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Baby in Four Hours.

So my daughter is almost a year old but Ive been thinking of her birth story a lot lately. Maybe its because she's almost a year already and I cant believe it or that Im gonna be doing it all over again in October. Anyway! Here's my daughter's story.

So first lets go back to 33 weeks, I had been having braxton hicks since about the beginning of the third trimester but these BHs were starting to get more painful and close together, called the hospital and they told me to wait an hour and come in if they intensified. They did, by A LOT, we went in and found out that I was in labour, like actual, baby-is-coming labour. Scary, turns out I had been very dehydrated and that was causing her to come early. But the doctors gave me an iv and some medication to try slow labour down so she wouldnt be born that early. It worked, but just in case she did decide to try for an early arrival, they gave a steriod shot to help her lungs mature faster and put me on bedrest. I was in the hospital for a week before they let me go home.

After that we were on high alert for baby. My doctor gave me an estimate that we'd be back in the hospital within a couple weeks, she didnt think I would make it past 36.

Shockingly, I went two days overdue. At one day over, I thought my water had broke, well leaked a little, but after walking and bouncing on a birth ball, there was no other sign of my water breaking. At two days over, we had a 'just in case' appointment. I told my doctor about how my water may have leaked so she took a swab and sure enough it came back positive for amniotic fluid. So she sent us to the hospital. We checked in, got settled and were told to do some walking to try and get labour started. I didnt even make it off the bed before my water broke. They still told me to walk. I made it halfway down the hallway when the rest of my water broke and I started having MAJOR, out-of-nowhere contractions. Back to the room, onto the bed - baby was coming. At this point I asked for an epidural, I was 6cm, lots of time. They gave me gas to take the edge off. Was not happening. A shot of fentanyl helped a tiny bit but not enough. Decided to get into the small tub in the bathroom. That was better until the contractions started getting to be too much. Out of the tub for a check, wheres the epidural? Already 8cm, too late.

The worst was closing the 8 to 10cm gap and at this point the fentanyl was about useful as an umbrella in a hurricane.

Now it was time to push. This part is a big blur for me, I just remember lots of encouragement and a tiny bit of relief from the pain of contractions. Of course they were still there but not nearly as ridiculously painful. I dont know how long I pushed for but the end result was VERY minimal tearing and a healthy, screaming 9lb 9oz girl.

Getting to the hospital to meeting my baby took just four hours. Im excited to meet the next one and I want to be as med free as possible but Im also nervous that because its my second, I'll be faster and wont make it to the hospital. But we'll see!

Thanks for reading!

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