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*~*August Beach Babies Friday check-in*~*

Hello Ladies! This is a check-in for Nesties with a due date in the month of August. If you would like to be added, please post your name and EDD. Also, if you want anything changed, please post your EDD along with your new info so it's easier to find your name on the list. Check-ins will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 7am. Give us a general update on your progress and anything else you want to add!! We will have a question of the day as well. 
Please tell me if you are NOT planning on finding out the sex/gender so I can go ahead and get "surprise" beside your name!!! Thanks :) 
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Monday QOTD: What type of perfume did you wear pre-pg? Can you stand to wear it or any now?
Wednesday QOTD: Are you planning on breast feeding? If yes, then for how long?
Friday QOTD: Would you allow any other children in the delivery room-yours or any family members in general? Why or why not?  
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-Any other news or progress?
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Re: *~*August Beach Babies Friday check-in*~*

  • I am a surprise!

    I am NOT allowing any children, or any unauthorized adult (read, husband and MAYBE my parents only) beyond those doors.  I have embarassment issues, and maybe that all goes away during the birthing process, but for right now, I'm going to try to hold onto any dignity I have left.  :-)  

  • Hi!

    We don't have any children yet, and unless they were a bit older (12+), I don't think I would.  It would depend entirely on the individual child, though.  My nieces will also not be present (4.5 & 2.5yrs).  Just DH and I is fine with us, and the professionals, of course.


  • Sign me up for August 22nd! ?I had my first doctor's visit yesterday!


    We will find out the sex - no surprises here!


    Congrats to all of the August Baby Ladies! ??

  • Forgot to add: ?We don't have any children yet - except our German Shepherd, and I don't think they will allow her in the delivery room!

    ?I don't know how I will feel about people in the delivery room yet - as of right now, no, I only want me, my husband, the doctors and the baby in there!


    (My cousin showed me his wife's delivery on video when I was like 12, and I was thoroughly disgusted! ?needless to say, there will be no video of the delivery taken!)?

  • We're just having my DH & I in the delivery room.  I'm sure my parents and in-laws will be hanging out in the waiting room chompin at the bit to run in when the baby finally arrives....but they'll just have to wait until that happens!  :)

    Our first appointment is on Monday!  My doctor waits until you are around 10 weeks to schedule the 1st appt; so I'm really excited!  Hopefully it all goes well!! 

  • With my first baby, I had my fiance, his mother, my mother and my aunt in the delivery room.  I really wanted our close family to be there and to experience such a miracle with me.  And trust me, once you're in the thick of it, you are not going to care who's around watching.  The birth of a baby is such a tremendous event and anyone who loves you will be able to look past the gop and goo of it all.

    I would definitely allow my daughter to be in the delivery room with this new baby, though she will probably have no clue what's going on (she'll be 21 months old when the new baby comes.)

     Congrats to all the August mommies and I wish you all a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  • Good morning!!!! Sign me up for August 23rd! I had my first appointment on Tuesday. I have my first U/S in about a week or two. Wish me luck! Lots of baby dust to you all!!!!!
  • Wow!  There are a lot of people on this list!  We plan to not find out, so you can put surprise!  And it is funny because we did find out with our DD.

     I have my 1st u/s Monday at 10 weeks.  I am pretty nervous because I did have a missed m/c before my DD.  But I am feeling and looking very pregnant, so I am taking that as a good sign :)

     Oh- and no way would I allow children unless they are more of the teen age in the delivery room.  I was in the room when my friend's baby wasb orn a few years ago and it can be scary even for an adult!

  • Good morning!

    The sex of our baby WILL be a surprise =D DS was too, so we're keeping with tradition. 

    Friday QOTD: Would you allow any other children in the delivery room-yours or any family members in general? Why or why not?  

    N/A for us. No one in our immediate family has children. But, if they did, then no. 

    ETA: I'm a dork. I'm having another c/s anyways and the only person allowed in is DH, unless they have to put me under again, then he will have to leave the room =/

    Let's hope the spinal works this time!!!

  • good morning! i haven't checkin in in like forever but anyways nope no one else in the delivery room besides dh and I unless dh faints or something then i might allow someone else but not my mother maybe my sister!

    side note: dh shifts changed (he opted to take a diff shift) at work and now can't make our 2nd us today! craptastic!

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  • NO Children. NO inlaws. No parents.

    My husband better be on his best behavior or hes off the list too

  • I am moving from the July board to August.  Please put me down for August 12th.  Hello everyone! 
  • Good morning!  Please add me on for EDD August 18 and NO definitely no other adults or children in the room - just my husband!
  • My mom used to work in Labor and Delivery, so I may end up wanting her to come in.  But MIL gets her feelings hurt so easily and usually irrationally, so I'm sure that will cause a problem since I don't want anyone else in there.  But, I will probably just end up deciding in the moment if I want my mom in there. I'm guessing MIL will be pouting either way.
  • Hi-

    I guess I forgot to be add- my EDD is Aug 2nd!  We will definitely find out the sex and both my husband and I are eager to find out as this is our first.  (Will try to be surprised with the 2nd!)

    My husband and I will most likely be the only 2 other than medical staff in the room.  No kids.

    Congrats to all!

  • Good Morning - please change my EDD from 8/23 to 8/21 (shacost) - Thanks!

    I think we are going to let this one be a suprise just like our first. 

