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Cord Blood Registry

My wife and I have done extensive research and can't find a reason not to bank the cord blood.  God forbid anything should happen and we hadn't taken the opportunity when it was here.


We chose Cord Blood Registry at www.cordblood.com and got a great deal.  $250 off with code M1971

Cord Blood registry

Re: Cord Blood Registry

  • Ok, so how do we flag this poster as a lame-o company trying to get ads on a message board?
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  • Not an ad, just trying to share something my wife and I are passionate about. 
  • Well, uh, when your very first post on a public message board is a big advertisement it sure looks pretty suspcious mister.  And btw the ladies here are pretty well informed about cord blood banking.  

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  • Hi, I have to say i am really surprised by the responses to my husbands' post regarding cord blood banking. Deciding whether or not to endure the expense of banking our baby's cord blood was a big financial decision for us. We spent a fair amount of time investigating different companies, talking to our midwife, our friends who have children, and our friends who are currently pregnant. Even though it means we have to cut back our spending in other areas we have decided to move forward and bank our baby's cord blood. This decision was made in part b/c my father had MS and although MS does not have a high incidence of being passed between generations, it does happen, and stem cells look very promising for treating MS.


    I asked my husband to put the information about it on the bump, I thought I was doing a good thing, in trying to help people save money, especially given the expense and the current economy. When speaking my with 2 girlfriends who are currently pregnant they both said they wanted to bank their baby's cord blood but couldn't afford it. The post is not an ad, and we are not a company. I am a licensed massaged therapist and my husband is an IT guy. We are first time parents who thought we would share a money saver.


    Best of luck to everyone with their pregnancies

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