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What's the strangest thing you've had an aversion to in this pregnancy?

I had an aversion to water...
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've had an aversion to in this pregnancy?

  • Everything. Literally everything tasted like mud or chemicals. For an entire month, the only thing I could choke down was cantaloupe and plain white rice. And even then, I felt like I was eating dirt.
  • Ugh. Hope that gets better!
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  • Nothing so far, but we had pizza for dinner & I feel like I'm gonna hurl


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  • When I had food aversion it was towards meat. Steak in particular. All I could think about was the steak my husband had just made with garlic. It was good at the time, but bad news for a while

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  • Coffee for sure. Before pregnancy I couldn't get enough coffee and would have several cups a day. Now I can't even stand the smell. I miss my warm cup of coffee in the morning :( 
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  • I had an aversion to water in my last pregnancy.  I could only drink Dasani.  Not just bottled water- ONLY Dasani.  

    This time it's meat. Chicken, beef, fish, pork- all of it.  Ugh.
  • Peanut butter, which I usually love. The mere thought of it makes me want to gag.
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  • I'm finally starting to be okay with eating chocolate again. For a while the smell made me gag. I have cocoa butter lotion, but I still can't use it very often because it smells so nasty to me. Which is really weird because normally I ADORE chocolate.

  • Red wine and my super-mild Facewash, Cetaphil, make me want to hurl. I had to switch cleansers! Also soup.
  • Pizza, chocolate, red meat, toast-but untoasted bread is fine, eggs, avocado, pasta... I'm basically a miserable pregnant person.

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  • coffee for sure and onions. raw onions are especially nauseating, but even caramelised onions sound sweet and puky.

    on the other hand, i can't get enough fruit and baked goods.
  • Last time I couldn't stand vegetables for most of first tri. Kale and leafy greens, especially. My roommate was making Indian food one day and the smell of kale and tumeric made me puke.
    Really hoping this time is different.
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  • can't do baked good, especially cookies. typing that made me sick.

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  • So far I have had an aversion to meat in general and a craving for fruits and vegetables, especially avacado and apples. The thought of cheese is making me gag right now which is not normally the case!
  • My husband's toothpaste. 

    We had to buy me a whole different kind of toothpaste. That's why there is now "his and hers" toothpastes in our bathroom. Lol
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  • All meat aside from steak (chicken especially!), eggs, salad (but veggies & dip are fine), mexican food and my gummy prenatals. I had to switch back to my pill form until my aversion to the gummies go away.

    I've been living off of snacks. yogurt, applesauce, string cheese, nuts, nutrition shakes and rice are my go to foods.

    On a plus side, my morning sickness is not nearly as bad as it was before. I might be nearing the end!! *knock on wood*
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  • Mine is Chipoltle! the smell, the idea...its horrible!! I have morning sickness pretty bad but that is enough to make me sick just thinking of it!


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  • I had a very hard time drinking water for the first 3 months.
  • Ditto on the coffee. I couldn't smell it, think about it, or go in the cabinet where it is stored. This from the girl that used to bring back pounds of Dunkin Donuts coffee in her luggage every time she went to the east coast
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  • Coffee and Bacon are the big ones for me. Two things I loved before getting pregnant. Now DH is banned from cooking bacon in the house because I find even the smell revolting
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  • mine is the deli section at the grocery store. the smell of it makes me gag!
  • these gluten free pretzels I used to inhale... now the thought of them makes me want to puke. Also almond butter, which I was craving just 2 weeks ago.  :( I also was craving fajitas like crazy but after eating them, the thought of them makes me sick too almost a full week later :(  I'm craving roast beef though, like the real stuff not deli-meat, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. NO not at the same time... yet. lol
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  • My husbands deodorant. He took a shower one night, put some on and got into bed. I nearly hurled. He had to take another shower just to get rid of the smell. Chicken has been another big one. I can eat it in soup, but nothing else. The idea of a nice piece of chicken for dinner, forget it, just thinking about it makes me gag. Tap water also is a no no for me. Something about it just feels gritty going down, even though nothing has changed. Strictly bottled water for a while I guess.
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  • Salad yesterday! :(  I love having salads for lunch but yesterday I couldn't get one bite down...hoping I can eat them again soon!
  • Early in 1st tri when my m/s was at its worst, it was cigarette smoke, the smell of dog food, crackers and water. All I could stomach was diet pop.

    I'm still having an adversion to crackers, specifically Ritz ones. Gross, get them away from me.

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  • my worst aversion is red meat. Also I cannot even think about onions or garlic. Oh and toothpaste...I'm using kids toothpaste its easier to handle. Its amazing how the senses change so much during pregnancy....
  • chicken.................ew
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  • kbsatre said:

    My husband's toothpaste. 

    We had to buy me a whole different kind of toothpaste. That's why there is now "his and hers" toothpastes in our bathroom. Lol
    I cannot stand the smell of DH's body wash now. I made him go out and buy a new kind, and I still don't like it but at least it doesn't make me gag. When he comes home from work all greasy & sweaty and smelling like a mixture of that and submarine, I want to bottle that smell and keep it forever.

    TLDR; my husband stinks when he is clean and smells heavenly when he is a dirty mess.

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  • Pizza and the smell of cooked peppers. Barrrfff I ate pizza because I was starving and my in laws bought it but I was so sick. Then on the plane they served omelet egg with peppers the smell was everywhere and was so ill with no where to go!
  • Orange juice and definitely coffee. ...reading this thread with everyone else's aversions is actually making me a little queasy too...
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