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Stories :)) how'd you tell your spouse?

I am curious and want to see how other did this. How did you all tell your spouse once you found out you were pregnant? Did you take the test together?? :)

Re: Stories :)) how'd you tell your spouse?

  • 'Hey, do you see a line'. Followed up with 'oh my God, I am pregnant'.
    That was for both DD and this LO. both in the kitchen

    That's exactly what I did. I went to the kitchen and asked if he saw the line and then we both were like "oh my god we're pregnant"
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  • I shook him awake in the middle of the night, shoved a digital in his face and asked him to read it to be sure I hadn't misread. He rolled his eyes, told me "Duh, of course it worked" (all of our FETs with good quality embryos have worked) and went back to sleep while I had a panic attack because in my mind pregnancy always ended in miscarriage and I didn't want to go through another loss.

    I might have bothered with cute if we had gotten pregnant in the first year. After 4 years, 6 IVF transfers, and two traumatic losses- there was no cute left.
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  • First time I thought I saw a line and so I took a digi. I was waiting for it when my husband knocked and said he had to use the bathroom. I put the test in a spot I would never look on the shelf above the toliet. Of course that is exactly where my dh was looking. He came out and said, "That thing says we're pregnant!" So really he got to tell me.

    The second time I thought I was pg but we were away at a cousin's wedding. We bought the tests together but then he went to see his brother. I took the test and just left it on the sink. He came back to the room and I told him to go get ready in the bathroom.

    The third time I took a test thought it was negative and threw it away. I was upset so I fished it out of the garbage later to look again and I saw a faint line. Of course it was outside the time limit so I waited until that afternoon, took another and it was positive. I wrote on the mirror: Are you sure you want to do this again?

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  • I had bought a onsie from the university we both went too when we first started TTC (Oct 2012). I had hidden it away in my drawer and he didn't know. I took one in the morning before work, it was positive so I went in to our bedroom with the positive test, held up the onsie and said "It doesn't fit now, but it should in September" and proceed to burst into tears. We were so happy to have success after our 2nd IUI. 

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  • I had DD pick out any card she wanted to give to DH. She picked out a happy birthday 2 year old card because it had a picture of ice cream, ha ha. Anyway, we met up with him for dinner after we got off work and she gave him the card. Inside I wrote (from her) that she wanted to give him and card just because she loved him and then had and arrow to read the back and it said something like, I also wanted to tell you I'm going to be a big sister in May.

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  • Well, with both pregnancies, we found out while seeing the dr for other reasons. So we found out both times together. We had no idea we were expecting either time!
  • I went to the kitchen and handed H a beer and said 'you're going to need this'.  It was about 10am on Thanksgiving.  

    With DD I sent him a pic of the test while he was on the golf course.  He knew I was taking the test.  

    We're super romantic.  
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  • I was planilha to wait to say online after the US, but this morning (the morning after i figure out) we hugged me and said "you are so warm, are you with fever?" And i answered "no, and i bope i stay that warm for the following 9 months" and he gave the most incredible smile in the World (i will Never forget)
  • *planning to say only after. (Sorry typo errors)
  • I POAS and saw the faint line (dollar store test) - immediately ran out of the bathroom to my DH and said asked if he saw what I did.  His comment - "are you sure - it's really faint".
    He was skeptical until 3 or 4 days later when I took a FRER and got a bright pink line almost instantly.  I got back in bed and told him we were having a baby and he was SO thrilled.  And (TMI) proceeded to do the very thing that got us into this situation in the first place, LOL.
  • No cute story here! We were together. He was laying in bed and I was brushing my teeth after I peed. He was suppose to tell me when three minutes was up but I stood there staring at it. I watched both lines come up, and I ask him if it's time. He says yes and I walk out of the bathroom and he goes, "so?" And I go, "guess." He says, " not pregnant." And I said "no, I am." We were then awake all night long haha. We were a little shell shocked!
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  • I had bought a onsie that said 'official jelly bean' and a mug that said 'jelly bean's daddy' (which has to do with our last name, so it's even cuter) and had that for when I found out. Of course I ruined that by walking out of the bathroom and asking him to come in the kitchen and look at something. He didn't see the line at first because it was faint, and jokingly said he'd go pack his bags and started to walk away. I told him to get back here, and look again. He did - but still didn't believe it because the line wasn't as dark as the control. It took a while to convince him that a line is a line. Then I gave him the present and a card, at which time he cried. It wasn't what I had planned, but it was still sweet :)
  • I texted him from work when I got the call from the fertility doctor's office verifying that my extreme hungover feeling meant we were expecting.

