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Thrush question

I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with thrush. I've been on antibiotics 5 days for mastitis and now have nipple pain out of nowhere- itching, burning, glass in my nipples feeling. Aghh!

I called my doc this morning and he suggested I start with OTC Monistat 2x daily for 2 weeks. I forgot to ask if LO should be treated too and he didn't mention anything except that I should feel better in a couple of days. Should I call LO's pedi? Or just treat myself and see how it goes?

I can see three white dots high on LO's palette but I don't know if those are always there. He certainly doesn't seem bothered by anything and was already on a daily probiotic.

What would N 13 do, or has anyone had a similar situation?
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Re: Thrush question

  • I got a prescription for Diflucan last week at my OB appt for yeast on my nipples and nether regions, though mine was a mild case. I asked her if LO should be treated and she said not as long as he didn't have symptoms. I tried to call his pedi since best practice is to treat both at once but the holidays had them out of the office. So, alas, only I got treated.
    Are the white spots like white heads or patches? LO has had a white spot high on his hard palate since week 2, the pedi said it was an Epstein pearl and would go away on its own. But patches are thrush.

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  • Ugh, so sorry you are dealing with this! Sounds painful and just not fun. I would say call your pedi and see what they think... My baby has constant milk tongue and I questioned it at our last appointment just to be sure... He told me that thrush would be a lot thicker and all over the inside and outside of the mouth. Good luck and feel better!

  • My LO had thrush bad!!! His poor mouth was completely coated in white. We were given nystatin for 2 weeks, which only cleared his tongue. He then went on Diflucan and was cleared up in 2 days. I'd call your ped just to be safe.
  • Ah! Yes I will call the pedi to see what they think. I saw some images of thrush in baby's mouth and it looks pretty hard to miss, like some pp's described.

    I would say the spots I can see are flat rather than raised and I tried to scratch them to see if they scraped off... LO was having none of my nonsense so I don't even know if I got close.

    By the way I do not recommend scratching around the inside of your LO's mouth unless you want to see the world's saddest baby face and tears. I felt so damn bad.
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  • Yes, you both should be treated and you need to boil bottle/pump parts/pacifiers as well as start probiotics for both of you and eat lots of yogurt. Use a vinegar rinse or grapefruit seed extract on your nipples after every feeding as well or you'll keep passing it back and forth. You can also paint LO's mouth with gentian violet but it's messy.
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  • Yes, you both need to be treated if either one of you is showing symptoms. LM and I went through 2 rounds of it and were treated with nystatin for him (both orally and a cream) and flucanazole for me. I'm hoping it's gone now.

    Make sure you are boiling any nipples/pacifiers every day and throw them away at the end of the week. Also any pumped bm needs to be thrown away. (Really really shitty!)

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    Call the pedi. We're on day three of treatment. Oral nystatin for her four times per day (1ml) and I rub it in my nipples 4 times per day. Treatment lady's two weeks. I am sterilizing all pacis, pump parts, and bottles like crazy. Also check your LOs diaper. We noticed it because she had a rash we couldn't shake. Nystatin ointment for that.

    Also no freezing BM for future use with thrush. You can freeze and use while you are being treated (ie the next 2weeks) but the freezer will not kill the thrush and you could get it again when you use the milk.

    Fwiw it was very hard to spot the thrush in DDs mouth. The doc even missed it on Monday but the nurse saw it in Friday when I started having symptoms.
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    Fwiw it was very hard to spot the thrush in DDs mouth. The doc even missed it on Monday but the nurse saw it in Friday when I started having symptoms.

    Good to know!
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