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Do you temp in the 2WW?

We've discussed this before (there was a poll about it in recent months), but how many of you lovely ladies currently or still temp during the 2WW?

I keep telling myself that I won't do it next cycle because I hyper analyze every temp; "Today's was lower than yesterday's but above the day before. Oh noes! What does THAT meeean?" But I can't not know, you know? DH also has said I should temp during the 2WW so that I can "see what my pregnant charts look like for future reference." El oh el.

So, tell me if you temp during the 2WW and why? :)
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Re: Do you temp in the 2WW?

  • I usually temp for about a week after FF gives me crosshairs to make sure they don't move. Last cycle (BFP) I temped the whole TWW and the day I got my BFP I had a HUGE temp I may start temping the whole time even if it makes me obsessive haha.
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  • I temp the whole time because I'm still learning. Also, this cycle, FF moved my CH on CD 23.


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  • I temp the entire cycle.  Well, this is only my second one, but I will continue to temp all cycle. I'm a bit anal and if I have missing parts of a chart, it's not as complete to me and I think that would drive me crazy.  I'm still pretty new to this, so I like to see exactly what's going on.

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  • I temp during the 2WW, mainly because it helps to stay in the routine of temping. However, I don't obsess too much over my temps because I know that it doesn't matter how pretty your chart looks unless that second line shows up.
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  • I like to temp the whole cycle to know when to expect AF.
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  • I've temped for the entire cycle for all 19 cycles.  Not only does it keep me in the habit, but it usually signals that AF is coming.  I'm less strict about the timing, though. Once I get my CH for this cycle (hopefully in the next few days), I will stop setting my alarm for 5AM since I'm on vacation until January 2.  
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  • Ive though about not temping, but I want to learn about how long my LP is. Also, if I go a few days without doing it, I get out if the habit quickly. Like, my alarm would go off but Id just turn it off because my brain has gotten out of the habit of temping then.
  • I temp every day or else I will forget to temp when it's important. I don't analyze every temp though, I probably did my first month temping but I've learned I have crazy patterns.

    My last pregnancy I just knew I was out because I had been spotting since 5dpo and I noticed my temp went up at 11dpo so I decided to test and got a BFP. So I do find it helpful to tell me if I should test or not towards the end of my lp.
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  • I temp. It's making me insane right now though.

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  • I do. I like to have a full chart and I'm terrified of FF changing my CHs. I don't stress as much about it though and if I miss a temp or two I don't worry.
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  • Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

    I don't obsess or over-analyze temperatures. though. 

    Sometimes, I have a slow, steady rise of temps so I'm just doing it to make sure that FertilityFriend doesn't move my crosshairs.

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  • I temp because I like to see my chart complete. If I miss one temp or have to discard a temp it drives me crazy.
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  • Yes - need to see the whole chart full! I also get curious to see if my temp drops prior to AF, it did last cycle but not any prior to that ( hopefully I'm getting regular finally!).
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  • I temp all the way through so I don't loose habit of it. This is only my 3rd cycle temping so I haven't quite got the hang of what I'm looking for so it hasn't made me obsessive yet! And FF has changed my crosshairs in my other 2 cycles so I don't want to miss it
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  • I did this cycle, and I completely obsessed over it. It's only my second month temping and I'm amazed how much different this month's chart is compared to last month. I woke up this morning to a massive temp drop, so I knew I was out. After the heartbreak of realizing that, I feel pretty amazed that I knew my period was stating today about 3 hours before it actually did. I had a total "my body is an amazing and wonderful, magical thing!" moment.



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  • I haven't tempted during the 2ww, but we were TTA up until this next cycle. I stopped temping after I got the cross hairs and I didn't start temping until day 6 or 7. I will try to not temp next cycle though. It makes me obsess a little, and the beeping wakes up DH. I wake up at 4:45 many mornings to workout before work, so that is pretty early for the beeping.
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  • I temp the whole 2ww.  I like data points and temping gives me more things to obsess over - haha.  But, like pp stated, it gives me a clue when I can expect AF or not... 
    Don't worry, I'm working on it. 

  • I temp all the time -- during the two week wait and during my period as well.  It just keeps me in the habit.  If I didn't temp all the time I would have a hard time doing it consistently when I really need to. 
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  • This is my third cycle temping. The last two I temped the whole thing. It was good to keep practice, but my cycles don't start dropping before AF, so nothing to really analyze other than false hope!
    This cycle I'm pretty sure I'm in my 2ww (still no CHs), but I stopped temping. I am home for the holidays, drinking too much and not sleeping normal.
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  • yup. 
    1) to make sure my temps stay up and I did actually ovulate
    2) It tells me when I'm getting AF, (yes I count days but sometims it's off by a day)
    3)keeps me in the habit of temping

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  • I temp to stay in the routine.  I am also a little OCD and like things to be complete.  I try not to obsess, but it is difficult!

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  • Yes.
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  • I temp every single day barring something happening, like me forgetting. Like PPs said it helps me stay in the routine and make sure my temps stay up. 
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  • hereistreblehereistreble
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    I temp everyday that I'm not bleeding and/or I get out of bed before I remember to stick the thermometer up my vag.
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  • I temp during the entire 2WW, but don't temp for the first 12 days of the cycle. (I usually ovulate sometime between CD18-22 so far)

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  • I temp everyday. Like PP say, it keeps me in the habit and I like to compare the complete charts. I have been temping now for 6 cycles. The more data for me the better!
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  • I temp throughout the 2WW. I find it's helpful for recognizing patterns, plus I enjoy collecting a new data point every day.
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    I temp because I'm a data freak, and it kills me to leave part of my chart blank. It's been fun analyzing my rythms. For example, I found out by temping at various times of the day that roughly a half hour after waking up, my body revs to over 100 degrees before settling for the day. Weird, but cool stuff.


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  • I temp to stay in the routine.

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