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  • I took the test 8am Christmas Eve morning. My husband had to work that day, and then we had family get togethers as soon as he got off work. I wrapped up 2 positive tests, and gave them to him once we finally had privacy that night, telling him it was an early Christmas present. The worst was having the secret by myself for 14 hours and having to act normal at family gatherings.
  • I found out during the day and when he got home from work I handed him a glass of beer and said "I won't be joining you" hehe
  • I set out two onesies, one for each of our favorite football teams and put the positive test on top. His jaw dropped when he saw it lol.



  • I had three dreams about boys in a row and told them about them each time. The first time because I dreamed about triplets and was like OH GOD. NO. NOOOO. The second time because the baby was the cutest mixture of my brother and husband. The third time because it was like, "Okay, this is weird. I dreamed about a kid again.."

    After work, I came home with groceries and made a really random dish that we never eat because he doesn't like asian food. I had the weirdest craving for sweet potatos. He walked out after dinner/dishes to get "cigarettes" and came home with a pregnancy test. Woke up and took it. O_O "Babe... it came out positive." He scooped me up, kissed me, and was like, "We're going to have a babyyyyy!" Then we made some pretty awesome love.

    Admittedily, I'm more terrified than excited, but his excitement is pushing me in the right direction.  :\">

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  • I was away on an archeo excavation in Europe and during my first week away, missed my period and took a test one night after work. My fiancé was still at work when I got my bfp so I sent him a pic saying "we miss you." He didn't quite get it for a few minutes. Lol.
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    I got an etremely faint questionable "could it be the lighting" line on a wondfo on both 9 and 10dpo. On 10dpo I went in to the bedroom super early and asked if he could see a line. He said yes "does that mean yours pregnant?" I told him, yes. but the lack of excitement waS there. We went to the gym.. picked up the first response-took it when I got home. he took the dog outside to go to the bathroom by the time he came back in I ran out of the bathroom screaming "I'm pregnant!"

    It's a BOY

  • I wanted to do something so sweet! It was a different story when I found out though! lol I just spilled the beans right away!
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  • Both times were via text - very special, I know. But I get home at 5pm and he doesn't get home until 8pm so there was no way I could wait three hours to tell him. I sent him photos of the tests. 
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  • I ran out of the bathroom and screamed, "I'M EFFING PREGNANT!"

    Not the sweet intimate moment all dream of, but there it is.




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  • I loved reading these!

    We had been suspicious already but I wasn't sure if I skipped in Jan or just forgot although he was pretty sure. So, I wated until he got home Saturday night to take it together. I poas and left it a couple of minutes. We both went to look and I thought the line was faint, he thought it was very clear. We just hugged, kissed, and teared up a bit. Still hard to believe.

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  • Put a tshirt over DS's PJs that said, "best big brother" when MH went downstairs to get him breakfast. He came upstairs and kept saying Really? Really?






  • at lunch i went to CVS.. bought tampons and a test (thinking i would need ONE of the two-- i am sure the older lady in the middle of the aisle was laughing at me).  Then I made myself wait til after work (and of course ended up having to stay an extra hour and half at work).. did the test (PREGNANT!!) I was sooo excited and was "patiently" waiting for bf to get home.. and waited..and waited... then he came home and was on the phone with his mom!  arrgghhhh!!  After 20 minutes finally asked him to call her back and then just showed him (yup big build up for that) the stick.  And then spent the next hour and half trying to help him map out "when" it happened (i showed him the date) and what we did that day (he is silly but sweet). 
  • I went in the bathroom and took the test. My husband was on the couch watching tv and had no clue I was taking one. I came out and said "do you know how to read these thermometers?" He looked at me like I was an idiot with the " what are you talking about?" face. Took the test out of my hand and then stood there in shock for a min.
  • I bought books on amazon after he did, Dude your going to be a Dad and My boys can swim. Since he is in the military an away, we skyped (I videotaped) asking him when the book delivery was getting there. His face was priceless, he said whattttttttt are you serious?!?!

