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ulcerative colitis and pregnancy

Hi there anyone out there that is pregnant and has ulcerative collitis? I was diagnosed 2 years ago and would like to start my family but I am very nervous about it. My doc is not too helpful and thinks that I am good to go even though I know better than that. Just wondering what your thoughts are or how your experience went...


Re: ulcerative colitis and pregnancy

  • I don't have it but my coworker was talking about this the other day.  Her friend just had a baby and I guess all was well but that she did have an attack after the baby was born. 

    Sorry your doctor hasn't been more help.  Is that your family doctor or OBGYN?  Maybe talk to the other one and see what they say?  If that doesn't work you might want to look for someone else.

  • Thanks. It is my specialist for ulcerative collitis who is not helpful. We only have two in town so my options are limited. I am not pregnant but thinking about it and I am just not confident yet about all the complications that may occur. Also the closest high risk specialist is 4 hrs away ...not something I want to deal with..just looking for other thoughts.



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