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"Big" baby Vaginal birth stories??

Hi everyone, I'm currently 39+3 and my docs are starting to push for induction due to the baby measuring about 8lbs 14 oz. They have me very nervous about being able to have a vaginal birth due to the size of the baby. Have any of you given birth vaginally to a baby over the "average" size? I'm really hoping their estimates are off, but I need some positive stories right now.

Re: "Big" baby Vaginal birth stories??

  • I deliveries my son 8lbs 6oz vaginally med free. It's do-able. They did cut me because his head was HUGE. But it's better than a tear.
    Also my mom delivered me vaginally med free and I was 10.
    If your not wanting to be induced then tell them you want to wait
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  • Thanks ladies! I'm hoping for a similar experience. They really do know how to get the mind working against you in all of this. I can completely see how so many women just agree with the recommendations and get induced or go with the c/s. So many women I saw in the dr office waiting room were talking about their scheduled inductions or c/s, I felt like I was the only one not doing that. Seems crazy to me!!!!
  • DD #1 was 9lbs 1 oz. DD #2 was 9lbs even, but a week early. I delivered them both vaginally. I was induced both times but it was not bc of size. I had no problem delivering either baby. Last week my current baby's estimated weight at 38+ weeks was 8.5 oz. so it's looking like he will be another 9+ lbs baby too.
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  • My baby was 9# 13 oz. Vaginal pain med free induction. It's certainly possible! I asked dh when we could have the next one two weeks after he was born
  • Thanks for the stories ladies! I'm still eagerly awaiting LO's arrival and let the docs know I'm not comfortable with the induction. My official due date is the 22nd, so hopefully she'll make her debut soon!
  • My son was born at 40w 6d  and was 9lbs 5oz with a 15" head.  He was a med-free vaginal birth.  I did end up tearing but healed without stitches.  I probably tore because he was also born with his arm around his head.

    Good luck!! :-)

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  • Thanks for the stories and reassurance! I'm 40W +1 today and getting more worried about my upcoming dr appt this Thursday if she doesn't come before then. I really wanted to avoid induction and especially a c/s....and I'm afraid an induction would lead to the c/s. I'm starting to feel some light cramping the past few days, so praying I'll be able to do this without interventions!!
  • A good friend of mine delivered a 10lb 1 oz baby vaginally.  She was 40w 4 days.  They did induce her.  She was very lucky. Given pitocin at 11:00 am and delivered at 6:00 pm.  She only pushed for 20 minutes.  Good luck!
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  • Good for you for standing your ground, suspected 'big baby' is not a reason to induce unless there are other factors at play such as GD or something.  These weight estimates can be off by as much as a pound at the end, so I wouldn't put much faith in them.

    DS was 8lb12oz with a head in the 75%.  He was born med-free and I had him out in 2 pushes.  I did have a second degree tear, but nothing major.  You can do it mama!
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  • Thanks again everyone! The stories definitely help! Still nothing so we'll see how my appt goes tomorrow.
  • My DD was born 41w2d after being induced. She was estimated to be about 10lbs, she was 8lbs5oz. After the doctors telling me I was going to have a big baby and that I would go early, I just stopped beleiving what they were saying.
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  • My DD was born 41w2d after being induced. She was estimated to be about 10lbs, she was 8lbs5oz. After the doctors telling me I was going to have a big baby and that I would go early, I just stopped beleiving what they were saying.
    This is about where they're now estimating my baby to be. I'm scheduled now for next Monday night, which will put me right at 41W. I'm praying I go before then this weekend though. I'm so uncomfortable at this point, I don't know how she's not ready to come out yet. Still no signs of labor....I was about 50% effaced and absolutely no dilation yet as of yesterday.
  • Ok, starting to really freak out about being induced tomorrow night. At my last NST last Thursday all was fine with me and the baby. We put the induction on the calendar more as a place holder, but now I'm hesitant about this decision. I'll be 41w on Tuesday. Should I wait it out another few days? I feel like everyone around me including family and the doctors are pushing for the induction!!
  • It is your decision! If you don't feel comfortable with it, and everything still looks good and healthy, talk to your doctor about waiting a few more days. Try not to let your friends and family influence your decision! I had my induction at 41+4 and do not regret waiting, in fact I wish I could have waited another day or 2. But I felt like I gave my baby and my body the best chance I could to go on my own with the information I had at the time.

    Did your doctor talk to you about your bishop score?
  • I can't speak to having a large baby but I can speak to how horrible pitocen is. I was laboring naturally on my own and was fine until they decided to start the pitocen. The second they started it in my IV my contractions became 20 times worse and I am not exaggerating. I will be avoiding induction like the plague with this pregnancy, of course unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • My first was born at 36 weeks and he was 5 lbs and 15 ounces and my second was almost 42 weeks and he was 9 lbs 2 ounces and to 100% honest there wasn't the slightest difference in giving birth to them.  They were both 100% natural.  You CAN do it!!

