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goopy eyes .

Richard just turned 4 months and we have noticed that there has been mucus in his eyes .  Has anybody else had this problem , what did you do?  His eyes are not puffy or red  , he just has goopy stuff in them.

Re: goopy eyes .

  • sounds like a clogged tear duct.  keep it clean with water and cottonballs, but other then that, it has to work itself out.  Peds won't do anything about it until a child reaches 1 and still is showing signs of a clog.  I have beed dealing with DDs since 5days old... one side is unclogged (only took about a week) but the other is holding on strong.
  • I agree, it's probably a clogged tear duct.  DD gets this from time to time and my dr has prescribed eye drops to use for her.  You may want to check with your dr.
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  • Is the goopy stuff green?  Has he been congested as well?  DS had green goop pouring out of his eyes and it was actually mucus from his nasal passages (that also made his ear infected!).  He had RSV though...and it created all of these secondary problems...


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  • maggie had that and it ended up being a double ear infection - she had no other symptoms - so you may wanna get it checked out.
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