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I need to stop.


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  • megngregk said:

    Elsutto2 said:

    I totally feel you! And every time I want to vent or cry about how scared I am about what my postpartum body is going to look like, I just feel so guilty. I worked so hard for the body I had before I was pregnant. I constantly google postpartum body images. I don't know why I do that to myself. I did get a crap ton of stretch marks in 8th grade, all over my thighs and boobs. They did end up fading pretty fast and now you can't tell at all. I am mostly worried about my blown out belly button. It seriously got the size of a crater and the hole where it use to be pierced looks horrendous. Hearing from all the STM+ makes me feel way better!

    This exactly. As for the belly button, is your piercing hole stretched out and red like mine? My actual naval popped super early, and people are constantly commenting on it because you can see it through my tops. I'm so terrified that it's going to be a golf ball-sized hole when this is all over.

    I have bad stretch marks on my inner thighs from 6th grade, but they are still pretty visible. They're white, but thick. They don't really bother me because people aren't often looking between my legs, and you can only see them if you're actually looking there when I'm in a bikini. 

    The piercing hole is super stretched out and is red all around it. DH keeps thinking it's infected or something because of the redness. What sucks is that I haven't had a ring in there in over 3 years and the hole still stretched out. My belly button popped way earlier than I thought it would too. I keep picturing myself with a sagging belly button after the belly goes away.

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  • @elsutto2, I thought mine was infected so I asked my OB. She said no and that a lot of them unfortunately get mangled :(
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  • Try organic, cold pressed coconut oil on your entire body when you get out of the shower. I did it both pregnancies and have no stretch marks so maybe it will prevent further stretching for you.
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