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  • I snuck and took a bunch of tests while DH was running errands. I sent him a text with the results that said "uuuuummmmmmm........"
    He called back and I was all giddy but he didn't get the text yet. He was calling about dog food. I kept dropping hints but he kept talking about the damn dog food. I just blurted out DAMNIT I'M PREGNANT.
    Dead silence. Followed by giggles that made me think that a 10 year old girl had picked up the phone.
  • Since we thought that we may end up having fertility issues (due to a hereditary issue) I took 2 digital tests when I woke up one morning (I had had a dream that I took one so I did it to get my mind off if it.) it came back positive twice and I walked calmly back into our bedroom and said "hey.. Can you read this?!" He barely opened his eyes and said "WHAT?! My boys can swim!!!"
  • Over the weekend we were at a motorcycle show and I could tell something was off. I was supposed to start my period Sunday but nothing. My neighbor was pushing me to take a test but I would get scares all the time and waste money on them so I was reluctant.  This time it felt different. On Monday morning and we were rushing around getting ready for a sales meeting. We work from home and had a salesperson coming over. I went upstairs to clean up and get stuff together. I decided to just POAS anyways. I put it on the back of the toilet and walked away. Kind of forgetting about it.  Half hour later I was rushing to take a shower. I remember I had it POAS so I checked it out. Two lines. PREGNANT! I started crying right away. I grabbed it and ran down the hall screaming my husbands name. He met me at the bottom of the stairs with a look of terror on his face.  He thought I broke a leg, lost a finger or hurt myself something fierce by the way I was screaming. We hugged and went back to getting ready. 

    I think he was in shock the first few days we knew.  I think it is slowly starting to sink in because I caught him looking up baby girl name. 
  • I told my husband this past saturday morning. He was still asleep so when i saw the positives i ran to he office and grabbed some construction paper and scribbled "roses are red, violets are blue. What we're been praying for finally came true." On the back i wrote "hi daddy! Love, baby" i was shaking uncontrollably and my heart was racing so hard it felt like it was gonna jump out of my chest.

    I woke him up and said i had a late valentine's gift for him. It took him a while to get since he was still half asleep. When it finally clicked i pulled out the 3 pos tests and showed him.

    We are so excited and hoping this goes well!
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  • I had went to the doctor because i had missed my period. I was a month behind. So i told him and he got excited. We made a doctors appointment for the next week and went and got our news. Due date October 1 !!!!!!!! 
  • Well my DD just turned 6 months on aug 7. I told H my back has really been hurting and my belly has gotten fluffy. I said I really feel like I should take a test. He kept insisting my belly was due to not working out. Lol! He's so sweet, right?! Anyways, we got two tests and I took one and sure enough there were two lines. I pull out the old one from my first (yes I kept it) and compared the two. Yeaaaaa, they look the same to me so I walk out and say what does this look like to you? He just stared and I said here's the old test . His jaw dropped and said "oh shit!" Then screamed yaaaayyyyyy!!! He's so excited that our babies will be so close in age. I'am too, he's just like a kid in the candy store.

    We have our "Irish Twins"

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  • I had a miscarriage in dec and found out I was pregnant again in feb! I was on the phone with my friend when I took the test and I was in denial about it being positive so I sent her a picture! She called me back and was like your definitely pregnant! My H was still at work so I waited on him to get home and I put a tag on our dogs collar that said MOMMAS PREGNANT!!
  • There was no surprising my boo.  I peed. He watched. The end.
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  • I hate taking pregnancy tests because when we were trying for our first I swear I took 100 tests all came back negative (I have PCOS). After 2 years of trying, finally got pregnant. With DS #1 I finally made my DH look before me and it was positive. The 2nd DS, I peed on the stick waited for DH to get home from work and made him look first again, came back positive. To follow tradition with this baby #3, he looked first again and it came back positive. I guess he has the magic touch.
  • really crappy picture hahaha but its a shadow box and it says "Guess who's going to be a daddy!"with my first pee stick taped in it haha
  • I took a test the day before my period was due (we weren't trying to get pregnant but I knew there was a chance that I could be because we had had drunken, unprotected sex a few weeks beforehand) and got an extremely faint second line. I kept said to my husband "I think there are two lines" and he said "Nope. I only see one line. Definitely not pregnant." I thought I must just be imagining it. That night and the next day I experienced cramps like my period was about to begin so naturally I assumed that's exactly what was going to happen. Only thing was, it never arrived and my period ALWAYS arrives exactly on time. I can determine when it's coming almost down to the hour. Still I didn't put much thought into it. That evening we were doing our weekly grocery shop and I mentioned to my husband that I hadn't gotten my period today which was weird. He said "Why don't we get one of those supersonic digital pregnant things? That'll tell you once and for all" So we added a digital HPT to our shop. When we got home I went to the bathroom to take it and while it was doing it's little loading thing I walked out of the bathroom and said it my husband "It's going to be negative, I don't know why I'm doing this" and he said "Yeah definitely negative, no one gets pregnant from one time." I went back into the bathroom and looked at the test which said "pregnant" and burst into tears. My husband came rushing in, I handed him the test and he just grabbed me and held me while I cried and cried! 


