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Too early to share pregnancy news: what do I tell people for why I'm not drinking!!??

I just found out that I'm 5 weeks pregnant but we'd like to wait til I'm at least 10 weeks before telling people.  I'm wondering what white lies others have told their friends/family/coworkers to explain why they're not drinking during social gatherings??  We have a few family parties coming up and I'm always someone who indulges in a few glasses of wine normally, so people will definitely notice I'm not drinking.  I'm looking for some easy, believable, white lies that I can use so people won't be suspicious!  Any suggestions/feedback welcome!!  Thanks!


Re: Too early to share pregnancy news: what do I tell people for why I'm not drinking!!??

  • Even if they suspect that you are pregnant is it the end of the world? They don't know for sure and you can just say you don't feel up to it tonight. I never understood the drama of trying to hide pregnancy.

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  • -im trying to have a healthier lifestyle
    -I dont feel like it tonight
    - just get of my case yo!
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  • Its easy to pretend...get a glass of wine and pretend to sip, bring it to the bathroom and pour some down the sink. If DH is with you he can take sips of it while no one is looking.

    If you are going to a restaurant, get there a bit early and talk to the waiter about subbing out your beer for a NA one. Order club soda and have them put it in a glass like its a real drink with a lime.



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  • Its easy to pretend...get a glass of wine and pretend to sip, bring it to the bathroom and pour some down the sink. If DH is with you he can take sips of it while no one is looking.

    If you are going to a restaurant, get there a bit early and talk to the waiter about subbing out your beer for a NA one. Order club soda and have them put it in a glass like its a real drink with a lime.

    All this! The taking the bartender aside and doing the water in a glass with a lime is what I did at my company Christmas party and no one was the wiser. For the rest of the night I held a glass of wine and pretended to take sips every now and then - by that point everyone else was totally trashed and could not have cared less what I was doing! As far as a house party/family party I agree that you can share with your hubs and put a bit in the sink each time you go to the restroom. Or if you're a beer drinker, pour it down the sink and replace with water. 
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  • I've been to several holiday parties so far and honestly not one person has even asked why I'm not drinking. One event I sipped on cranberry juice with lime, the others just water. If someone asks just say you're the DD or something.
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  • When I was newly pregnant we had a ton of weddings coming up.  I drank seltzer with lime and told everyone is was vodka/soda (they asked because I'm normally a wine drinker).  
  • I purchased Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice (non-alcoholic).  It looks just like white wine :)  Worked like a charm.

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  • All of the tips so far work great! I really thought it was going to be a -lot- harder than it has been.  I just carry around the same drink all night and dump some when I'm in the bathroom. Or get a fake one. A couple of times I didn't even have a drink and didn't even worry about it.  No one said anything, but I think a few were suspicious. ;)  They will find out soon enough!
  • This is tough when u do have coworkers and friends and family who know you... I have a work meeting for 5 days at the end of January, and hopefully if I make it that long with being pg, I can tell people at the end of Tri 1. If I'm not drinking with my coworkers, that's the first thing they'll ask me. Last meeting when Was 5 weeks but subsequently miscarried, someone asked me why no drinking and I told them I was on some new meds and couldn't mix them. It went over just fine! But the water with a lime deal works best. What sucks is when you're at a table and waiter is taking orders, etc.... That's a tough one to fake.yesterday I used the excuse that I tied one on the night before. That also worked well!
  • You'd be surprised!  I'm 4 weeks and walked around at a holiday party this Saturday with a glass of wine.  Put it down to take a picture and overheard a cousin (inlaws) say 'She isn't drinking!'. 
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  • My family is one to notice if I am not drinking.  This summer my mom got married and then later had a larger reception.  When I arrived at the party I said hello to everyone and was really thirsty so I asked where the drinks were kept.  My aunt pointed out where the wine was, but I was looking for water or sprite even though I wasn't pregnant at the time.  She looked at me strange when I opted for water instead.  They are nosy and will definitely ask why I'm not drinking at Christmas dinner. I am only 4 weeks and I know its early, but I am sure I will share the wonderful news. 
  • Tell them you're on antibiotics
  • BLPL101 said:
    Tell them you're on antibiotics

  • I'm five weeks pregnant, and was just at a New Years party so people definitely wanted to know why I wasn't drinking! I said that lately alcohol had been making me really sick and giving me bad hangovers, so I was taking a break. Everyone understood, and someone else was also not drinking - with the same story as me :D 
  • At Christmas we told my family I was on an antibiotic and couldn't drink (which was true - was taking a z-PAC). I'm not a wine drinker and there's only 1 kind I like and my family gets it for me, so they definitely noticed. While I agree it's not anyone's business's, I do feel like its a normal thing for people to notice.
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    Joy2611 said:

    Why can't you just get one glass of wine and walk around with it all night?  I feel like so many people freak over this question and their white lies or dancing around it just make it more obvious.  Get a beverage, walk around like all is normal.  If you act normal, no one will notice that you aren't actually drinking it.

    @joy2611 did I miss your BFP?! I've been stalking TTGP!
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    I had a work trip right after I got BFP, my coworkers know I'm a beer and wine drinker when we're on business trips. I played it off like I had been sick and was on meds that I couldn't mix with alcohol, worked like a charm. A few weeks later we were at a get together and I walked around with a glass of wine and my SO would swap me when his got low, I also used the trying to cutback at another get together. Now we've shared the news but it was hard to keep it on the DL because our friends know how I normally am. Good luck!
  • We were waiting for a positive test at Thanksgiving (got a bfn instead) and while I was doing dishes with my sister she offered me a glass of wine but I didn't take it. Then she said "You didn't drink last night either." I said, "Are you kidding? That wasn't tea in my mug it was Baileys!" That calmed her down! 

    I know it may seems like nobody's business but seriously, if you are the person who always brings the wine, or has a new cocktail recipe to try at every family gathering people notice when you are not drinking. 

    My boss is taking me out to happy hour after a meeting next week-- I'm only 4 weeks pregnant now, and not ready to tell, so I can't quite figure that one out! 
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  • Some onset people just notice everything and need explanation. I agree that is easier to tell them you are antibiotics. Then you will get the next question "for what?" Then just say you have a near infection or something and you can't mix alcohol!
  • I meant to say "nosey"
  • If anyone asks me at BIL's birthday tomorrow, I am planning to say that my back hurts (which it does) and I took a muscle relaxant (which I obviously didn't) so I don't want to mix drugs with alcohol.

    FYI the best way to tip people off is to offer an explanation before they ask, or worse, if your DH/SO tries to tell them as well. If he's all like "NO DON'T GIVE HER THAT DRINK SHE IS TAKING ANTIBIOTICS" they are going to be like "wtf, why is he even telling me this? She must be pg."
  • Adrd47 said:
    Tell them your New Years resolution is to stop or cut back on drinking.
    That's a really good one.
  • I went to lunch with my brother at an Irish pub and I usually drink with him and he kept insisting to buy me a drink. All I could think of was my stomach was hurting. Lol. Totally need to come up with a better excuse
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