, 26)

angela&ruben (Angela, 29)

branditubb (Brandi, 26)

curlycasey (Casey, 26)

gracieleigh2 (Rachel, 26)

happyfarn (Jill, 31)


jmstone (Jenna, 22)

julosh (Julie, 20)

KrisFlower (Kristi, 28)

Ksis (Kristan, 27)

meelar8 (Laura, 28)

nwilliams8 (Nicole)

nycteach (Patricia, 30)

orion09 (Camrn?, 22)

rlpschll (Renee, 29)

SB524 (Anne, 26)

stephelias (Stephanie, 23)

thefarmchick (Lisa, 26)

vilicious (Stephanie, 33)

zakiebaby (Karen, 24)

July 9 (21)

augustbride12 (Kate, 28)


Brittany FreyBox (Brittany, 26)

ciara2927 (Ciara, 26)

cookiesheart (Articia, 26)

Finally_Mrs.Garcia (Vivian, 27)

Hapuh3 (Brenda, 34)

hijoi (Joi, 34)

kellybaird (Kelly, 28)

ladybugbabyp (Tami, 26)

LoveMyLily (Alli, 31)

mikeandjen (Jen, 30)

mj0612 (Megan, 23)

RubyRed1085 (Amanda, 23)


scherzo (Gina, 29)

seriously888 (Jenn, 28)

ShelJean (Shelley, 28)

Shortcake79 (Beth, 29)

soontobejesseng (Jessica, 25)

vponce07 (Vanessa, 27)

July 10 (10)

Audreyp (Audrey)

brownbetty2006 (Brandy, 22)

cblremi (Crystal, 25)

Choco80 (Alicia)

Heather577 (Heather, 31)

Leahbrazil (Leah, 25)

melhearts (Melinda)

MissTGH (Timberly, 35)

Teamhuber (Kimberly, 27)

vjrun21 (Viviana, 21)

July 11 (11)

*Bee* (Brittany, 24)

BrideofSky (Dana, 34)

caleta (Tonia, 27)

CandleGirl (ReNae, 30)

crlyq2004 (Bethany, 22)

j&rwil (Robin, 27)

kleopatra09 (Kleopatra, 26)

linds8103 (Lindsey, 27)


sxu0007 (Sara, 25)

Trixie6717 (Ashley, 32) ? TWINS!

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Alibeck (Allison, 28)

BadaBing327 (Jaime, 25)

C.Mo (Colby, 24)

echildre (Elisabeth)

g8orell (Erika)

iHeartHimMore (Michelle, 29)

kermie1975 (Michelle, 33)

Kimberly O (Kimberly, 24)

lacey_ja_r (Lacey, 25) ? TWINS!

MissesJames (Erin, 25)

mpoppins76 (Stephanie, 32)

shungerbuhler (Sherri, 27)

Tomkat8403 (Katie, 24)

xGoingToTheChapelX (Marie, 22) ? TWINS!

July 13 (15)


Blueeyes77 (Crysti, 26)

firsttimemama (Nikki, 24)

gina311 (Gina, 28)

IndyPRGirl (Marie, 26)

janbrady (Alison, 30)

Jenypo (Jen, 27)

KKG (Kathy, 31)

lizzie819 (Lizzie, 28)


mlb0604 (Melissa, 26)

monica92603 (Monica, 34)

SoonerGal06 (Sally, 24)

tgallo (Theresa, 26)

viollett99 (Pam, 27)

July 14 (13)

amm826 (Anne, 25)

babyinman (29)

Baybeebo (Marissa, 29)

beeryce (Bryce, 26)

christacdodge23 (Christa, 30)

Elysialabita (Elysia, 24)

Expectin (Sara, 30)

ForForever (Mandy, 25)

ImWishin&Hopin (Elizabeth, 30)

infinite_love44 (Amber, 21)

islagrl (Raquel, 28)

MuckDiva (Amanda, 29)

Sharra711 (25)

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aaheath (Ashley, 28)

amanda&davidwilson (Amanda)

ashadms (Ashley, 26)

ashleefan29 (Emma, 23)

BrideJaye (Sarah, 27)

Holly_Doll (Holly, 25)

Jenn02nyy (Jenn, 29)

katiej15 (Katie, 26)


nic40ole79 (Nicole, 28)

nicole_j19 (Nicole, 24)

noelle317 (Noelle, 31)

Pecas13 (Rachel, 25)

penguingrrl (Laura, 27)

saj&jaj (Sara, 26)

shellbell256 (Michelle, 25)

stever (Heather, 35)

surprisebaby4us2009 (Nadia, 29)

zubenescamali (Courtney, 28)

July 16 (12)

{tam*jan} (Tamara, 21)

boo98lu (Kristy, 28)

Chantal&Jeffrey (Chantal, 26)<

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Re: *~* July Sparklers' Monday Check-in *~*

  • M:1.We had a great weekend. LOVED the beautiful, warm, sunny weather! We spent a lot of time playing at the park, enjoying it=) 2.No updates other than I have my NT scan on thursday and I'm nervous/excited for it! 3. Gosh, I honestly haven't really been thinking names yet. My husband is still getting used to the idea of having a third. He's not at the "excited, let's talk names" part yet:( He *thinks* we'll name it Joseph after his dad if it's a boy. Um, we'll see.
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  • Name:  Traci 

    Age: 28

     Due date: 7/6/09

    Monday question response: my weekend was good.  Had a OB appt and got to hear the HB: it was 145 YEAH!  Sat My mom and i went to lunch and got Pedicures.  Today went to church and cleaned house with the hubby. Oh yeah and lots of naps :)

    I know what names i want we have had them picked out for a while they are both family names to honor my hubby's dad and my grandma. DH would have wanted Hunter if not for that and two of our friends have sons named Hunter.




