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Stories :)) how'd you tell your spouse?

I am curious and want to see how other did this. How did you all tell your spouse once you found out you were pregnant? Did you take the test together?? :)

Re: Stories :)) how'd you tell your spouse?

  • 'Hey, do you see a line'. Followed up with 'oh my God, I am pregnant'.
    That was for both DD and this LO. both in the kitchen

  • 'Hey, do you see a line'. Followed up with 'oh my God, I am pregnant'.
    That was for both DD and this LO. both in the kitchen

    That's exactly what I did. I went to the kitchen and asked if he saw the line and then we both were like "oh my god we're pregnant"
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  • I POAS first thing on a Saturday morning, before DH was awake.  I crawled back into bed, cuddled with him a bit, and said "Guess what.  I'm pregnant"
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  • I shook him awake in the middle of the night, shoved a digital in his face and asked him to read it to be sure I hadn't misread. He rolled his eyes, told me "Duh, of course it worked" (all of our FETs with good quality embryos have worked) and went back to sleep while I had a panic attack because in my mind pregnancy always ended in miscarriage and I didn't want to go through another loss.

    I might have bothered with cute if we had gotten pregnant in the first year. After 4 years, 6 IVF transfers, and two traumatic losses- there was no cute left.
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  • First time I thought I saw a line and so I took a digi. I was waiting for it when my husband knocked and said he had to use the bathroom. I put the test in a spot I would never look on the shelf above the toliet. Of course that is exactly where my dh was looking. He came out and said, "That thing says we're pregnant!" So really he got to tell me.

    The second time I thought I was pg but we were away at a cousin's wedding. We bought the tests together but then he went to see his brother. I took the test and just left it on the sink. He came back to the room and I told him to go get ready in the bathroom.

    The third time I took a test thought it was negative and threw it away. I was upset so I fished it out of the garbage later to look again and I saw a faint line. Of course it was outside the time limit so I waited until that afternoon, took another and it was positive. I wrote on the mirror: Are you sure you want to do this again?

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  • I had bought a onsie from the university we both went too when we first started TTC (Oct 2012). I had hidden it away in my drawer and he didn't know. I took one in the morning before work, it was positive so I went in to our bedroom with the positive test, held up the onsie and said "It doesn't fit now, but it should in September" and proceed to burst into tears. We were so happy to have success after our 2nd IUI. 

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  • I had DD pick out any card she wanted to give to DH. She picked out a happy birthday 2 year old card because it had a picture of ice cream, ha ha. Anyway, we met up with him for dinner after we got off work and she gave him the card. Inside I wrote (from her) that she wanted to give him and card just because she loved him and then had and arrow to read the back and it said something like, I also wanted to tell you I'm going to be a big sister in May.

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  • We have four animals, our youngest is a big fat cat named Todd. I got a 24 month onesie (He looks hilarious in it) and wrote "I'm going to be a big brother October 2014" on it. DH came home and I told him while I was at the grocery store I bought Todd a new shirt. He went out to look at it and then looked at me with huge eyes and said "You're PREGNANT?! Are you serious? Honey are you serious?!" Then gave me a huge hug with tears in his eyes. It was a pretty special moment. :)

    Lol, when Dh asked me to marry him I kept asking 'are you serious?'

  • Well, with both pregnancies, we found out while seeing the dr for other reasons. So we found out both times together. We had no idea we were expecting either time!
  • I went to the kitchen and handed H a beer and said 'you're going to need this'.  It was about 10am on Thanksgiving.  

    With DD I sent him a pic of the test while he was on the golf course.  He knew I was taking the test.  

