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If your DC has a face rash from teething/drool...

Was is just on their chin?  DD has it really bad on her chin & sides of mouth, but she also has rash spots on her chest, and red bumps on her head, neck, shoulders & a little on her back.  She has a milk protein intolerance & is on Alimentum, & we're wondering if she's developing an allergy to it.  She seems to have flare-ups of her face & chest getting a little better, then worse again.  We keep a bib on her all the time so I don't see why the drool would cause a rash on her chest.  We asked our pedi about it & she told us it was probably dry skin.  Of course, whenever we go to the dr. it doesn't look bad so we look like liars.  Can you tell me about your DC's drool/teething rash?  We are thinking about calling her pedi GI dr. (the one that put her on Alimentum) on Monday & asking about trying to switch to soy.
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Re: If your DC has a face rash from teething/drool...

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