  • 1. Weekend was good.

    2. NT Scan went well buy baby is measuring another 3 days ahead, but I'm too lazy to update with you or my ticker Embarrassed

    3. Hezekiah if we have a boy because it's my best friend's name. Can't use it because, um, it's a big, difficult to pronounce name. 

  • M: (1) Weekend was kinda ok. I'm ready to go home. I'm sick of visiting family.
    (2) Nope, next appointment is the 27th.

    (3) Reagan...DH's uncle has a daughter named Reagan.

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  • 1. Weekend kinda sucked.  DS is sick so we didn't get much rest.  Poor baby.  Sad

    2. Nothing new!

    3. I love several names that end in -son (Madison, Jackson, etc.) but our last name does too, so they would sound dumb together.  Think: Jackson Larson  Stick out tongue  Also, I love the name Benjamin but it is my brother's name and we're not exactly on good terms (he hasn't spoken to me in 2 years)...

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  • (1) weekend was good -- I kind of almost have energy again!

    (2) no baby updates.  I'm in a boring stretch.

    (3) It seems like every week another girl name gets crossed off my list as too popular.  The latest victim is Vivian, but Sophie (which I gave up on a few years ago) was one of the hardest to lose.


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  • (1) Still freezing my butt off

    (2) No updates

    (3) I love the name Ethan but my dh's cousin named her son that and she is not married so the first and last names would be the same.

  • 1. My weekend was boring.  We did find out a good friend is being deployed to Iraq for 9 months soon so that sucks!  Had a good time just hanging out with DH, he leaves soon and won't be back til after the baby comes so we are trying to just relax and enjoy the baby free time.

    2. No real updates, I have an appointment on Tuesday but nothing too exciting.

    3. I love the name Matthew, it is my Grandfathers middle name but DH hates it.  Also Joseph but we have like 7 Josephs in our family already. 

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  • Weekend was okay. We had my SD and she was fun to play in the snow with.

    I have 2 dr appt this week. 1 with high risk dr and 1 with regular dr. 

    I have no names that I can't use that I want to use. At least not any that I know of. 

    Have a great Monday everyone!


  • 1) My weekend was great. Some friends came to town for the National Championship game (we didn't go, but they stayed with us). It was nice spending time with them.

    2) No baby updates right now...although I am feeling a ton better, no more 1st tri. symptoms.

    3) I love the name Peyton, but DH doesn't like it.

  • The weekend was fine. ?We were snowed in on Saturday, so I wasn't able to get any of my errands done and had to do everything yesterday, which left me completely exhausted by the time I got home.

    No baby updates.

    The name I love but can't use if our first child is a boy is Grant. ?I can't use it because DH is Greek and, in the Greek culture, it is customary to name your first son after the paternal grandfather. ?Therefore, our first son will be Sam. ??

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  • Good morning!

    (1) How was your weekend? 

    Our weekend was very very chill.  Which when you are 12 weeks pg is actually awesome.  However, the snow reason that we were chill sucks.  we got 12 inches!

    (2) Do you have any baby updates?

    No updates, but I did start a baby blog on this snowy weekend!

    (3) What is a name you love but can?t use? Why can?t you use it?

    We are so wishy washy we haven't started the name game, but so far due to popularity and others using it two G girl names I do like are gone:  Grace (neice's middle name) and Greta (cousin's dog name)

  • M1:  Weekend was good, but I accomplished next to nothing.  lol.  Was pretty lazy most of the weekend. 

    M2:  We have the NT scan tomorrow which I'm excited/nervous about.  Excited to see the baby again but nervous we could get bad news.  My Dr. is training someone in their office to become NT scan certified so I'll be having (2) u/s done.  DH is coming to the later one.  Thursday is my regular appointment. 

    M3:  No names that we can't use.  DH would love to name our daughter Madonna (like me) but I told him that doesn't work so well with women... and the poor girl would be teased to no end (like I was/am)

  • Weekend was good. ?I got to rest after moving some things all week into my new classroom. ?

    Dr. appt on Thursday. ?Maybe we will get to hear the heartbeat this time. ?

    No names I can think of right now.?

  • My weekend was pretty good...On Friday DH and I went to dinner and then to target to get some baby stuff (they did not have bum genius at my target, so I am going to another one to see...they also did not have organic onesies!). 

    I have no new baby news, but I do have an appt on Thursday.