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  • My husband is deployed over seas so I wanted a special way to surprise him. I got a little onesie that read "Daddy's Little Caddy" and took a picture of it with the pregnancy test. It was hard to coordinate the right moment to send the email. I wanted to be on the phone with him to hear the reaction. It turned out better than I expected.
  • I found out over the weekend when my husband was away. We'd been waiting six months for this! I was estatic! When he came home I wrote in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, "Welcome home, Daddy!" We were both so excited we cried.
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  • I tested while DH was at work and I couldn't believe it when it turned positive since we had just miscarried the month before. I put a big bow on our future nursery door with a tag that said "Under Construction - Coming October 2014".
    That's the cutest thing ever!
  • My DF and I realized I was a week late, so I told him I would go to the store during my lunch break (I was at work) and buy a test. I didn't really think anything of it because I've had a few scares and they all came out negative before, it was getting to the point where I didn't even think I could get pregnant. After I bought the test I came back to work and took the test and it immediately turned positive, I couldn't even comprehend what was happening, I was in such shock! Lol I called him and just said "oh my god." He knew instantly. 


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  • I took the test 8am Christmas Eve morning. My husband had to work that day, and then we had family get togethers as soon as he got off work. I wrapped up 2 positive tests, and gave them to him once we finally had privacy that night, telling him it was an early Christmas present. The worst was having the secret by myself for 14 hours and having to act normal at family gatherings.
    Kudos to you! I wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut for 14 hours! I POAS while DH was on his way from home. I had to wait 35 minutes for him to get home so I could show him the BFP. That was plenty long enough for me!
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  • I told him by writing on a blank onsie with fabric markers saying "your going to be a Daddy" and on the butt I put "again".  I wrapped it up in a pretty box with the positive preg tests and gave it to him as an early valenitnes day gift!
  • The boyfriend and I had split up three days before I found out. I knocked on his door and when he answered, I told him that I was pregnant and handed him the positive home test.
  • So many cute stories..I wish I'd had the patience to think of something cute. 
    We had been trying for 8 months since our last miscarriage, and I on my way home from work (at a custard shop)  while covered in sticky frozen custard, fruits, and candies, I decided that since I was on cycle day 67 and still no period with one bfn after another...that I needed to stop at Walmart to get some lady products. On the way to the pads and tampons, I saw pregnancy tests, and even though I'd taken one not even a week before hand, and cried, and cried, and cried, I obviously needed to take one more just to make sure, right? So I bought 3. 

    I got home at 1am, and my husband was already asleep. Our dog had been bad, and had peed on our bed, so he was in the guest bedroom on the twin bed, because he had to be up at 4am. I peed on a stick, and told myself that if it was negative, I'd try once more in the morning, and then I'd be done. It wasn't negative. I was so shocked, considering I'd been to the emergency room the day before for being really sick (wonder why) and they did a test and it was negative. So I ran into the bedroom, and flipped on the light, yelling at him to wake up. "Do you see the line?!" He was not happy..he yelled at me "I'm trying to sleep. It's so bright that I can't even see you, how am I supposed to see a line? A line on what?" 

    So with hurt feelings I turned off the light and resorted to posting the pictures and my excitement on my blog, where all my other angel moms were awake and excited for my news. 