    No other children in the delivery room - the only people I want in there are me and DH and the medical staff.  I personally want to keep it private and just between us. 

  • Good morning! I am due August 12th so please add me to the list. With dd we had people in and out while I was laboring and it was a bit distracting and if I had it to do all over again I wouldn't have it that "open". I wound up having a c/s and will mostly likely do a repeat c/s this time, so just DH and I will be present at birth again! :)
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  • This will be my first so I won't have to make that choice.  But if I did no, they would not be in there.  Don't need to hear the tapestry of profanity Mommy would be weaving.  I have fond memories of coming in to the recovery room where my mom introduced me to my little brother. That was as much as I needed to know!

    Other family members - no way.  Me and DH.

  • Good morning!  My husband and I definitely want to find out what the sex of our baby is as soon as possible...I don't know if I would be able to wait until the end!  We both think we are having a boy though....

     No one will be in the delivery room with me except for my husband and the hospital staff.....I honestly am wary of having family members there with us while we wait during labor.  With my SIL, when she had both of her little girls, my in-laws sat at the hospital basically staring at her sitting in the bed having contractions the entire time she was in labor.....only leaving to go to the waiting room once she was almost ready to have the baby.  And once she had the baby, they continued to sit in her hospital room until she was released a few days later.  They claimed that they were doing this to keep her company, but I think they had other motives, and personally, I don't think I am going to want them to do this.  Especially since I want my family to be visiting too, and I don't want the room to be too crowded once the baby is born!  Plus, I want my husband and I to be able to spend one on one time with the baby and bond as much as possible, and having family members around constantly wanting to hold it makes me nervous. 

    So my plan as of right now is to not let anyone know when I go into labor, and unless we are going to be sitting there completely bored for hours and hours, not calling any family members to let them know we are at the hospital until I am close to having the baby.  And then they can come and sit in the waiting room.  After the baby is born....I don't have a plan for that yet....I will just keep hinting with them that I don't want 24/7 visitors after the baby is born! 

    And definitely no one in the delivery room during labor but the necessary people!

  • Please add me!


    August 9, 2009

    And we will be finding out the sex.  I don't like surprises! :)

  • Good morning :)  We will definitely be finding out the sex, no surprise for us :)

    There def. will not be any children in the delivery room.  I don't think it's something children need to witness or could understand so instead of spending my whole delivery answering "Why" and "What" qustions from a child I will just not have them there.  My DS will be 2 1/2 at the time this baby is born and I don't think he will understand at all :/  Anyways, last time it was only DH in the room with me....this time I might be open to a couple more adults but who knows, we'll see.

  • Friday QOTD: Would you allow any other children in the delivery room-yours or any family members in general? Why or why not?

    I don't have any other kids but my youngest cousins are 9 and 5. If the 9 year old wants to come in before the pushing and all that starts, she'll be more than welcome (during the actually delivery, FH will be the only person in there with me, except for mayyybe my mom, but I haven't decided yet). The 5 year old, though, probably not. He's just an awkward little kid and I really wouldn't want him around me, plus I don't even think he'd really understand what was going on. Hopefully just my uncle will come and he'll leave his wife and kid home.

  • Good Morning Ladies. 


    We will be finding out the sex of our baby if he/she cooperates.

    I do not think I will have anyone else in the delivery room other then husband.  I have a 17 year daughter and she has asked if she can come in.  Not sure how serious she is but I'm on the fence.  We are very close and growing up for her it was always the two of us.  Me and my husband were married in August.  So if she really wants to come in, I may let her so she does not feel left out.  If she does not push it though it will be just me and him but I'm sure she will be in immediately after.


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  • I missed Wednesday's QOTD: Yes, I plan to breastfeed.  Ideally, I would like to do it for a year, but we'll see how it works out.  I will at least for 6 months, and pump as long as I can.

    Friday QOTD: Absolutely no kids!  DH and the medical team and that's it.  Kids don't need to be back there and see that.  They can see the baby when it's all said and done!

  • Friday QOTD: Would you allow any other children in the delivery room-yours or any family members in general? Why or why not?

    No way! My stepdaughter and son would freak out! LOL. I like the privacy of this experience with just DH. That's how I did it before and that's how I will do it again.

  • We will find out the gender.

    Just DH and I in the delivery room. WE had family in the waiting room woth DS #1, and with DS #2, we asked family to stay home until we called that he had arrived, that allowed us to spend some QT with the baby before everyeone came rushing in to ohh and ahhh. With DS #1, the family was in the room 5 mins after he was born, and I had barely held the new arrival,

  • I wouldn't want kids in there.  I know I'll be swearing a lot, and I just don't think it's something I would want kids to see (I don't even want to see it).  I may feel differently in the future for any future children, but as of now I don't even want anyone other than DH there, except of course medically necessary people.

     I'm actually feeling pretty good right now.  I'm so happy.  This is the first time since Christmas day that I don't want to hug the toilet.  I'm sure it won't last long, but I'm enjoying it for however long I get the break.

  • Can you add me to the August 4th group?


    No kids in the delivery room.  Our 8 year old would be very curious about it but I attended my mom's delivery when I was 8 and it was very stressful for me so I don't think I'll have my daughter go through it too! :)

  • Nope, no one else period, aside from my DH. Once we start adding to the family, the older kids can join in the delivery room after the birth. There's no need for them to be there during labor and delivery, and I'd think depending on their age it might be too frantic for them.
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