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  • I agree with PP. Unless there are medical reasons you shouldn't go for induction unless YOU are comfortable with it. I have heard being induced creates a more painful labor.

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  • Also have you done massaging? You don't have to share here if you don't want to, but there are other ways to prepare for labor.

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  • @Jennoskcaj are you comfortable? Is baby in distress?
    If all is well then no need to induce.

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    Hi everyone, just wanted to check back in on this thread. I wound up going in for the induction on 4/28 and started with the cervical catheter. That was a long, painful night and got me to about 2 cm. after that, they started me on pitocin, but I didn't respond at all to it and I wound up going back to only 1cm dilated and the baby still hadn't dropped. I was being induced for more than 24 hours and started feeling like this wasn't going to work and I was just putting myself and my baby at unnecessary risk with the pitocin so I reluctantly opted for the c-section. The c/s experience was absolutely a nightmare. I had a terrible reaction to the spinal and I didn't get to see or hold my baby for more than 3 hours. She was born healthy though at 23 1/4" long and 9lbs 9oz. I'm not happy about the experience, but I'm glad she's healthy and the birth was without any major complications. At the time of the decision, the doc expressed to me numerous times about her concerns for risking still birth if we waited and shoulder dyscotia if we attempted the v-birth. I know the whole situation wasn't ideal, but I've tried to put it behind me and just focus on my new baby. I cried when I watched the video because I felt like I missed the whole thing and couldn't be there for my LO when she first entered the world. I just try to tell myself I made the right decision. Whether or not I'll ever really believe that....probably not. Thanks for all the words of wisdom though. The support was definitely needed.
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    I am two days past my due date and surprise! I was told today that I'm going to be scheduled for a c-section this coming Tuesday because the baby is 9 lbs 14 oz!!! I was looking forward to vaginal delivery but that won't be the case. I'm a little bit scared but I just want my baby to be healthy. Good luck to everyone :)
  • I'm 38+5 and was told just by feeling my stomach that she was about 8lbs. It freaked me out a little, but I'm not sure how accurate just feeling on the outside is. Hopefully it's not too bad/scary. I don't wanna be induced either!
  • Baby came the day after his due date vaginally and med free. He was 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 20.5 inches long. He was difficult to push out but we made it through just fine.
  • Baby came the day after his due date vaginally and med free. He was 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 20.5 inches long. He was difficult to push out but we made it through just fine.
  • My daughter was born at 38 weeks, 5 hour labor and a half of a push. No tearing, easy peasy. She was 9lb 8oz 20 inches long. Just because they are big doesn't mean they don't come out quick and easy ;)
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  • I delivered my 10 pound DD vaginally and pain-med free at 41weeks, 4 days. I only pushed for an hour and honestly felt like that was the least painful part of labor. I did tear badly but it was due to her position (nuchal arm) more than her size. Also, the Dr estimated she would be an 8 pounder...weight estimates can be off by up to two pounds in either direction!

  • My first son (born 12 years ago) was 8 lbs 12oz. I was induced at 42 weeks because I was showing no signs of labor at all (no effacement, not even BH contractions). The delivery was very fast. Maybe too fast. I think I was given too much pitocin because he got overstressed, pooped in the womb & had very faint heartbeat & wouldnt breathe at first :(
    But he did plop right out real quick, almost effortlessly. I tore but only enough for 3 stitches which healed fast.
    Not sure about your body frame but me Im 5'8" tall with 38" hips & 26" I have big hips naturally already, it may be how/why he wasnt so hard to get out?
  • Did have a Csec but playing devil's advocate for some of the above. I was induced at 39 weeks with my first. She was measuring large, 9-10. Was in labor for 12 hours with pitocin. I only got to 3 cm and they broke my water to see if labor would get going. I had a lot of very painful contractions that did nothing. She just wasn't ready. Finally ended up with a Csec 24 hours after they broke my water due to infection risk. They were guessing at her size before the surgery. Doctor said 8 pounds or so. She came out a whopping 11.1 pounds. Looked like a 4 month old! Sometimes those ultrasounds are off and the babies are small. Sometimes they are off and the baby is larger. I did not have gestational diabetes.

  • DH was born in a natural vaginal delivery and weighed right at 11 lbs. They had no idea he was so big - his mom didn't have ultrasounds and didn't gain very much weight, she is a small frame. He was her 3rd baby and her only natural birth, and she says it was by far her easiest and most enjoyable experience. No tearing, no issues, and she went to the mall the next day. 

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