    He didn't even remember me waking him up come morning, but I got up at 3:55, and peed on the other test, and left it on the bathroom counter. He woke me up really excited. :) 
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  • I just found out this week. I went to the store and picked up a Daddy's little sweetheart and daddy's MVp player outfits. Wrapped them up along with the two positive pregnancy test in a box. Told my husband when he came home that night that a came across a Xmas gift under our bed that I must have forgot to give him. He started to tear off the xmas wrapping paper opened the box and must have said "no way" a dozen times while grinning ear to ear. He loved it and we bought that it was very creative
  • With our first, I told my husband that I thought I was pregnant when he got home from work. After a short pause he proceeded to talk about what he had done at work that day, completely ignoring that fact that we were going to have a baby. For this next one I wrapped the positive pregnancy test with a box of Sugar Babies and Junior Mints and left it on the bathroom counter for him. After he opened it he walked back in the room and said, "baby #2, huh?" not quite the enthusiastic reaction I was hoping for, but it was leaps and bounds ahead of the first time. October can't get here soon enough!
  • I took the test two days after Christmas. I was very much expecting a negative since they had all been negative in the months before. My H was at work and would be for the next 8 hours. I took a Dollar Tree test, and just didn't feel 100% confident that it was correct (it said negative, but something inside me just thought, try a REAL test). I took a digital test, and it said PREGNANT! I really couldn't believe it. I ran to the store to get one more test of a different brand, and sure enough, that one said Positive too :) So I went and ran some errands and on my way home, I picked up a card, and a cheesecake. I asked the bakery to put some pink and blue question marks on the cake. I went home, wrapped it all up (sticks included). I told him that I had a Christmas present I forgot to give him. He opened it up and he said "Is this yours?" ha ha I started crying and said "Yup"! Through my tears he grabbed me and hugged me with tears in his eyes and said "Congrats baby"...I said "well congrats to both of us" ha ha...he's funny! We get to hear the heartbeat on Monday, and I couldn't be more excited!
  • I was on vacation from work this January and I was feeling like crap with a migraine, but it didn't feel like a normal migraine, it felt off. Well, I'm chronically irregular, and usually the best way to get my period to show up is to take a pregnancy test... (Seriously, there have been 4 times I have peed on a stick in the morning then started bleeding by afternoon..) So DH goes to the store and picks one up, and it's mid morning and I go pee on the stick. I put it down, and I glance and see the indicator line is showing. "Oh good it's working," I think to myself. Then I finish wiping and glance down again "That's weird, I've never seen that line before.." then I realize what I am seeing and stare at it in horror for 5 minutes. I eventually walk out of the bathroom hands shaking in horror. DH see's this and walks in and looks down at the test and starts screaming and jumping for joy.. and all I can say for the next 20 minutes is "Oh sh*t.. Oh sh*t..." over and over again. Needless to say, this baby wasn't planned, and it's daddy is currently FAR more excited than it's mommy, but I'm sure I'll get with the program once I can eat food and keep it down again.
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  • I had been feeling really thirsty and really sick to my stomach for a few days and when I told my coworker he said I was pregnant. I laughed it off but on my way home that night it was bugging me. So my bf and I stopped at the store and picked up two tests. When we got home I took one and nothing showed up, not even the line that is supposed to. Since the test was blank I figured it was broken or I took it wrong. Someone told me that morning pee is better so when I woke up the next morning I took the test and about 30 seconds in it was definitely positive. I just walked into our room with the test and started crying. He looked shocked at me and we just laid in bed for an hour in silence.
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  • I filled a gift box with candies and put a note on top "if I have to get fat... so do you". It took my darling a few seconds to get it but when he did he was pleased.
  • Just got my BFP on Friday. My husband was fixing something and I just walked in the room and said, "Hey, do you want to see what a positive pregnancy test looks like?" He just stared at me for a minute and then said, "Really? Of course, I do!"
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  • I took the test in the morning after he left for work (and proceeded to squeal and cry happy tears in the bathroom) and then ran by the store on my home from work to grab a onesie. I wrapped it up and told him that it's a present for someone in our house. He listed both of our dogs, himself, and myself and I told him he was wrong each time. Then I told him to open up the gift. His reaction was priceless. :-)
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  • I texted him a picture of my positive test and said, "How am I supposed to teach violin with this on my mind??" (I had a day full of lessons and thought I wouldn't make it with all my excitement.) lol
  • After a long night of partying, I swore I was suffering from a severe hangover the entire day after our night out. Right before we went inside the movie theatre my SO told me he thought I should take a test. I was completely mortified and refused until the next day. So before he dropped me off at class we made a stop at walmart, and we took the test inside the womens' restroom of my university (so romantic right lol) I paced anxiously around the bathroom as he stood in the stall by the pee stick and happily presented it to me, saying "look babe you have my babe inside you" it was the sweetest thing ever. <3
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    I took my DH a Starbucks when he was busy at work and had them write "daddy" in it for the name. His response was less cute because he'd been telling me for two weeks that I was pregnant. Lol. He was pretty surprised despite that.
  • In November, I fainted at work. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where I was hooked up to all kinds of monitors and had countless tests run. My boyfriend met me at the hospital. When the doctor returned with the results, he told us I was pregnant. He went on to say that the results showed that I was either just barely pregnant, or I was losing the baby. Unfortunately, the latter turned out to be true.

