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Sassy Boys Birth Story. Better late than never! **long**

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My *not so little* boy is 6 years old now. We are hopefully expecting my 2nd & my fiances first (FX for a sticker!) so it seemed appropriate for me to have his story documented. Now let's see if I can remember it all!

It was 4/2/08, I was 20 yrs old, 40lbs heavier than I was ever used to. Retaining the pacific ocean in my face and feet and sooooooo ready to be done with this pregnancy. I had just got done working, it was 10pm and my boyfriend at the time was out of town for work. About 5 hours away. So I did what any normal pregnant girl does at 10pm. I went to the gas station, got myself a large slushie and the biggest bag of flaming hot cheetos a girl could find. I would like to say this wasn't a normal routine but the guy at the gas station really found my waddling in for snacks humorous. So, I got back to my apartment, plopped on the couch, watched some Discovery Health (miss that channel) and ate the whole bag of cheetos. Not ashamed, they were delicious. I start getting awoken by cramps about every 10 minutes at about 5am. But of course in my half asleep state that didn't phase me. I figured, I am going on 9 months pregnant if something doesn't hurt there is something wrong with me. 8am my alarm goes off for work so I get up to pee. Start peeing....stop peeing...but still peeing...stillll....annnd stilll. At this point my head cocks to the side like a dog does when you talk baby talk to it. Then the light bulb goes off. Oh holy sh*t. I get up and sure enough there was the plug (yummy) and I was leaking. At this point my contractions are nothing but I am panicking. My boyfriend is GONE, I am alone. I call everyone I can think of. But my boyfriend. My grandma arrives in record time to drive me to the hospital. I feel bad climbing into her brand new convertible leaking fluid but after being swore at to stop adjusting the effing towel and get the &^%$ in we are off. After arriving to the hospital I find out all the birthing rooms are full and I am stuck in a triage room for a few hours. About an hour after arriving my cell phone rings and it's my boyfriend, wondering why in the hell I didn't call him. Whoops. A pregnant woman in panic can't be blamed for her actions. Anyway he tells me he will be there in 5 hours and to hold in him. Yeah okay buddy. After a leaking waddle to a birthing room I am hooked up to machines, given an IV and some pitocin since I wasn't really dilated but my water was non existent by now they wanted me to progress. It didn't take long for that to work before it felt like I was in the movie Alien. Boyfriend showed up horrified at my screams he heard down the hall. Nurse checks my progress and says 'oh my gosh, you are like 8cm do you want your epidural?!' Ummmm, YEAH. So they give me the juice (ahhhh bliss) and I settle in to relax. An hour later the same nurse comes back  to check me ' your anatomy must have shifted because you are actually only 4cm'. Now I am not in the medical field but I can't quite understand how you miss 6cm of cervix. My mother just about jumped across the bed to strangle her. Needless to say she did not return to my room. Now as thankful as I am about having relief from the pain I am enduring another kind of pain. Being so uncomfortable I was in tears. Not being able to move took a toll. They wouldn't even let me change positions because his heart rate kept dropping with every contraction. I was on oxygen, it was just miserable. FINALLY, at 10:00pm I am able to push. I push for 15 minutes (only stopping once to vomit) and there he was, gorgeous, pink and screaming. The Dr then tells me 'ma'am I need you to know how lucky you are, your son had a complete true knot in his cord. Babies die from this.' Well, thank yoooou Dr. After a pretty eventful 17 hours total of labor my little man made his way into the world and has completed me. He made me mature and show me what it is truly like to love someone. I am ready for round 2! Thanks for reading this long tale :)) It felt great to type it all out. 

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Re: Sassy Boys Birth Story. Better late than never! **long**

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