    I LOVE the name Carmine, but NO ONE else likes it in my whole family.  I wanted to use it as a middle name maybe, but I think I am going to lose that battle...LOL

  • Weekend was great, despite the snow.  Had a baby shower for a close friend, TONS of fun!  Love being preggers for our first time together.

     No baby news today.

     I love the name Joan, it was my grandmother's.  But, hubby hates it, and I already vetoed one of his family names, so I had to give up on Joan.


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  • Good weekend. Just kind of hung around and vegged- it was nice. Had an OB appt. last Thursday and heard hb on the doppler- 147 bpm. If there's any stock in the old wives tale, I am having a boy!

    My favorite name hands down has always been Cecily but DH didn't even believe it was a real name for the longest time. I finally proved that it wasn't made up but he still hates it.

  • 1)   Weekend was good, got the whole house cleaned.  2)  No baby updates, still just bakin' in there.  3)  We love the name Jake, but can't use it because I already have a Jake in the family and don't want it to get confusing.
  • 1. Weekend was good.  We cleaned out the basement to prepare for our remodeling project, and had some friends over and went to see Bride Wars. 2.  We ordered our nursery furniture!  3.  I really love the name Liam for a boy and I can't think of ANY other boy names that I truly like, but my DH absolutely hates it, so we can't use it.
  • M: (1)   My weekend went by TOO quick! We had family come into town for DH?s niece?s Cheerleading competition this weekend. She is a totally different person out there performing! She is a cute little talented cheerleader!

         (2)    No actually BABY updates ? unless buying maternity clothes counts. I bought my first pair of jeans and two dress pants. I have to say ? I do not know why anyone would wear something other than maternity jeans! SO friggin comfy!!

         (3)   We like the girl name Leilani but we can?t use it b/c DH is worried about guys making fun of it later in life, such as ?Hey did you Lay Lani?? or ?Hey wanna lay Lani??  He said there would be one p!ssed off Daddy if he heard that was happening.

  • (1) How was your weekend?  (2) Do you have any baby updates? (3) What is a name you love but can?t use? Why can?t you use it?

    (1) Weekend was good, fairly uneventful which is the way I like it these days! (2) Nothing today, but tomorrow morning is my 2nd appt so we'll see what happens there. (3) I don't really thing I have a name that I can't use. I like Cameron for a boy and a friend of mine is having a baby girl in February and naming her Camryn....but I'm not letting that stop me if I want to use it!

  • (1) How was your weekend???It was good, but short.?

    (2) Do you have any baby updates? Not really. We did get to hear the heartbeat for the first time on Tuesday! That was awesome.

    (3) What is a name you love but can?t use? Why can?t you use it? Don't really have any.

  • weekend was good relaxed and did?absolutely?nothing which never happens. I just ?hope food starts to be good again kinda sick of not being able to eat much.
  • Weekend was good...too quick as usual. Saturday we had about 30 of Dh's highschool friends over to the house for their annual get together.  No baby updates, I do have an appointment Wednesday though.  The one name I really like is Addison for a little girl but we can't use it because one of our friends has a 2 yr old daughter Addison.  Its ok though because we have another #1 girl name.
  • My weekend was pretty good.  My mom took me maternity clothes shopping and bought me 4 shirts a pair of pants and a dress.  Yay!  No baby updates.  I'd love to use Jack for a boy, but I have a nephew Jack and we see him often, so Jack will have to be a middle name.

  • My weekend was good.  We got to hand out with friends we haven't seen in a while.  No baby updates, our next appointment is the 19th.  I love the name Joesph, but can't use it becasue it's FIL's name and BIL already "claimed" it. 
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  • M: 1. My weekend was great! We lounged and I got a mani/pedi and it was so relaxing.

    2. I don't have any updates right now but I have my second drs appt today so hopefully, I will after that! I get to have an u/s today so DH and I are really excited to see the development since the 7 wk u/s.

    3. I actually have 2 names I LOVE and can't use.....Cameron (for a girl) and Madison. Cameron was actually taken by my step brother a few years ago and Madison is my aunt's girl's name (she's technically my cousin but she's only 5). We have an understanding in my family that we won't duplicate names (i think that might be weird anyway). So, those are out. Sad

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  • Ashley 30 July 28

    1.  My weekend went good.  I feel that I have had more energy this past week.  I actually walked on my treadmill this weekend.  2. No updates/news.  3. Hayden, My next door friend named their 6 mo old this.

  • 1. The weekend was good, I did have a couple nights of God awful indigestion! Terrible! I got a couple of great naps in there tho. 2. no baby updates except for as of Thursday....I'LL BE A 2ND TRI GIRL!!! I can't wait.

    3. I guess the only name I love and can't use is Aurora, DH doesn't like it! Grrr.

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    It's a BOY!!
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  • M1 - Weekend was nice, not nearly long enough, but very nice.  One of those weekends where you aren't doing anything majorly exciting but you are content and want it to last another day or 2.

    M2 - not yet, appointment tomorrow at 2:40 (1st tri-screen)

    M3 - I love the name Diana, DH is not a fan.

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