    The second time around was much less dramatic. As it came close to the end of January, my boyfriend asked if I was late. I told him no, because I wasn't at the time. But after a week or two passed, we decided to go to Walmart for a pregnancy test. We got home, and I had to be to work in 10 minutes. But we were too impatient to wait until I got home from my shift. The box said it could take 2-10 minutes for the results to show up. But within 10 seconds, the test clearly showed I was pregnant. I took the second test the next day, just to be sure, and the same thing happened. After both tests, my boyfriend came in and looked at the test to be sure I read it right, although there was no mistaking the dark blue line.
  • First time around I was home alone so I made a cute t-shirt that said "I cant wait to meet my dad in 9 months" I put it on while DH was in the shower. When he came out and saw that he freaked :) This time, he was just downstairs & knew I was up taking the test. I did not expect it to be positive but it was so I had few options. I came down stairs and said "Do you think our little one is ready to be a big brother?" :)
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  • Id been craving green cocktail olives so when I brought some home by husband said, "uh-oh, you don't like olives" I told him he was full of it and a few days later we found out together after 2 tests that apparently it was I who was "full of it" lol.  Both happy to hear the news after "sorta trying/ sorta not trying" for 2 years. yay!
  • The first time I gift wrapped my test and gave it to him.  I was our anniversary. Unfortunately I miscarried. Then 2nd time it was 5 days before AF was due to come. I felt strange and had a leftover HPT and peed on it....I texted him a picture cuz I got a squinter.  He texted back with "holy cow, are we pregnant again?"  Guess it wasn't that much of a squinter!!!
  • Hubs had no idea I was poas. I had felt like I was about to start my period any second for at least a week - cramps, backache, tired/ trouble sleeping, swollen boobs - just no period. It had been getting a little lighter & shorter every month since my iud was removed (for medical reasons, not necessarily ttc) but I had still been at least spotting like clockwork. One night while doing laundry I poas that came with opk for peace of mind... but that second line was dark before the control line & before I could even set the test down on the back of the toilet to finish the paper work!
    I walked into the living room where hubs was sitting & had started telling me a story about a cabelas order that was being delivered in-store for pick up... He stopped mid-sentence when he saw my deer-in-the-headlights-wtf-is-happening look on my face and asked what's wrong. I said (somehow without a quiver), you go ahead, finish your story. He did, then said okay your turn, what is going on? I held up the test and said it was positive. Response: WHAT? And you let me ramble on like that about a silly order amidst our destiny??
    Although a bit of a surprise, we are giddy beyond belief!
  • I called him from my job and told him... all I said was we r having a baby.. I was so happy I cried n told him I wanted to come home.. he said we'll celebrate when u get home. then when I made it home, he said "baby u told me that and I almost smoked a whole pack of cigarettes.
  • I took 2 tests last night that both came up positive.  I put those in a card.  My husband and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary on Monday (2 days from now).  I made him open up his early anniversary gift this morning.  =)
  • I was at my grandmother's, taking care of her at the time. We had been trying for several Yeats with no success. He had been hounding me for a couple of weeks to take a test, but I didn't want to put myself through the disappointment of yet another nrgative., so I stalled. I told him that I was finally going to take one because one of my favorite foods grossed me out so much that I had gotten sick.
    The next morning I texted him a picture of the test :)
  • I just found out this past Saturday. My husband is in the military and was out doing over night training though. It took EVERYTHING in my power to not send him a text, but I knew I wouldn't be happy telling him then not get to talk well into the night about it :) So I waited, went to the store that night and bought a foam baseball bat and ball then wrote him a note that said "Well, looks like we'll be filling that 4th seat at the table after all. Here's to hoping its a boy!" UNFORTUNATELY, due to an incriminating HPT wrapper I SWORE I put in the trash, he saw it laying by the toilet when he came home and said "Are we pregnant?" UGH!!! He was only joking, not even thinking I would say yes because we weren't trying for another baby. But I didn't know that and screeched at him "You just ruined my surprise!" LOL. He looked at me and was like "WE'RE PREGANNT!?" Not exactly how I had planned the scene but it was still a good memory. I made sure to give him a few wallops with the foam bat for good measure though ;) 
  • I POS and told him. It was so romantic.