    We're super romantic.  
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  • I was planilha to wait to say online after the US, but this morning (the morning after i figure out) we hugged me and said "you are so warm, are you with fever?" And i answered "no, and i bope i stay that warm for the following 9 months" and he gave the most incredible smile in the World (i will Never forget)
  • *planning to say only after. (Sorry typo errors)
  • I POAS and saw the faint line (dollar store test) - immediately ran out of the bathroom to my DH and said asked if he saw what I did.  His comment - "are you sure - it's really faint".
    He was skeptical until 3 or 4 days later when I took a FRER and got a bright pink line almost instantly.  I got back in bed and told him we were having a baby and he was SO thrilled.  And (TMI) proceeded to do the very thing that got us into this situation in the first place, LOL.
  • No cute story here! We were together. He was laying in bed and I was brushing my teeth after I peed. He was suppose to tell me when three minutes was up but I stood there staring at it. I watched both lines come up, and I ask him if it's time. He says yes and I walk out of the bathroom and he goes, "so?" And I go, "guess." He says, " not pregnant." And I said "no, I am." We were then awake all night long haha. We were a little shell shocked!
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  • Background: I had a doctor's appt because I'd failed the progestin test, and was frustrated as hell because we were TTC, my period was MIA, and I was fairly desperate for a new cycle. All my tests had been BFNs, and since I wasn't ovulating, I finally gave up and stopped my weekly test. At the docs office she tested me, and I got a BFP! Then she took me in the other room for an u/s to find out the date. (This is the short version.)

    DH was expecting a call about how my appointment went- but I wanted to see his face. So I told him it went well, that she gave me next steps, and I'd tell him the whole story after work. I also suggested he pick up a 6-pack.

    When he (finally) got home I popped the top on his beer, and suggested that we talk in the bedroom (away from the kids). He followed me in and spotted the onesie I'd put in the center of the bed, and the pee stick on top of it (the doc had let me take home). He stated at it a second, and busted out, "WHAT THE FU*K IS THIS???" (I know, super romantic, right?) He sat down and asked if I was sure, and I pulled out the u/s pic. Then he started laughing and tearing up and started teasing me about all the times I had cried because I was "broken". I was 8 weeks pregnant. :)
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  • I had bought a onsie that said 'official jelly bean' and a mug that said 'jelly bean's daddy' (which has to do with our last name, so it's even cuter) and had that for when I found out. Of course I ruined that by walking out of the bathroom and asking him to come in the kitchen and look at something. He didn't see the line at first because it was faint, and jokingly said he'd go pack his bags and started to walk away. I told him to get back here, and look again. He did - but still didn't believe it because the line wasn't as dark as the control. It took a while to convince him that a line is a line. Then I gave him the present and a card, at which time he cried. It wasn't what I had planned, but it was still sweet :)
  • I texted him from work when I got the call from the fertility doctor's office verifying that my extreme hungover feeling meant we were expecting.

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  • I took the test 8am Christmas Eve morning. My husband had to work that day, and then we had family get togethers as soon as he got off work. I wrapped up 2 positive tests, and gave them to him once we finally had privacy that night, telling him it was an early Christmas present. The worst was having the secret by myself for 14 hours and having to act normal at family gatherings.
  • I found out during the day and when he got home from work I handed him a glass of beer and said "I won't be joining you" hehe
  • I set out two onesies, one for each of our favorite football teams and put the positive test on top. His jaw dropped when he saw it lol.



  • I had three dreams about boys in a row and told them about them each time. The first time because I dreamed about triplets and was like OH GOD. NO. NOOOO. The second time because the baby was the cutest mixture of my brother and husband. The third time because it was like, "Okay, this is weird. I dreamed about a kid again.."

    After work, I came home with groceries and made a really random dish that we never eat because he doesn't like asian food. I had the weirdest craving for sweet potatos. He walked out after dinner/dishes to get "cigarettes" and came home with a pregnancy test. Woke up and took it. O_O "Babe... it came out positive." He scooped me up, kissed me, and was like, "We're going to have a babyyyyy!" Then we made some pretty awesome love.

    Admittedily, I'm more terrified than excited, but his excitement is pushing me in the right direction.  :\">

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