  • Funny story.. My boyfriend kept saying babe your pregnant your 6 to 8weeks one day I woke up really sick he said morning sickness took me to the doctor they said congrats your 7weeks3days pregnant and he looked at me and said told ya so :)
  • He knew I'd be taking a test the night before as I hadn't gotten my period yet. I woke up at 5 needing to pee and when I came back into the room he was like "well?" The line was faint though, so he went back to sleep and I stayed up until the local CVS opened. :P
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    I brought home chinese food for dinner. I had ordered fortune cookies online that said "You are going to be a daddy" for my husband and ones that said "You are going to be a big sister!" for my daughter and gave the cookies to them after dinner. They were both very surprised!
  • My husband loves basketball, so I bought little baby Nike shoes and put the positive test in the box! He was floored but thrilled :-)
  • I took a dollar store test in the morning, thought I saw a faint line. Went to Walmart after work and got another test. Came home and found out I was pregnant. So excited since we have been trying for almost a year and didn't know how hard t was going to be with me having Crohn's. I always planned to do this so after I called my BFF and told her the good news (yes I know before my husband, but I was on the phone when she peed on the stick for her first kid, haha) she told me to do what I planned to do, its my only chance to surprise him. I went to the store on my way to a funeral that night and bought a onesie that said "my dad is cooler than your dad." I wrapped it up when I got home and let him open it. As soon as he opened it, he was like "Wait, What?? You're pregnant!!" <3
  • With ds I put a tshirt on our dog that said "big sister" and had her sitting in front of the door when he came home from work. We own a shipping store, so this time I wrote a letter, on a fake letterhead informing him of the date for arrival of his bundle
  • Since this was our first time trying I was hardly expecting it to be positive. Since my breast were unusually sore I decided to run to store and get a pregnancy test. He knew. When I came back and took the test I was so surprised to see that it was positive. I couldn't wait to tell him. I found him in another room of the house, called his name, stood in the doorway and said, "I'm pregnant." Today he said he wished he could have taken a picture of my face because it was priceless and cute. LOL. We hugged for the longest time after I told him.
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  • We had just started TTC.. I mean one try, so neither of us thought it would work. Hubby was away on a business trip, so I texted him a picture of the positive test with no explanation. He called back a minute later very surprised.
    yes, my baby is a zombie.


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  • Hubby came home from work and I said ' How would you like to have sex with a pregnant lady tonight?!?!?"

    He did a double take, hugged me and then asked to see the test... and the directions just to make sure I read it right.  We had been trying for a few months, so he was crazy excited.

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  • I actually got lucky, and found out I was pregnant on our anniversary :) So I went and got a cute gift box & put the pregnancy test in it for his Anniversary gift :)
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    It was early in the morning so the hubs was still asleep, I came in the room, threw up the light switch and nothing happened. So I grabbed the flash light he keeps beside our bed, prodded him with it a few time and shoved the test in one hand and the flash light in the other. He flipped it on and said "why do I need a highlighter?" I love my husband. After a second, he got his mind right and then kept saying 'wow' in the most adorably stunned voice. For my mom, I wrote on a blank card "this card is redeemable for one grand baby, ETA: 11/11/14". I gave it too her just before she left my house and she didn't open it until in the car. But just after she read it, she got a text that said "congrats!" And was so peeved that I told someone else first. When I didn't here from her, I called to see if she even read the card. She asked who I told before her, I said no one and she went thought her text messages to find out (apparently, she was to stunned to check before hand). Turns out it was a text she had sent to someone else, that hadn't made it and was being kicked back to her. She basically sent herself a congrats text, the long way and how perfect a time to get it! After we figured out what happened she was over the moon.
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  • Hubby was off from work and sleeping.  I had just gotten out of the shower to see a paint second line.  I ran into the bedroom and said, "I think we might be pregnant!" and jumped into bed with him soaking wet.  Needless to say he never got back to bed. 
  • I replaced my hsubands underwear in his drawer with diapers and placed the postive tests on top!!!
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